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Lenovo Yang Tian pc Golden key came out

In 2005, in an unusual day, a specially designed for small and medium-sized business computer-Lenovo launched the day, with the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in China, Yang Day has made a remarkable record, the rapid occupation of small and medium-sized enterprises in the field of most markets, Its momentum is like the home computer popularization of the storm, what is the great success of the Ascension Days, Yang Tian

Global PC market to revive Goldman Sachs maintains Lenovo's "buy" rating

from 11% to 12.2%, Lenovo lost some of its market share in Europe and Japan. Even though the cost of parts is rising and the price is under pressure, Lenovo still has confidence that the gross profit margin will improve on a quarterly basis, partly because of the reduction in logistics costs and the quarterly increase in operating expenses, but the relative turnover ratio should be reduced.

Lenovo continues to win the three-quarter PC sales championship in Asia Pacific

IDC, a market research institution, announced the ranking of PC sales in the third quarter of the Asia Pacific region yesterday. Lenovo continues to rank first in the list, while founder Founder has been squeezed out of the top five by Asus. Lenovo ranks first in the sales rankings, with 18.9% of the market share, slightly higher than 0.4% in the second quarter;

Yang Yuanqing: Lenovo will only have think and idea brands in the world

Yesterday, Lenovo Group Chairman Yang Yuanqing told reporters: "in the future, Lenovo will only have think and idea in the world. Brand Other existing sub-brands will gradually transition to the two major brands. This strategy is very clear. The ideapad brand to be listed in China will not be named in Chinese ." Yang Yuanqing said that in order to better exp

Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing: Steve Jobs has changed the world

On the morning of July 15, October 6, Beijing time, Lenovo Group CEO Yang Yuanqing issued a statement expressing deep memories of Steve Jobs after hearing the message of the death of Steve Jobs, saying that he has changed the world. Yang Yuanqing said in a statement: "Today, the death of Steve Jobs has left the world the greatest innovator and dreamer. His achie

3 times faster than Chrome! The world's fastest PC browser released

3 times faster than Chrome! The world's fastest PC browser released Chrome has always been the only choice in terms of speed and stability. Recently, a browser claims to be "the fastest in the world" and is three times faster than Chrome.Most importantly, this browser comes from an existing browser company in China to travel to Maxthon ). Despite its early launch, ao you's browser has reduced its market

The PC world takes stock of the next Steve Zuckerberg on the list

According to foreign media reports, the PC World website today wrote an article listing ten people in the technology field most likely to be the next Steve Jobs, twitter's Jack Dorsey and Google's LarryPage) and Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) are among them. The full text is as follows: Just after Steve Jobs resigned as Apple's chief executive officer, experts kept asking: "Who is the most lik

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