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List of OracleGoldenGateCoreProductPatchSets

MasterNoteforOracleGoldenGateCoreProductPatchSets (document ID1645495.1) for: OracleGoldenGate Master Note for Oracle GoldenGate Core Product Patch Sets (document ID 1645495.1) applicable to: Oracle GoldenGate-Version to

16. MDT Update 1 Batch Deployment-application import and automatic installation (with Office 2007 installation)

The MDT Update 1 batch deployment is more than the application installation compared to the WDS deployment service, and can be installed at the operating system deployment or specified to install a particular application, making it easy for end

Tool CD preparation notes

Tool CD production notes-general Linux technology-Linux programming and kernel information, the following is a detailed description. I. Refill knoppix Knoppix is a debian-based linux operating on a CD. There are a lot of articles about knoppix

Slave database Introduction

Backup Database Type: 1. Physical backup database; 2. Logical backup database; 3. snapshot backup database. You can configure one or more types of slave databases at the same time. 1. Physical standby Database It is a block-to-block copy of the

GENTOO Installation Notes (Turn)

IBM T42 GENTOO Installation Notes A Preface Linux has been playing for many years, but has always been in the use of common services, and there is no more in-depth understanding of Linux. Recently played two weeks of Gentoo, the feeling is good,

Linux Learning Notes---command diff and Diff3

The diff command is a very important tool on Linux to compare the contents of a file, especially to compare two different versions of files to find the changes. Diff prints each line's changes on the command line. The latest version of diff also

Open source Distributed version control tool--git Tour

Transferred from: design idea of the distributed code base and file snapshot, which is advocated by Git, is a challenge and subversion relative to the traditional CVS, SVN and other

17. MDT Update 1 Batch Deployment-How to use offline system patches in the deployment system

Due to the need for information security, the newly installed system needs to install the latest patches, Microsoft recommends the method is WSUS, but WSUS upgrade, patch identification, download, installation is very slow, there is a way to

MIDI file format Analysis

A MIDI file is a binary file, which generally has the following basic structure: File Header + Data Description The file header generally includes the file type, because the MIDI file only uses. there are two types of mid Extension: Class 0 and

Instructor Shen Yi's notes for ubuntu fast learning (2) -- combined compilation and installation of apache2.4 and php7

Instructor Shen Yi's notes for ubuntu fast learning (2) -- combined compilation and installation of apache2.4 and php7 under ubuntu16.04, and install the PDOmysql extension and php7pdomysql 1. Compile and install apache2.4.20 1 Step 1:./configure --

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