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Master boot record mbr/hard disk partition table dpt/primary partition, extended partition, and logical partition/PC boot process

Main boot SectorThe main boot sector is located on the entire hard disk 0 cylinder 0 Head 1 Sector {(cylinder, head, Sector) | ( 0,0,1)},bios will jump to the first instruction in the MBR after executing its own inherent program. Take control of the system to the MBR. The main boot sector consists mainly of three parts: the Master

Install XP on a Vista-pre-installed PC and set dual boot

Today, more and more PCs are pre-installed with Windows Vista at the factory, which is largely convenient for users-though the pre-installed Windows Vista is a simplified version of Home Basic-but for many users, it may be more accustomed to Windows XP, Plus, some of the apps you use on a daily basis may not work well in Windows Vista, so many people want to install Windows XP in a system that doesn't affect Windows Vista pre-installed in the system, which is paid for. Many users want to know h

Windows8.1 boot directly into PC Desktop tutorial

Do not like the Win8 boot directly into the "Start" screen mode? That can be set in Win8.1 to boot directly into PC desktop mode like Win7. Win8.1 boot directly into the PC desktop instead of the Start screen, is not feeling much kinder? In

How to effectively improve PC boot speed?

Obviously, in addition to changing a new computer, we still have many ways to solve the problem of computer boot too slow, the first is from the system and software level. Turn off the boot service and startup items The PC will need to load the Windows system after the boot, including a lot of system serv

Update new NIC driver, fix win7 ralink nic ralink RT3290 blue screen netr28x.sys drive file error when PC sleeps and boot NIC

Update new NIC driver, fix win7 ralink nic ralink RT3290 blue screen netr28x.sys drive file error when PC sleeps and boot NICMy laptop is win7, ralink Nic Ralink RT3290 802.11bgn Wi-Fi AdapterAfter testing did solve the blue screen problem, download the network card driver here, install the update: NIC driver version: 2014/4/9http://www.mediatek.com/en/downloads/pciert2790rt309xrt35x2rt539xrt3290mt

[Problem Solving]win10 startup item (BCD) (HP PC Pro-Test without boot disk, not reload system)

Yesterday using EASYBCD software, began not to understand, hand win10 the boot removed, and later found that the computer shutdown always turned into a reboot, helpless forced shutdown. Today restarted the computer, found that the computer has been unable to open, it is understood yesterday was mistakenly deleted Win10 BCD.(memory) After booting into a prompt interface, press ESC to enter a new interface, and then press F11 to enter a system backup re

JOS-LAB1 Boot the PC

Start up flow of PC: 1. BIOS A. At the very beginning, BIOS would load 512-byte boot sector into [0X7C00,0X7DFF]; B. Then set cs:ip = 0000:7c00 2. Boot Loader A. Switch from real mode to protected mode (+ bit), mainly by setting GDTR. B. Load kernel image from hard disk. (Void (*) (void)) (Elfhdr->e_entry ()) (); Check the kernel image, it ' s 0x0010000c 3. Kerne

Raspberry Pi realizes remote boot LAN PC (WOL protocol +etherwake+ ASUS Motherboard Z97)

Peanut Shell Map Raspberry PiReference:Http://www.cnblogs.com/EasonJim/p/6100181.htmlHttp://www.cnblogs.com/EasonJim/p/6100199.htmlSecond, the System Setup network card can wakeThird, configure the BIOSEnter BIOSIv. log in to the Raspberry Pi with puttyDownload Etherwakesudo apt-get install EtherwakeWake using command:sudo etherwake 12:32: E4: 12:55:12Note: The MAC address aboveReference: http://demon.tw/hardware/openwrt-wake-on-lan.htmlRaspberry Pi realizes remote

What if I write a code to boot the PC? Here is a tiny "OS":-d

column as the central landscape building to add a solemn sense in the painting. Pierre created an artistic realm in a sense by combining illusion and reality, and in a romantic sense. It can be said that this is an artistic manifestation of the transition from classical to romantic. Although this painting is based on Greek mythology, the painter does not seem to pay attention to the portrayal of the story and the performance of the characters, but focuses on the female characters, especially th

How to make idle U disk into PC boot key

let u disk into a PC boot key scheme of course, the following small series to provide you with a program, the basic idea is: Let the program automatically judge a U disk in the total capacity of a certain type of file, the correct judgment is passed, the error is off the machine. The following test passes in the Windows 7 operating system. Suppose the U disk letter is F: There are several fixed zip files (

Hard Disk structure, Master Boot Record MBR, Hard Disk Partition Table DPT, Master partition, extended partition and logical partition, PC Startup Process

The filex file system is in the fog. Let's summarize some basic knowledge about fat first. Hard Disk StructureA hard disk consists of multiple disks, each of which has a read/write head. If n disks exist. There are 2n faces, corresponding to 2N head (heads), starting from 0, 1, 2. The radius of each disc is the concentric circle of the fixed value R and then logically forms a cylinders with the motor Spindle as the axis, numbered 0, 1, 2... from the outside ....... Each track on each disk is div

How to view PC boot entry

Click the Start menu in the lower right corner of the window, then tap Start-run program. In the Run program, enter | Msconfig "command to open the System Configuration Utility dialog box. As shown in the figure: Then switch to the Start dialog box so that you can display the boot entry below. You can set the boot entry according to your own needs, too many useless b

Share an Android phone to boot the PC to install Linux system approach

1, first Android mobile phone download software drivedroid.apkHttp://pan.baidu.com/s/1qW4pbT62. Download the Linux image file and put the memory card storage on the phone, and put it under download/images/.3, open the software will automatically read the folder under the image, you can also download the necessary image files in the software4. Software Settings USB connection mode5, then the phone USB through the data cable connected to the computer, the computer selects the phone

Share an Android phone to boot the PC to install Linux system approach

1, first Android mobile phone download software drivedroid.apkHttp://pan.baidu.com/s/1qW4pbT62, download the Linux image file put the phone memory card storage, put under download/images/3, open the software will take the initiative to read the directory below the image, but also in the software to download the required image files4. Software Settings USB connection mode5, then the phone USB through the data cable connected to the computer, the computer chooses the phone to

Windows 7 system PC Boot Desktop black screen solution

Here's a way to troubleshoot whether a virus is causing the problem:When you start your computer, press F8 before the system enters the Windows splash screen, and after the operating system multi-mode boot menu, select "safemode" with the arrow keys on your keyboard to start the computer in Safe mode. Put this picture away. expand this picture When startup is complete, click Start , enter Regedit.exein th

Ideacentre B3 Series PC Press the host power switch but can't boot?

Failure phenomena: When you find that the host is not power-up (that is, the machine is not on), follow these steps: Solution: 1. Check whether the power supply is normal First of all, look at the home of the other appliances are normal use, the same socket on the other appliances can work properly. You can plug the computer into other sockets. Test if there is a problem with the socket: use a lamp to test for power. 2. Check that the power cord is loose Unplug the power plug from the hos

JAVASCRIPT-PC version Jump M version ok, but the M version of the PC version of the link can not be stopped in the PC version

PC version of the M-version OK, but the M-point PC version of the link can not be stopped in the PC version or skip to the M version The following is the PC-side code in the The following is the code in the M version of head How can I browse the PC version when I l

The javascript-PC version jumps to the m version OK, but the m version's point PC version link cannot be stopped in the PC version

Pc jumps to the m version, but the m version's point pc version link cannot be stopped in the pc version or jump to the m version below is the pc-side code in the amp; lt; head amp; gt; {code ...} the following is the code {code...} in the head of version m ...} how can I browse the

Development of Bluetooth from mobile phone to PC "4"--communication between mobile phone and PC

The previous articles are written in the mobile phone and mobile phone to communicate with each other through Bluetooth, this article began to talk about how to use Bluetooth technology to achieve the communication between the mobile phone and PC connection, the completion of this step we can further develop this communication on the basis of a computer-like control of the phone remote. In fact, the author later felt that this article is actually not

How about the PC version of rice chat PC client usage metrics

After the acquisition of the Msnlite team, the millet company launched a rice chat earlier this month in the PC version of the beta. Today, the meter chat PC version of the public test (version number is, all users can download experience meter Chat PC client. M-Chat PC version has three main features: bri

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