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Dual-line redundancy and load balancing with PBR, SLA, and Eem on Cisco IOS

link, respectively, access to the company network, and then use a dedicated load balancer device for the link load and redundancy, such as foreign F5, radware, domestic deep conviction.However, like the foreign manufacturers of load balancer a more than 10 200,000, the domestic is also in good tens of thousands of a Taiwan. If the average small and medium-sized company, it budget is limited, such equipment is difficult to buy. But also want to achieve dual-line access, load balancing, dual-line

The-JUNIPER-SSG series of PBR (Policy Routing) configuration finalization

devices, load devices, etc. that need to be adjusted on specific traffic on the gateway device Third-party operators, PBR in this scenario is used to ensure that the telecommunications, Unicom and other original into the original Side-hung DDoS detection equipment, traffic redirection, etc. (this skill requires a bit higher after a detailed chat) Well, not much to explain, we serve the dishes directly.Ssg-web-ui Initial Configuration com

Rock Mesh Branch-HILLSTONE-PBR (Policy Routing) Mount URL application experience sharing

) Load balancing using Citrix's NetScaler high-availability deployment Access using S5700 Stack deployment STP not turned on Current topology Benefits:No single point of failure on top-down nodes, standard Enterprise DC deployment planCurrent renovation background:Problem Analysis: The current export BGP line access to the specific USA region, South Korea has more frequent packet loss and a lot of delay jitter, affecting the business platform calls, quantitation affect the busin

Introduction to Policy-based Routing (PBR)

policy-based Routing (PBR) is a flexible packet routing and forwarding mechanism. By applying the policy route on the router, the router determines how the router's packets are handled based on the routing map (ROUTE-MAP). A routing map determines the next hop forwarding router for a packet. To apply Policy routing on a router, you must specify the route map (ROUTE-MAP) to use for Policy routing, and you want to create a route map. A routing map cons

Unity re-warfare PBR material flow and material production practice

This article on the basis of the previous article added to the understanding of PBR, mainly including the degree of metal and roughness (smoothness) of the testThe PBR process in unity, PBR material Properties specific analysisTraditional model to PBR process, some PBR makin

JuniperSSG140 dual-line access using PBR

The company has been using 10 m lines of China Telecom to access the Internet. At the same time, it has established a VPN transmission service data with each subsidiary based on this line, and recently added a 10 m connection line for traffic distribution, it is required to achieve this without adjusting the telecom lines: 1. VPN traffic is still processed through telecom lines 2. Normal intercommunication between internal network segments of the company 3. The Internet traffic of the 10 CIDR bl

PBR + NAT + single-arm route + multiple egress

Example of PBR + NAT + single-arm routing + Multi-Egress application: Topology: 650) this. width = 650; "title =" pbr?nat=single arm. jpg "alt =" 2157022.16.jpg" src = "http://www.bkjia.com/uploads/allimg/131227/041434J46-0.jpg"/> Note: PC1: gw PC2: gw Used as a gateway on R3 and as an egress Router Both ISP and ISP are simulating loose for t

About the unity in the PBR technology and materials unity5 default shader and traditional comparison

At first, I didn't know what PBR was (physically Based Rendering) and later discovered it was a new way of rendering.It corresponds to the material is PBS (physically Based Shader)There are two types of PBS in Unity, one of which is metallic, one is reflective,The former can be made of metal clay and the like, the latter for other non-metallic, but this is not absolute, the former can also make cloth wood and so onThe final use still depends on the ar

Re-release, routing policy, PBR Policy Routing, and route optimization

Re-release, routing policy, PBR Policy Routing, and route optimizationRe-release, routing policy, PBR Policy Routing, path optimization, protocol migration I. Re-Release 1. Why re-release is required if it is caused by devices of different vendors; due to network upgrades and resizing-different protocols are applied. 2. Problems exist in re-release. Due to inconsistent protocol features, path calculation an

Cisco PBR Case2 OSPF1Network34.1.1.0 Address45.1.1.5 Address35.1.1.5 OSPF1Network35.1.1.0 escape sequence to abort. Tracing the route to45.1.1.5 1 -msec Amsec Amsec2 +msec +msec -msec3 -msec Aboutmsec -Msecr2#traceroute45.1.1.4Type escape sequence to abort. Tr

H3C swap configuration PBR Best practices

Brief description PBR is a more commonly used function, we need to master Brief configuration steps Configure BFD Configure track Configuring ACLs Configure Policy-based-route Apply Policy-based-route on the interface Configuration steps Detailed Configuration BFD BFD Echo-source-ip ip-addressConfigure trackTrack ten BFD echo interface vlan-interface100 remote IP local IP BFD echo interface vla

PBR Step by Step (iii) BRDFS

}\), substituting:\ ({dl_o (P, \omega_o)} = {F_r (p, \omega_i, \omega_o)}{l_i (p, \omega_i) \, \cos \theta_i \, D \omega_i}\)So BRDF's scale factor \ ({f_r (P, \omega_i, \omega_o)}=\frac{dlo (p,\omega_o)}{l_i (p,\omega_i) \, \cos \theta_i \, d\omega_i)}\)Reflectance equation of radiationBy the above formula, it is known that the equation of reflection emissivity on the stereoscopic angle \ ({\omega_i}\) is:\ ({l_o (p,\omega_o)}=\int_{\omega_i}{f_r (p, \omega_i, \omega_o)}\, {l_i (P, \omega_i)}\,

(installed) about WINRE/ESP/LRS_ESP/MSR/PBR these partitions

WINRE 1GB use: Windows 8 system Recovery model. This partition is a Windows 8 PE system that is saved when the Windows 8 system principal itself is damaged and does not start properly when the system is repaired.ESP 260MB uses: EFI extended partition, UEFI BIOS boot system used, storage bios/efi NAND chip stored in that part of the EFI extension feature.lrs_esp 500MB use: Lenovo One-click Restore Windows PE system boot partition, Lenovo one-click Restore software is also installed in this sectio

Metallic/roughness Workflow in PBR

First review the typical PBR properties of pure metal and nonmetal: Pure Metal: Albedo (diff): 0 F0 (spec): >0.3 Metallic:1 Non - metallic: Albedo (diff): Can be a value other than 0 F0 (spec): 0-0.08 metallic:0 A materail known as Basecolor, Metallic, Specularscale (the default value is 0.5), the desire for its diff and spec, then the following formula:Then there are:

Unity in standard PBR (i)

]; o.tangenttoworldandparallax[2].XYZ = tangenttoworld[2]; #elseo.tangenttoworldandparallax[0].XYZ =0; o.tangenttoworldandparallax[1].XYZ =0; o.tangenttoworldandparallax[2].XYZ =Normalworld; #endif //We need this for shadow recevingTransfer_shadow (o); O.ambientorlightmapuv=Vertexgiforward (V, Posworld, Normalworld); #ifdef _parallaxmap tangent_space_rotation; Half3 Viewdirforparallax=mul (Rotation, Objspaceviewdir (V.vertex)); o.tangenttoworldandparallax[0].W =viewdirforparallax.x; o.

Small new Air13pro A key resume Operation instruction (PBR edition)

The shutdown state of the machine left a key recovery hole, select System Recovery after the Microsoft PBR recovery interface. Reason Analysis:September 04, 2016 after the shipment of small new Air13 Pro One-click Restore function switch to PBR recovery.Solution: 1, back up all personal information on the computer to the U disk or mobile hard disk; (if there is no personal important information ne

Windows 8 PBR Recovery System "Insert Windows Install or restore media to continue operation"

The error interface is as follows This problem occurs because the WINRE environment does not specify a recovery image location and index, which we can check with Reagentc/info under cmd: Operation Steps: If you can't get into the system, you can only use the system installation CD to install the If you have access to the system, we can do the following: 1. We in the Windows 8 Management mode in the operation of the input cmd in the default partition, enter the following

Make a local Ubuntu mirror station (native package source mirror site)

The lab room builds high availability Openstack environment, in order to ensure the security of the intranet, we use the Jumpbox way to access the internal server. Such internalNode can not access the network, the installation of the package is not very convenient, so on the Jumpbox to make an Ubuntu full mirror station.sudo apt-get install apache2sudo apt-get Install Apt-mirrorApt-mirror is the

PyPI China Mirror How many and domestic Python users how to use PyPI mirror source __python

First, PyPI China mirror As an upgraded version of Easy_install, PIP provides great convenience for Pyhton package management. One-line command to complete the installation of the required modules: Pip Install Pandas But the official image of the access speed is very slow, almost unusable. Therefore, it is very necessary to modify the mirror source to improve access speed, Modify the

Docker Learning Note 5: Creating a mirror with the commit command and deleting a local mirror

I. OverviewThere are two ways to create a mirror, one with the commit command, and the second with the Dockerfile method (which is more commonly described in the following article). This chapter describes the commit method.Before we introduce the commit command, we review the versioning of the code, and when we change the code, we commit to the version server.For a container-like concept, the commit command can be used to commit the modification to a

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