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The most complete list of programming languages in history _ What do you know?

Summary: A computer programming language can be used to communicate instructions to a computer. The following may be the most complete list of programming languages in history, and I'll divide them into the following categories, what do you know?A computer programming language can be used to communicate instructions to a computer. The following may be the most complete

General List of C languages

o'clock, then it does not have to be reduced, which is the usage in our macro definition.The CONTAINER_OF macro is also a similar idea, since the current List_node member's offset is found, then minus the offset, is the outer enclosing structure of the start address.Well, so that we can achieve this list, but actually do not bother, there is a simple way, that is to let our list_node member structure, in our data storage structure of the first positi

Programming languages List _ language

TIOBE Software BV published the October 2004 usage Chart of the programming language: Position Delta 1 year programming Language ratings Delta 1 year Status 1 C 18.172% -0.14% a 2 Java 17.050% -4.85% a 3 C + + 15.016% -1.16% a 4 (Visual) Basic 9.760% +2.30% a 5 Perl 8.818% +0.47% a 6 PHP 7.421% +1.63% a 7 Delphi/pascal/kylix 4.465 % +3.07% a 8 Python 4.438% +2.95% a 9 SQL 3.167% -0.55% a ten C # 1.644% -0.30% A-one JavaScript 1.267% -0.39% a SAS 1.069 % -0.04% COBOL 0.706% -0.33% a--0.639% +0.

IEEE Spectrum 2014 Programming Languages List _ other synthesis

IEEE Spectrum Statistics The usage prevalence of major programming languages based on the following data sources. 1) Google search results2) Google trend analysis3 Twitter (what is this thing??) )4) GitHub Library5) StackOverflow Question and answer6) Reddit Articles7) Hacker News8) Career Builder9) Ice JobIEEE Journal PapersWait a minute. The following data were obtained: 1 IEEE Spectrum Major languages

List of popular Linux and Windows scripting languages

..."/usr/sbin/useradd-g users $ USER if [$? = 0]; then/usr/bin/passwd $ USER else echo "Sorry, User addition failed" fi Perl basically, Perl can be seen as a Turing on UNIX and Windows systems) complete programming language. Perl refers to the Practical Extraction and Report Language ). Perl is a general programming language. it was originally developed for text processing and is widely used in many scenarios, including system management, Web development, network programming, and even GUI develo

July 2017 Tiobe programming languages list: Go soared first into top 10_ rankings

The Tiobe programming language community released the July 2017 rankings, and the rankings were less than June, and Java, C, C + + and Python remained stable in the top 4. The go language soared this year, finally entered the top 10 this month, but only 55 in the same period in 2016, the speed is strong enough, the reason may be related to the development trend of large data ai. Last month, Google announced its full support for Android development and Kotlin,kotlin first 50 last month. This mon

November 2011 Programming Languages list: Objective-c can become the annual programming language?

Tiobe published the November 2011 programming language Rankings, the top 20 rankings have not changed much. From the chart below, you can see that the C camp is still the world. It is only two months since Tiobe released the 2011 Annual programming language, which was awarded to the highest-rated programming language of the year (delta in Figure 1). Compared to C # (ordinary youth?) +1.61% and JavaScript (literary youth?) +0.90%, seemingly 2B youth objective-c will be the best candidate for the

October 2011 Programming Languages List: Java popularity continues to decline

In Tiobe's October 2011 programming language Rankings, Java continued to gain momentum in September, declining by almost 1%, despite Oracle's latest Java 7 release in early August. It seems that the C language is returning to its first throne next month. Other notable object-c and Transact-SQL were also highly innovative, reaching 6.245% and 0.909%, respectively. Assembly returned to TOP20, squeezing into the D language of the top 20 last month, Visual Basic. NET rose from 39 to 25, while F #,

August 2011 Programming Languages List

August 4, Tiobe released the latest August programming language rankings, compared with the July list, the biggest change in the number of Microsoft F #, F # for the first time into TOP20. From 1 to 10, PHP returns to 4,c# 5th, the other unchanged. The following contents are translated according to the original tiobe: Eventually, a new functional programming language went into top 20. Most people would think popular functional programming

List of popular Linux and Windows scripting languages

for text processing and is widely used in many scenarios, including system management, Web development, network programming, and even GUI development. It is easy to use and supports both process-oriented and object-oriented programming. Perl is modular and easy to call third-party modules. Although designed with the goal of a complete Turing programming language, Perl has been used as a system management script since its launch in 1993. Perl supports both compilation and interpretation, so Perl

011 October Programming Languages list: Java and C King of the war---must see

TIOBE October 2011 Programming Languages list: Java and C Battle of Kings TIOBE The October programming language rankings have been published, the first three languages of this month's programming language is still Java, C, c++,php overtook C # to occupy the fourth place. And Java continued its September momentum, continued to fall, down almost 1% of the popular

Python Concise-2 (only to list the differences in other languages)

ModuleThe module is a file containing all of your defined variables and functions, added multiplexing, and the module file must be suffixed with the PYWhen we import the module using import, for example, the import sys will be in the Sys. The path of the py is searched for this moduleThe form SYS Import * Imports all the variable names in SYS and does not recommendEach module has its own __name__, when __name__ equals __main__, indicating that the module is executed separatelyDir () enumerates a

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