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Logstash transmitting Nginx logs via Kafka (iii)

A single process Logstash can implement read, parse, and output processing of the data. But in a production environment, running the Logstash process from each application server and sending the data directly to Elasticsearch is not the first choice: first, excessive client connections are an additional pressure on Elasticsearch; second, network jitter can affect Logsta

How to build a client client in elk How to send logs to the server Logstash

BackgroundWe want to unify the collection of logs, unified analysis, unified on a platform to search the filter log! In the previous article has completed the construction of elk, then how to set the log of each client to the Elk platform?"Introduction of this system"ELK-- (this place needs to have FQDN to create an SSL certificate, you need to configure fqdn, client that is collecting

Example of ELK logstash processing MySQL slow query logs

In a production environment, Logstash often encounter logs that handle multiple formats, different log formats, and different parsing methods. The following is said Logstash processing multiline Log example, the MySQL slow query log analysis, this often encountered, the network has a lot of questions.MySQL slow query l

Logstash 6.x collecting syslog logs

@node1 logstash-6.2.3]# bin/logstash-f config/local_syslog.conf sending Logstash ' s logs to/var/log/logstash which is now configured via [2018-04-26t14:39:57,627][info][logstash.modules.scaffold] Initializing Module {:module_name=> "NetFlow",:d irectory=>

Elk log Processing uses Logstash to collect log4j logs __elk

Describes how to export log4j logs to Logstash from Java projects. First, log4j Foundation Cannot exception the official introduction: Log4j is a reliable, fast, flexible log framework (API) written in the Java language, and is licensed using Apache Software License. It is ported to C, C + +, C #, Perl, Python, Ruby, and Eiffel languages. The log4j is highly configurable and is configured at run time using

Logstash combines rsyslog to collect system logs

Rsyslog is a log collection tool. Currently, many Linux systems use rsyslog to replace syslog. I will not talk about how to install rsyslog. I will talk about the principle and the configuration of logstash. Rsyslog itself has a configuration file/etc/rsyslog. conf, which defines the log file and the corresponding storage address. The following statement is used as an example: local7.* /var/log/boot.log I

logstash--collecting Windows logs using Ngxlog

Collection process 1nxlog = 2logstash + 3elasticsearch1. Nxlog Use module Im_file to collect log files, turn on location recording function2. Nxlog using the module TCP output log3. Logstash use INPUT-TCP, collect logs, and format, output to ESThe Nxlog configuration file above windowsNxlog.conf 1234567891011121314151617181920212223242526272829303132333435363738394041 ##Thisisasampleconfigu

logstash--collecting Windows logs using Ngxlog

Collection process 1nxlog = 2logstash + 3elasticsearch1. Nxlog Use module Im_file to collect log files, turn on location recording function2. Nxlog using the module TCP output log3. Logstash use INPUT-TCP, collect logs, and format, output to ESThe Nxlog configuration file above windowsNxlog.conf##thisisasampleconfigurationfile.seethenxlog referencemanualaboutthe##configurationoptions.itshouldbe installedloc

Collect PHP-related logs using Logstash

:20[ 0x00007fff29eea470]handoutaction () unknown:0[0x00007f497fa59400]run () /data//index.php : 30[11-mar-201516:56:46][poolwww]pid12881script_filename=/data /index.php[0x00007f497fa5b620]curl_exec () /data//account.php:221[0x00007f497fa5a4e0]call () /data/game.php:31[0x00007fff29eea180]load () unknown:0[0x00007f497fa59e18]call_user_func _array () /data/library/basectrl.php:20[0x00007fff29eea470]handoutaction () unknown:0[ 0x00007f497fa59400]run () /data/index.php: 30 This article is from the Li

Logstash collection of Java logs, multiple lines merged into one line

-2018.05.29] creating index, cause [auto(bulk api)], templates [], shards [5]/[1], mappings [][2018-05-29T11:29:31,225][INFO ][o.e.c.m.MetaDataMappingService] [node-1] [securelog-2018.05.29/ABd4qrCATYq3YLYUqXe3uA] create_mapping [secure]3. Configure Logstash#vim /etc/logstash/conf.d/java.confinput { file { path => "/var/log/elasticsearch/cluster.log" type => "elk-java-lo

awk parsing Web logs (page execution time)

, representing the entire number of columns. Quickly get execution time by using awk to parse logs. Web log file format222.83.181.42--[09/oct/2010:04:04:03 +0800] get/pages/international/tejia.php http/1.1 "" "15708"-"" mozilla/4.0 (c ompatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1; Sicent; woshihoney.b;. NET CLR 2.0.50727;. NET CLR 3.0.4506.2152;. NET CLR 3.5.30729) ""-"0.037Separated by a space, the last field [0.037] is the page execution time, and the 7t

Shell parsing HTTP Logs

HTTP status Code1 header----information, the server receives the request, requires the requestor to continue to perform the operation2 Word Header----Successful, the operation was successfully received and processed3 Word Header----Redirect, further action required to complete the request4 Word Header----Client error, request contains syntax error or cannot complete request5 Word Header----Server error, the server has an error while processing the requestApply Log

IOS Crash parsing symbolic crash logs

) (TBSNSPagesContainer.m:227)You can see that the crash class is Tbsnspagescontainerview, the function is subviewlayoutpage, the file name is TBSNSPAGESCONTAINER.M, and the row count is 227 rows.Let's go back and look at the Atos usage:atos -o dysm文件路径 -l 模块load地址 -arch cpu指令集种类 调用方法的地址Dysm file path: All archived app files can be found under the Archives tab bar in Xcode organizer. It holds detailed information about the compilation process, including symbolic information.Module load Address:

Python parsing Web Access logs

Python parsing Web Access logs Common Log Format127.0.0.1--[14/may/2017:12:45:29 +0800] "get/index.html http/1.1" 200 4286Remote-host IP Request time TimeZone Method Resource Protocol status code send bytes Combined log Format127.0.0.1--[14/may/2017:12:51:13 +0800] "get/index.html http/1.1", 4286 "HTTP://" "mozilla/5.0 (Windows N T 6.1; Win64; x64) applewebkit/537.36 (khtml, like Gecko) c

Python parsing nginx logs

Problem: Analyze Nginx logs and find out the source and number of access to up to 10 IP addressesUsing the Python module IPHow to use and: Https:// Python script:#!/usr/bin/env Python#coding:utf8#auth:lad#date:2016-12-05#desc:parser the Nginx ' s log,the head of the import sysreload ( SYS) sys.setdefaultencoding ("Utf-8") import ipimport oscnt=10fd = open ("/tmp/ip.txt", "w") Ipstr = Os.popen ("cat/tmp/Access.log|awk

Python Parsing IIS logs

Python implementation analyzes the number of accesses per IP minute in the IIS log1 #IIS Log analysis to calculate the number of visits per IP in one minute2 fromCollectionsImportCounter3 Importdatetime4 5F=open ("Log.log","R")6pv_list=[]7 forLineinchF:8 ifLen (Line.split ()) ==15:9 #print (Line.split () [0:2])TenFunc_time=line.split () [0]+" "+line.split () [1] OneSame_time=func_time.split (":") [0:2] AIp_time=line.split () [8]+" "+func_time.split (":") [0]+func_time.split (":") [

Elk Parsing IIS Logs

Logstash.conf Input {file {type] = "iis_log" Path = = ["C:/inetpub/logs/logfiles/w3svc2/u_ex*.log"]}}filter {#ignore l OG comments If [message] =~ "^#" {drop {}} grok {# Check this fields match your IIS log settings match =gt ; ["Message", "%{timestamp_iso8601:log_timestamp} (%{iporhost:s-ip}|-) (%{word:cs-method}|-)%{notspace:cs-uri-stem} %{notspace:cs-uri-query} (%{number:s-port}|-) (%{notspace:c-username}|-) (%{iporhost:c-ip}|-)%{NOTSPACE: Cs-usera

Log Parser 2.2 parsing IIS logs

1, install log Parser 2.2 Download and then unzip2. Run Log Parser StudioRun LPS.exe in the previously unzipped Lpsv2.d1 folder.3. Specify the IIS log file pathNew queryHelp documentationQuerying all ColumnsTen ' [LogFilePath] ' Querying a specified time range classSELECT TOP -* FROM'[LogFilePath]' where[Date]>=timestamp ('2016-06-27 00:00:00','YYYY-MM-D

Python parsing and handling Nginx logs

('%s '%logfile, ' R '). ReadLines ():#print Line,Tline = Re.match (R ' ^10.168.*.* ', line,re. M|re. I)If Tline:Print ()ElseMatchs = P.match (line)#print MatchsIf Matchs!=none:Allgroups = Matchs.groups ()ip = allgroups[0]Time = Allgroups[1].split () [0][1:]Request = Allgroups[2].split () [1]Status = Allgroups[3]Bodybytessent = Allgroups[4]Refer = Allgroups[5].split (': ', 1) [1]useragent = Allgroups[6]Forwardr = Allgroups[7]#print ip,time,request,status,bodybytessent,refer,forwardr,

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