passing array to function in perl

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Perl Basic Syntax Introduction _ Basics Tutorial

one. DataType (data type ):Perl's data types are roughly four: Scalar (variables), Scalar Array (array), hash array (hash), References (pointer), but they seem to be small but more than sufficient. In particular, you can write a Perl program without

Some similarities and differences between Perl and Python _ Other

About the origins and characteristics of Perl and Python Perl is the abbreviation of practical extraction and report Language, created by Larry Wall in 1987, originally designed to facilitate the processing of reports on UNIX, and has become a fully

Method calling in Perl

This is notes from reading the "Object Oriented Perl programming ". Elements of the @ _ array are special in that they are not copies of the actual arguments of the function call. rather they are aliases for those arguments. that means that if

Beginning Perl Reading Notes ~ Chapter 13

Chapter 2: References References are declared as scalar types (named variables starting with $), and reference is obtained using the \ operator. Modifying the referenced variable is equivalent to modifying the reference pointing to the


1. arrays and hash variables in parameters: When defining the parameter list, there are two ways to define an array or hash variable as the input parameter: 1. Add the Backslash "/" before the type name of the array or hash variable. 2. Place

Some Problems about passing arrays and references in Perl function parameters

Today, I saw an article about passing references in parameters. I mentioned a problem. I have encountered it before, but I used other methods to bypass it. You can solve this problem by passing parameter references. So I plan to write it down. Hope

How to Use Perl getopt

We often use a program in Linux to add parameters. Now let's take a look at the functions related to control parameters in Perl. getopt. in Linux, there are two types of parameters. one is -- help, and the other is-H. that is, the difference between-

Use the Getopt::long module in Perl to receive user command line parameters _ Application Tips

We often use a program in Linux to add parameters, and now it is much more powerful to understand the module Getopt::long in Perl about control parameters than to use @ARGV arrays directly. I think you know there are two different types of

Common usage of Perl hash hashes _perl

Basic usage #初始化%h is an empty array%h={};#用数组初始化%h for A=>1,b=>2%h= (' A ', 1, ' B ', 2);#意义同上 is just another, more figurative way of writing. %h= (' A ' =>1, ' B ' =>2);#如果key是字符串, you can omit the quotation marks. The following line is the same


I. subaccountProgramReferences: In Perl, you can not only create references to scalar variables, array variables, and hash variables, but also create references to subprograms. References to subprograms are similar to function pointers in C/C ++;

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