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It part-time job group | it part-time job group in shuiboliang | it part-time job group in China | group no. 88762961

The IT industry is developing rapidly and it needs more. To facilitate domestic enterprises and achieve rapid development, shubinliang's it part-time group was established to collect it talents (software programming, graphic design, CAD, website optimization and soft text writing)As long as you have a skill in it, as long as you are technically competent, you can

16th of the series of agile development "loose Pair programming": L-type code structure (Part II of programming) (Part II)

This article is part 1 of the "loosely connected programming" series. (Loose Pair Programming topic directory) Today, we just need to reuse a frame ( mvc3, which includes controller and view) and record the process. Compared with the general process of reuse, the L-type code structure has the following features: 1. If reuse is difficult, it is generally no

[C ++ exploration journey] Part 1 Lesson 2: necessary software for C ++ programming Part 1

[C ++ exploration journey] Part 1 Lesson 2: necessary software for C ++ programming Part 1 Bytes Introduction 1. Part 1 Lesson 2:Necessary software for C ++ Programming 2. Part 1 Lesson 3: First C ++ Program Necessary softwar

Linux network programming, Part 1: BSD interface (Part 2)

little-Endian is not a problem because it has been standardized on TCP/IP networks (note: the network uses the large-end alignment in the byte order ). Of course, unless you have been posting a character on the Network (Note: It must be ASCII), these conversion functions won't cause a big problem, but usually you will encounter a byte order problem. This depends on your machine. Sometimes these functions are empty macros, and sometimes they are indeed functions. Interestingly, the most common s

Programming Guide for PHP developers The first part reduces complexity, developer Programming Guide _php Tutorial

Programming Guide for PHP developers The first part reduces complexity, developer Programming Guide PHP is a very high-freedom programming language. It is a dynamic language and has great latitude for programmers. As a PHP programmer, to make your code more effective, you need to know a lot of specifications. For many

C + + Primer (4th edition)-Study notes-Part 4: Object-oriented programming and generic programming

generates code. If the function is a virtual function and is called through a reference or a pointer, the compiler generates code to determine which version of the function is run based on the object's dynamic type, otherwise the compiler generates code to call the function directly. Pure virtual functionWrite = 0 after the function parameter list to specify a pure virtual function . This function provides an interface that can be overridden for descendant types, but the version in this class

Object-Oriented Programming, my thoughts (upper part)

example. Otherwise, you will not be able to faint. Haha! Let's look at my statement "Private Boolean lunch;" for lunch, every employee needs to bring meals. We now think that the company's space is all the memory capacity, and your desk is part of the memory in the computer (each employee has a copy, which is allocated when the object is created ). You brought lunch to your company and put it on your desk. "Lunch" occupies the corner of your desk (oc

Analysis of time programming and realization principle in Linux (i) time programming for Linux application layer

Introduction We all live in time, but we can't think about it. What is time? It seems to be a question that can never be answered. As a programmer, however, there are always times when I have to think about what time is. For example, you need to know how long a piece of code is running, to log the timestamp of an event in the log file, or to need a timer to be a

One experience, internship? Part-time job?

// In July of "XX Company" Entry If you remember correctly, the first day of employment of "XX Company" is March 19. Isn't it about entry? It is unclear! Internship? Part-time job? Part-time job... after stress-free interviews and waiting. In March 19, I visited the "base" lab for the second

Distributed Parallel Programming with hadoop, part 1

future. Many people think that this major change in programming will bring about a software concurrency crisis, because our traditional software approach is basically the sequential execution of a single command and a single data stream, this sort of execution is quite in line with human thinking habits, but not compatible with concurrent programming. Cluster-based distributed parallel

The dynamics of Java programming, part 2nd: Introduction of Reflection--reprint

In "The dynamics of Java programming, part 1th," I introduce you to Java programming classes and class loading. This article describes some of the Java binary class format related information. This month I'll explain the basics of using the Java Reflection API to access and use some of the same information at run time.

My computer history (programming) (Part 1)

My computer history (programming) (Part 1)I can't remember the first few times that I couldn't sleep late at night and wanted to get up and write something. Recently I read many history of my computers, and wrote a lot of good stuff. It also aroused many memories of my childhood, those memories are full of passion. So I want to recall my computer. I remember the first t

Distributed parallel programming with Hadoop, part 1th

, unlike Google, where Hadoop is open source, and anyone can use it for parallel programming. If the difficulty of distributed parallel programming is enough to intimidate ordinary programmers, the advent of open source Hadoop has dramatically lowered its threshold, and after reading this article, you will find that programming based on Hadoop is so simple that y

The dynamics of Java programming, part 7th: Designing bytecode with BCEL-reproduced

absolute basis for BCEL popularity.The biggest benefit of BCEL is its commercial-friendly Apache license and its rich JVM instruction-level support. These features combine their stability and longevity, making it a very popular choice for class-operating applications. However, BCEL does not seem to be designed to be very good speed or easy to use. In most cases, Javassist provides a more friendly API and has similar speeds (even faster), at least in my simple tests. If your project can use the

[Tips] the first part of COM programming-What is com and how to use com

Since: Id = 212 The purpose of this article is to provide a programming guide for programmers who have just come into contact with COM and help them understand the basic concepts of COM. The content includes the com standard introduction, important com terms, and how to reuse existing COM components. This article does not include how to compile your own COM Object and interface.Com is the component object mod

Use fragmentation time to learn about virtualization security---part I.

connected virtual machines will also be affected, and the default hypervisor configuration is not always the safest.Hypervisor controls everything and provides a single point of failure in a virtual environment. A single gap can put the entire environment at risk.An administrator in hypervisor can do anything ("Keys for All Kingdoms"). The hypervisor usually have password settings, but these are easily shared among administrators, so you don't really know who did what.Hypervisor can allow virtu

Swift Programming Idea Part 4:map all the things!

, the OBJC code is more dangerous.ConclusionThrough this series of articles, I want you to realize: don't try to translate your OBJC code into Swift. Instead, you need to rethink your code and re-imagine your code. Starting with a blank state, it's always better to rewrite your code in the mind with Swift's ideas than you would translate the OBJC code.I didn't say it was an easy thing to do. When you're used to writing code with OBJC, familiar with its patterns and the way you write code, it can

Recruitment: Part-time PHP Senior Engineer

Responsibilities: 1. Responsible for PHP website design and page creation;2. Cooperate with the Operation Team to provide customer service support;3. participate in other related design work of the ocean studio. Job description:1. You will work under the direct leadership of the project manager to maintain existing applicationsProgramDevelopment of new applications;2. Have practical PHP website project development experience;3. Familiar with PHP programmin

C # network programming (basic concepts and operations)-Part.1 [transferred from JimmyZhang blog]

string. The third is an enhancement in the second article, which describes a problem not solved in the second article, asynchronous transmission is used to complete the same functions as the second one. The fourth shows how to send and receive files between the client and the server; article 5 implements a chat program that can chat online and transfer files. It is actually a comprehensive application of previous knowledge. Another article related to this article is: C # write a simple chat pro

Bash instance, Part 1: Basic Programming of Bourne again shell (bash)

Daniel RobbinsPresident and CEO, Gentoo Technologies, Inc.March 2000 By learning how to program using the bash scripting language, you can make the daily interaction of Linux more interesting and productive. You can also use the familiar and favorite standard UNIX concepts (such as pipelines and redirection ). In this three-part series, Daniel Robbins provides an example of how to program using bash. He will describe very basic knowledge (which makes

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