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IP Address/subnet mask/gateway Analysis

IP addresses, subnet masks, and gateways in network management are the basic knowledge that each network administrator must master. Only by mastering them can you really understand the TCP/IP protocol settings. The following describes what a subnet

What is URL forwarding and creating multiple Web sites with one IP address-Host Header Method

What is URL forwarding? URL Forwarding is a special value-added Domain Name Service provided by Chinese enterprise resources for domain names registered with Chinese enterprise resources. This service is set through special technologies of

Discusses the relationship between IP address and subnet mask and the meaning of Gateway and DNS

You must know something about the IP address, right? We know that the TCP/IP protocol that is widely used in the Internet is to differentiate between different hosts by using IPs. If you've ever had a TCP/IP protocol set up, then you're bound to

Farewell to's method of searching Google's Beijing IP Address

As a dog powder .. I have been very resistant to du Niang ..... But Google is getting farther and farther away. And is slow as a tortoise... You can only find a solution. Google is said to have data centers in mainland China,

2nd Internet address structure [TCP/IP Detailed Volume 1: protocol]

This chapter describes the network layer addresses used in Interent, also known as IP addresses. Each device connected to the Interent has at least one IP address. The IP address is also required for devices that are used in a private network based

Understandable TCP/IP

TCP/IP is a shorthand for the "transmission Control protocol/internet Protocol", the Chinese translation is the Transmission Protocol/Internet Protocol. TCP/IP is not a protocol, but a generic term for a protocol cluster. It is the foundation of

Linux Programming Learning notes----TCP/IP protocol cluster based on socket network programming

Reprint please indicate the source:, Thank you!Content SummaryThis section focuses on the basis of network communication, mainly related to the content is:TCP/IP protocol Cluster Fundamentals: two modelsIPV4 Protocol Basics:IP Address Classification

JS gets the information of the various parts of the URL

URL: Uniform Resource Locator (Uniform Resource Locator, URL)The complete URL consists of the following parts:Scheme://host:port/path?query#fragmentScheme: Communication protocolCommon Http,ftp,maito, etc.Host: HostsThe server (computer) domain Name

Introduction to three common IP packet sending tools

Antpower All Rights Reserved 2003 Technical Articles Http:// 1st pages 14 pages Antpower-Technical article Introduction to three common IP packet sending tools Lang Guojun, an ambitious member of

Php URL Parts Get method (global variable)

php URL Parts Get methods (global variables), the main introduction of the PHP global variable $_server usage , the need for friends, you can refer to the next. 1, $_session[' php_self ')-Gets the currently executingthe file name of the script2,

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