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How to Use DSP Cache)

The execution time of c6747 algorithm is around ms, and the requirement is less than 20 ms. 6000 belongs to the hierarchical Memory System architecture. The internal RAM runs at different frequencies with the CPU. Only the cache can be used with the

[Z] principle, design and implementation of cache in Computer Architecture

PrefaceAlthough the increase in CPU clock speed will drive the improvement of the system performance, the improvement of the system performance is not only dependent on the CPU, it is also related to factors such as the system architecture, command

Go deep into Cache

Cache is a topic that we often care about. The release of K6-III introduces a brand new cache structure, namely, tri-level cache design. So what is the function of cache for a microcomputer system? How does it work?  I. Necessity of Using CacheThe

Browser cache and HTTP protocol

There are several headers related to cache in http:1. Pragma: Only the fixed no-Cache value can be used in HTTP/1.0 to disable browser cache.2. Expires: Used to specify when the cached document is deemed to have expired, in GMT format. if the date

How the cache technology in Java is implemented

1 Why does the cache exist?2 where can the cache exist?3 What are the properties of the cache?4 Cache Media?To figure out these 4 questions, we can randomly use the application scenario to determine what kind of cache is being used.1. Why does the

Memory, register and cache differences and connections

1. The register is the component part of the central processing Unit. Registers are high-speed storage parts with limited storage capacity that can be used to hold instructions, data and addresses. In the control unit of the central processor, the

The ERP or database of a small company should use PC or server

The customer is very poor or the boss is very stingy. Can the company's website, ERP or database replace server with PC? Large enterprises, state-owned enterprises, and the financial industry do not have the above problems. However, you must be able

The difference between buffer and cache in Linux

1. Cache: Buffer, is a cache, is located between the CPU and the main memory of small but fast memory, because the CPU speed is much higher than the speed of main memory, the CPU from memory to read the data to wait a long time, and The cache holds

Arm-cache coherency

There are two ways to improve the performance of a system:1) constantly improve the performance of a core by constantly improving freq, reducing VT, which will increase power (dynamic,leakage)2) Increase the number of processorARM's Big-little

Kernel How to ensure cache data consistency

In the embedded system, the cache is located between the CPU and the DDR, is a SRAM, read and write performance is much higher than the DDR, using the cache line provides prefetching function, balance between CPU and DDR performance difference,

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