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Using Web service to connect to a database in a Pocket PC

web| Connection database using Web service connection database in Pocket PC Objective Microsoft's Mobile Developers Conference was held in Beijing in June, and while domestic mobile apps are just getting started, the broad prospects are being watched by more and more software vendors. Commercial applications on mobile devices, although just beginning, have shown great potential for growth. In the Microsoft

Virtual Machine personal use Summary: Virtual PC, VMWare and virtualbox

Manager ", set the locations of the primary and differential disks. Virtual PC can install other operating systems or even Linux. XP mode is only a special application of virtual PC. VMware: This process takes the longest time. In at least five years, N windows, Linux, UNIX, and MAC systems have been installed. Originally, there was only one version, and later there was a branch, currently, I have been us

Five PC-side novel reader Readbook, very cool reader, ISilo, Alreader, Haalireader

, SkyDrive Network disk Baidu network disk, stable and long-term effective ~At the beginning of the document only with Notepad, obviously this is inconvenient and not practical, word is the same, with the editor to see the document always feel strange, of course, the most important is no bookmark function.Since the mobile phone has a reader, on the PC there is no reason not to find a few, found that it is necessary to use the Internet, and no longer

An implementation of encrypting TLS encrypted data (mobile end +pc side)

the world's largest genuine music service platform Spotify, the use of the software to test the reason is that in the test I need to confirm whether the encrypted stream is an audio stream.In the previous article has been on the SSL and other related knowledge and decryption principle has done a detailed elaboration, forget can review.This article to two aspects of mobile and PC side, the whole idea is the

Not just networking! How to use a Wi-Fi network card in a PC

network adapter application 3: file sharing between PCs and mobile devices Android-based Wi-Fi file sharing tool Most of the time, we need to upload a mobile phone file to a computer. Many users may not want to use the file or use the data line for various reasons, in this case, you can use Wi-Fi to transfer files. smartphones have a variety of Wi-Fi file sharing tools, from simple FTP servers to lan sharing tools, wi-Fi direct transfer is available again. Let's take the Wi-Fi File Transfer sha

PC high-level language with Schneider, Rockwell, Delta and Other PLC's Modbus communication source code (Modbustcp.dll/modbusrtu.dll)

1.0 Communication Components OverviewThis kind of communication component is suitable for the industrial automation control system based on PC advanced language, which is used for data communication between PC and programmable controller (PLC), intelligent instrument and so on. The component takes a dynamic-link library file (*. DLL) in the form of a PC system pr

Using ezsetup for creating Pocket PC Installations

the best for creating Pocket PC installations. Ezsetup is a command line compiler that takes several CAB files, one. ini file and creates one compressed executable file that automatically installyour Pocket PC application. Here is a sample screen of the generated installation: Using ezsetup First of all you shoshould create CAB files and write. ini file. Then start ezsetup.exe in command like. Here is usag

Inghua embedded PC development-Remote Access Gateway Machine

In the domestic industrial control field, Yan Hua is in the leading position. Generally, CSG (embedded PC) is used for data collection. Here we use the wince5.0 operating system platform as an example (Other include wince6.0 and Linux ). 1. First, you must have the following equipment and software (1) Device Yan Hua fan-less industrial computer dc24v/12 V switch power supply network router crossover net

App development is not a PC-side terminator

. Because the computer can achieve all the functions of the TV, and more practical and convenient. But the reality is not as people think, PC and TV show the leading to today. With the development of the mobile internet technology, the TV set has a great opportunity, such as Smart TV, which has become another hotspot application area after the smart phone.App development is very rapid, but after all, can not replace the

When does Linux have a place on the PC?

Such a topic may be very disappointing to many Linux fans, Linux in the eyes of fans, is already open source, free software, anti-Microsoft tyranny of the equivalent word. But Linux in the personal computer sector, indeed has faced the situation of chicken, the future development, even if not slim, but also difficult to make a difference.Linux in the server is king, this is the server to the specific requirements of the

Trend Micro PC-cillin2015, you come to Public Beta I'm awarded!

Tags: Android style blog HTTP Io color ar OS usage Does the leakage of Hollywood actress's private photos from iCloud make you realize that IOS systems also need reliable security software? Cloud services that can be viewed and shared anytime and anywhere facilitate our work and life, but make our privacy more vulnerable to viruses! Trend Micro PC-cillin2015 cloud security

Socket Android Phone client and PC server-side LAN inline test

Socket Android Phone client and PC server LAN inline test, the author uses the PC servers, Android tablet client, PC Simulator client,A while ago to deepen The memory of the socket communication and the depth of knowledge, I imitated some elements of QQ, but also borrowed some other cattle source ideas, wroteone called IQ. android Chat

How to Use PC-lint in Keil MDK

Keil MDK version: v4.03. For more information, see my other blog posts. PC-Lint version: v8.0 There are many powerful functions of PC-lint on the Internet. I don't want to repeat them here. I just want to say: it can be tested by PC-lint.ProgramIt may not be a problem, but the quality improvement is self-evident when the

Arm-linux notes 3:arm-linux PC File Transfer method Summary (4 most common methods)

and Crash Recovery protocol, click Send.Note: Linux under the SECURECRT software is not good to download, the download may need to turn over the wall, and the cracked file to correspond to the corresponding version, or can not be downloaded and can not be used! You may not be able to use the hack file account information at one time, so be patient and copy a few more times!Here is a version of my normal use of a link for everyone to use!Http://yunpan

In the PC era, how can IE browser win and the web era?

Netscape (later Mozilla Firefox) for more than a decade, I believe many people are familiar with it. The end of the story is always so unexpected. I thought that the online scene was acquired by AOL. With the advantages of Windows system integration, Microsoft took full control of the Windows platform's Web interface portal by IE6. Who once thought that, over the past two years, Firefox has relied on the support of open-source and developer communities. Over the years, Firefox has quietly retur

PC management tool for cloud computing: Windows intune

, PC active monitoring, remote assistance, recording hardware and software directories, and implementing security policies. Windows intune cloud computing service not only helps users save the trouble of deploying hardware, but also provides timely updates. As long as the network is connected, you can manage other machines from any machine.   Windows intune customer base: Windows intune is intended for smal

Bluetooth shared PC Broadband Internet access

Document directory Bluetooth shared PC Broadband Internet access, hope experts can improve AlvinalinePublished onBluetooth shared PC Broadband Internet access, hope experts can improve My p660 does not have WiFi and I want to try using broadband again. So I checked the Internet and tried it for a long time. It initially worked. Wm6 is different from wm5. There is no direct Bluetooth Network Function in

Socket Android mobile client and PC Server LAN inline Test

Socket Android mobile client and PC Server LAN inline Test Socket Android mobile client and PC Server LAN inline test, I use PC server, Android tablet client, PC simulator client, Some time ago, in order to deepen my understanding of Socket communication and knowledge, I imitated some elements of QQ and wrote some sour

Use PPC to play PC sound

Not only can PPC be used to play the voice released on the PC end, but it is accurate to the interconnection between PPC and PC, which can send "text messages" (not text messages, just like QQ instant chat) to each other ), mutual audio calls, even videos, and files can be sent to each other. This is an aircraft carrier connecting PPC and PCs.With him, you can take PPC to listen to music directly in the bed

Communication between PC and Mitsubishi PLC using VB6.0

Http://www1.eccn.com/tech06/te083733.asp In this paper, the PC and Mitsubishi FX series PLC communication is through the PLC programming port and the serial port of the PC machine, using SC-09 programming cable as the connection between the computer and PLC communication. The 9-core d-plug of the cable is connected to the computer serial port, and the other end is connected to the RS-422 programming port o

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