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Analysis of Micro-transaction psychology of mobile vs PC games

if you can spend less than $20, you will enjoy the same amount of fun, why do we need to buy a retail game for $60? Although saving time and fast consumption is a feasible promotion for the mobile market, they prefer different options for Hard Core players. Protracted War Mobile Game users usually play these games to pass the time, But PC players are different. Most

NewsWatch: Movie tulinux will not be involved in PC games

Article title: Newswatch: UbuntuLinux won't be involved in PC games. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source. According to foreign media reports, Gerry Carr, the product manager of Canonical, recently briefed reporters on the current situation and future plans of

Running Android games on your PC

Since running Google's Android phone, many friends have fantasized about running the Android operating system on a regular PC or Windows system, though many of the software are known to run the Android system. However, the period of fluency and practical degree is really not flattering. Recently, a much-watched software--bluestacks app player, claiming to be able to run the Android program smoothly on any device, does this bluestacks App player get o

Talking to Tom Cat computer version PC games new experience

, click the mouse, Tom Cat will go to the front using its claws on the screen to draw traces. Talking Tom Cat computer version of screen markings 4, the mouse moved to the eye, it will become a small knife, click the left mouse button, that is, with a small knife into its eyes, this little guy is not willing to, it will be directly hit the cake on the screen. Talking Tom Cat computer edition smash Cake 5, the mouse move Tom's head, it will become a bomb, click the mou

"Dynamic world view" in online games"

As we all know, the current game has a tendency to favor online games."Online Interaction"As an important part of online games,MMORPGIt is also an important role. I have also played many games.MMORPGOnline games, impressive westward journey, fantasy westward journey, perfect world, legend, miracle,

Talking about the buff system and camp system of World of Warcraft __ Games

The effect of action in games is designed to be a seemingly simple, but difficult to do abstract and highly scalable system. But World of Warcraft created the buff system to unify the design concept. This concept can be very simple to connect some systems, such as: Channel Magic, just cast a buff, and set the duration and the middle of some effects, the client to do some special effects, server handling da

Last week, the legendary world H5 broke 1500 million lines of water screen, the secret behind the success of tens of millions of explosion H5 games? -

Last week, butterfly interactive announced that the "Legend of the world" monthly flow of 15 million, known as the industry's first tens of millions of levels of explosive H5 games. What does H5 game win over ten million? Can we copy the secret to its success? Last week, butterfly interactive announced that the "Legend of the world" monthly flow of 15 million, kn

3 times faster than Chrome! The world's fastest PC browser released

3 times faster than Chrome! The world's fastest PC browser released Chrome has always been the only choice in terms of speed and stability. Recently, a browser claims to be "the fastest in the world" and is three times faster than Chrome.Most importantly, this browser comes from an existing browser company in China to travel to Maxthon ). Despite its early launch, ao you's browser has reduced its market

The PC world takes stock of the next Steve Zuckerberg on the list

According to foreign media reports, the PC World website today wrote an article listing ten people in the technology field most likely to be the next Steve Jobs, twitter's Jack Dorsey and Google's LarryPage) and Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) are among them. The full text is as follows: Just after Steve Jobs resigned as Apple's chief executive officer, experts kept asking: "Who is the most lik

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