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Android Learning notes-review plan

one of the most feared is that there is no direction! 1. Wedge:I contacted Andrjoid Development also has more than a year, during the independent development of an outsourcing company five or six projects. Although not Daniel, but think small has

Study Notes: GNU Linux Programming Guide (version 2): 1

Directory: Chapter 1 Linux and Linux programming Overview Chapter 2 set up a Development System Chapter 3 Use GNU CC Chapter 4 Use GNU make to manage projects Chapter 5 create a portable self-Configuration Software GNU autoconf Chapter 6 Comparison

Deep Learning paper notes (IV.) The derivation and implementation of CNN convolution neural network

Deep Learning paper notes (IV.) The derivation and implementation of CNN convolution neural network[Email protected]Http:// I usually read some papers, but the old feeling after reading will slowly fade, a day to pick up when it

Tool CD preparation notes

Tool CD production notes-general Linux technology-Linux programming and kernel information, the following is a detailed description. I. Refill knoppix Knoppix is a debian-based linux operating on a CD. There are a lot of articles about knoppix

Study Notes on Pro git

1. Git remote Model Remote: Remote Repository Repository: local repository Index: Temporary Storage Area Workspace: Current Workspace 2. Get git Repository 2.1 initialize a new warehouse Git init2.2 clone from existing

Android authoritative Programming Guide-notes (21st. XML drawable)

In the Andorid world, everything to be drawn on the screen can be called drawable, such as abstract graphics, drawable subclasses, bitmap graphics, etc., we used to encapsulate the image of the bitmapdrawable is a kind of drawable.We'll also see

Reading notes-"Hacker Exposure" (6/8)

11th attack mobile device 11.1 attack Android1, open cell Phone Alliance OHA is mainly responsible for the development of Andriod. The Android system is positioned as "the first full, open and free mobile platform".2, the Android system faces the

GENTOO Installation Notes (Turn)

IBM T42 GENTOO Installation Notes A Preface Linux has been playing for many years, but has always been in the use of common services, and there is no more in-depth understanding of Linux. Recently played two weeks of Gentoo, the feeling is good,

Notes on common DB/Linux commands

Notes for common DB/Linux commands 1 UserGroup/etc/passwd: username: passwd: uid: gid: homedir: shell password ing in/etc/shadow, A user can belong to multiple user groups. The fifth field is the full name of the user name (optional)/etc/group:

Learning notes: The Log (one of the best distributed technical articles I've ever read)

Preface This is a study note.The learning material comes from a log blog post from Jay Kreps.The original text is very long, but I persisted to read, the harvest is very much, also deeply to Jay's technical ability, the architecture ability and to

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