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SVN deploys large and small business on-line Solutions (IV.)

indispensable.7). Most portal front-end pages are already static or cache, because the dynamic part of the visit will not be particularly much9. SVN contains code and configuration(1), SVN storage program code (without resources, large company basic resources and procedures are separated)(2), the configuration file for all services (lamp environment, such as: Apache httpd.conf configuration file)(3), development Team test environment using the configuration file(4), Office test ring use configu

Business intelligence solutions, the company's future development of the specified lamp

only that, Finebi Business intelligence platform operation method is very simple, the service system is also very perfect, only through simple training can be operated, flexible adaptability, simple operation, safe and reliable control of the work of the domestic management personnel, improve its efficiency.For small and medium-sized enterprises, the future development if you want to find a good solution,

Common business-related SharePoint development and maintenance Solutions

customized freely. However, if the business and reality depend on an external site, this kind of customization is greatly limited, because the external site will no longer be able to determine whether some resources it is dealing with are still consistent with the design. However, in any case, as long as the customization is properly standardized, this is also a feasible solution. 2.4 Custom Web Part Seeing the three

How do small and medium business websites do backup data?

single device or data management of tens of thousands of devices simultaneously through the Web console. Multiple backups support the vast majority of databases, file systems, and operating systems.  And compared to traditional backup solutions, multiple backups have the following advantages:1. High security: Local cloud Hybrid backup, cloudy storage, unique CLOUD5 technology, data never lost2. Maintainability is strong: multi-channel parallel transm

Integrated solution of wireless monitoring network in Small business office

Introduction to the programme Small business offices are generally concentrated in commercial office buildings, and the traffic is large and complex. The use of monitoring network is particularly important for security prevention and management. And for corporate office, high-speed, stable, secure wireless network coverage is essential, intranet sharing, behavior management, mobile office, real-time demo

Integrated management solutions for small and midsize businesses

For small micro-enterprises, sales, finance, procurement, human resources and other departments more closely, if the use of different management systems to manage the business and projects, not only the need for high software costs, but also facing the system of docking problems, which makes enterprises in the information management choice often indecisive, even missed opportunities.When the enterprise is i

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