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ZZ self-made low-cost 3D laser scanning range finder (3D laser radar), Part 1

ranging. Image (source from [3]): Laser triangular ranging principle At present, many fans [1] [2] have developed laser radar or range finder Based on Laser triangular ranging. This method is also used in this article. In addition to this article, refer to [3] for more details. (The author of this paper is the company that uses low-cost Lidar for home robot XV-11 developers, so I won't talk about it here :-) The following is an excerpt from the pape

Supervised part-of-speech tagging Based on Hidden Markov Model

Code download: supervised part-of-speech tagging Based on Hidden Markov Model Part-of-speech tagging (part-of-speech tagging or POS tagging) means assigning a proper part of

The set of part-of-speech tagging-computing Chinese

Calculation of the Chinese part of speech tag Set version 3.0: Liu Qun Zhang Huaping Zhang Hao calculation of the Chinese part of the word tag set 10. Description 11. Noun (one class, 7 two class, 5 three classes) 22. Time Word (one class, one two Class) 23. Place of words (one class) 34. Nouns of locality (one class) 35. Verbs (one class, 9 two classes) 36. Adje

Exploring the world of resources in Rails-translation of David Heinemeier Hansson's speech in July 9 (Part)

(Translator's note: At railsconf July this year held in February 2006, David Heinemeier Hasson gave a keynote speech about the rest design in rails 1.2, and the rest style brings about innovations in Web application design. The first time I saw this video, I thought it could be a historical presentation on Web server development. At that time, I listened to the speech and translated the

A set of highly accurate and efficient word segmentation and part-of-speech tagging tools-thulac

Software Overview Thulac (Thu lexical analyzer for Chinese) is a Chinese lexical analysis toolkit developed by the natural language processing and Social humanities computing laboratory of Tsinghua University. It has the Chinese word segmentation and part-of-speech tagging functions. Thulac has the following features: Strong capabilities. We are trained using the world's largest human word segmentation an

English part of speech series-B02-verb

12, lose -- be lost13, get to know -- know 14, turn on -- be on15, get up -- be up 16, sit down -- sit/be seated17, join -- be in (...) Or be... Member 18, become -- beConnected verb Used to connect the subject and table language. The verb is often followed by an adjective.① Commonly used links include be, become, go, turn, look, grow, feel, fall, sit, get, seem, etc.② Some connected verbs come from actual verbs, and their meanings also change, for example, grow (grow → become), look (look → lo

A Chinese part of speech written in PHP

Chinese A Chinese part of speech written in PHP Class Segmentation {var $options = array (' lowercase ' => TRUE,' Segment_english ' => FALSE);var $dict _name = ' Unknown ';var $dict _words = Array ();function Setlowercase ($value) {if ($value) {$this->options[' lowercase '] = TRUE;} else {$this->options[' lowercase '] = FALSE;}return TRUE;}function Setsegmentenglish ($value) {if ($value) {$this->options[' s

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