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Write your own Easyui checkbox.

Recently the project has used the framework of Easyui, found a circle and did not find the CheckBox list control, forced only to implement their own, in order to facilitate the reuse, their own encapsulation of the next, there is need, directly take

JS check box to pass the value of the multi-selection effect to a text box

Select a check box, then the value of this check box is passed to a text box, if the text box is not added, no Add. If deselected, the passed value is removed from the text box. The middle is separated by "," and the last end has no ","

JavaScript basic Question Bank

Select title:Fill in the blanks questions:Question and Answer question:1. What is JavaScript? (This is the basic problem, for many programmers is also send sub-problem!) )JavaScript is a client and server-side scripting language that can be inserted

Jquery cannot set the checkbox to be selected, that is, it does not change to the selected status _ jquery

After the settings, the checkbox does not change to the selected status. After debugging with chrome, you can check that the checkbox does have the checked attribute. To solve this problem, you can refer to the next article. The Code is as follows:

"ASP." Programming Memo: ReturnValue of page Pass value

There are many ways to pass values between ASP. NET pages, which are roughly categorized as URL values, built-in object values, and so on. Broadly speaking, of course, there are some of them:form table only son values: GET, POST (QueryString,

Easyui Assigning a text box checkbox to a value problem

just into the company to do a background maintenance system, choose Easyui never touched the page to text box assignment encountered some problems write downI haven't been able to assign a value to the input text box in several ways beforefirst try

Easyui assigns a value to the text box checkbox,

Easyui assigns a value to the text box checkbox, I just got into the company to create a background Maintenance System, selecting easyui has never been used. I encountered some problems when assigning values to the text box on the page. I have used

Jquery $. ajax $. post or $. get: How to submit the checkbox Value

When a form contains a form item such as checkbox, it is easy to directly submit and process it. You only need to process the result in the program. But what should I do when I use jquery's ajax to submit? The following is an example. jquery $.

thinkphp Html:list Tags pass multiple argument instances _php instances

The example of this article tells about the thinkphp of the Html:list label transmission of multiple parameters of the solution, shared for everyone to reference. The specific analysis is as follows: This change is valid for the Thinkphp 2.0

Chapter 5 about Javascript DOM Learning Forms

Because each form has different detection items, so I cannot give you 10 thousandCode. You need to build your own detection functions using these elements described in this chapter. I have another example later. You can also refer to it. In this

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