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Cocos2d particle effect and learning of particle designer particle Tool

I recently learned about the particle effect in cocos2d. Let's share what I learned with you! Now! Let's first understand the class structure. -- Ccparticlesystem (parent class of all particle systems) -- Ccparticlesystempoint and ccparticlesystemquad (point particle and square particle system both inherit all attribut

Cocos2d-js free installation Online particle editor particle Editor Particle builder compatible with PEX and plist is originally designed for flash Starling particle System Editor, but in fact, can be compatible with cocos2d.You only need to select "Include. plist file" below the export button.It's simpler to use in cocos2d, just a simple 2-sentence code.var new cc. Particlesystem ("Res/particle.plist"); this. AddChild (emitter);Cocos2d-js free installation Online particle

A brief introduction to particle swarm optimization algorithm 2--particle swarm optimization _ particle swarm

I. Basic CONCEPTS Particle swarm optimization (particleswarm optimization,pso), a branch of evolutionary computing, is a stochastic search algorithm simulating biological activity in nature, and it is widely used in various engineering optimization problems to find the optimal solution through cooperative mechanism in the group. Second, the Basic principles Fig. 1 The idea source of the algorithm Figure 2 Location Update method for the algorithm

Particle swarm Algorithm (1) Introduction to----particle swarm algorithm __ algorithm

A history of particle swarm optimization Particle swarm optimization (Complex Adaptive system,cas) is derived from the complex adaptive system. CAS theory was formally introduced in 1994, and CAS members are called principals. For example, the study of bird systems, in which each bird is called the subject. The subject is adaptable, it can communicate with the environment and other subjects, and change its

Unity3d Study Notes-component effects (effects/effects)--particle system (particle system)

Effects: effects/effects.           particle system: particle systems. Can be used to create smoke, airflow, flames, ripples and other effects.After the Unity3d 3.5 release, the new Shuriken particle system was exited:Effects after adding a component:The Open Editor button opens the Particle editor, which allows you to

C ++/CLI introduction (what is C ++/CLI) --- C ++/CLI programming Series 1

From: To understand what C ++/CLI is, first know what CLI is. 1. Introduction to CLI CLI :( common language infrastructure, universal language framework) provides a set of executableCodeAnd the specifications of the virtual execution environment require

Ogre Particle System and particle script

Mage GroupEmail: norman_chen@163.comRenwind@163.comQQ: 18725262Http://www.173d8.comHttp:// Particle System and particle scriptParticle systems play an important role in 3D display, such as rain, snow, fountains, and explosion effects in 3D.We can use a program to virtualize the scenario where the US Columbia space shuttle is exploding in space: the fragments of large and small pieces

Objective-c particle animation, objective-c Particle

Objective-c particle animation, objective-c Particle I have posted a few articles on SpriteKit. the animations involved are material-type image switching or conventional animation effects, and do not involve the particle animation to be mentioned today, today, particle animation is a required class for better and cool

Implementation of particle swarm optimization (8)---hybrid particle swarm optimization algorithm

The hybrid particle swarm optimization algorithm combines the global particle swarm algorithm with the local particle swarm algorithm, and its speed is updated using the formula where G (k+1) is the global version of the speed update formula, and L (k+1) is a local version of the speed update formula, the hybrid particle

Particle swarm algorithm (3)-standard particle swarm algorithm (local version)

InIn the global standard particle swarm algorithm, the speed update of each particle changes according to two factors. The two factors are: 1. The historical optimal pI of the particle. 2. Global Optimal pg for particle populations. If you change the particle velocity update

Particle swarm optimization (5)-----The implementation of standard particle swarm optimization algorithm

The realization of the standard particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm is based on the particle Swarm algorithm (2)----the standard particle swarm optimization algorithm. It is mainly divided into 3 functions. The first function is the particle swarm initialization function Initswarm (Swarmsize .....) ADAPTFUNC)

Particle swarm Algorithm (3)----standard particle swarm algorithm (partial version)

In the global version of the standard particle swarm algorithm, the speed of each particle is updated according to two factors, the two factors are: 1. Particle own historical optimal value Pi. 2. The global optimal value of particle population pg. If you change the particle

Cesium Learning Notes (10): Particle systems (particle system)

particle System is the newest update of Cesium1.35, let's take a look at it 1. Examples First, we'll start with a plane. var entity = Viewer.entities.add ({ model: { uri: ' ... /APPS/SAMPLEDATA/MODELS/CESIUMAIR/CESIUM_AIR.GLTF ', minimumpixelsize:64 }, position: Cesium.Cartesian3.fromDegrees ( -112.110693, 36.0994841, 1000.0) }); Viewer.trackedentity = entity; then we need to get to the plane's model position. Calculat

Particle swarm algorithm (1) -- Introduction to Particle Swarm Algorithm

Introduction to particle swarm algorithms I. History of particle swarm algorithms Particle swarm algorithms are derived from complex adaptive systems (CAS ). CAS theory was formally proposed in 1994. Members in CAs are called subjects. For example, to study a bird group system, every bird is called a subject in this system. The subject is adaptive. It can communi

Particle swarm optimization (2)----standard particle swarm optimization algorithm

In the narrative of the previous section, the only thing that hasn't been introduced is how the random dots (particles) of a function are moving, only that they are updated according to a certain formula. This formula is the position Velocity update formula in the particle swarm algorithm. Here's what this formula is about. In the previous section we evaluated the [0,4] maximum value of the function Y=1-cos (3*x) *exp (-X). Two random points are place

Micro-letter particle loan How come there is no micro-letter particle credit amount?

Micro-letter particle loan how did not A netizen has exposed the picture which allegedly comes from the Tencent Security Department staff, among them in the micro-letter "wallet" displays has "the particle loan borrows money" the service. we are searching for the micro-credit "particle loan", which shows that "particulate loan is about to open", it seems really

Unity3d: particle Systems particle system

1. Gameobject→create other→particle System.2. With particle System selected, you can see the following dependencies:3.Particle System:Duration: Particle launch time (set to 5 seconds.) Emits particles every 5 seconds ). Looping: Whether particles are recycled(make a tick if you want to keep firing. Otherwise theLooping

Particle swarm optimization algorithm for __ particle swarm optimization

Particle swarm algorithm (particle SWARMOPTIMIZATION,PSO) proposed by Kennedy and Eberhart in 1995, the algorithm simulates the behavior of bird colony flying foraging, and the group achieves the optimal goal through collective collaboration, which is based on the swarm Optimization method of intelligence. Similar to the genetic algorithm, but also a group based on the iteration, but there is no genetic alg

Particle Swarm Optimization (Particle Swarm) -- Introduction

Explanation of terms Particle Swarm Optimization: Particle Swarm Optimization Theory Stochastic optimizationtechnique: random optimization technology EvolutionaryComputation techniques: Computer computing is used to simulate the evolutionary process of biology and evolutionary computing technology. GeneticAlgorithms: Genetic Algorithm TheProblem Space: The space for resolving the problem. Fitness: fitness v

Particle swarm algorithm (7)------implementation of local version of particle swarm optimization algorithm

Recently, we have to write an article about the particle swarm algorithm, so we have to implement the local version of PSO algorithm. The realization idea of the local version of particle swarm algorithm has already been described in the particle Swarm algorithm (3)----standard particle swarm algorithm (local version).

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