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3 times faster than Chrome! The world's fastest PC browser released

3 times faster than Chrome! The world's fastest PC browser released Chrome has always been the only choice in terms of speed and stability. Recently, a browser claims to be "the fastest in the world" and is three times faster than Chrome.Most importantly, this browser comes from an existing browser company in China to travel to Maxthon ). Despite its early launch, ao you's browser has reduced its market

The PC world takes stock of the next Steve Zuckerberg on the list

According to foreign media reports, the PC World website today wrote an article listing ten people in the technology field most likely to be the next Steve Jobs, twitter's Jack Dorsey and Google's LarryPage) and Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) are among them. The full text is as follows: Just after Steve Jobs resigned as Apple's chief executive officer, experts kept asking: "Who is the most lik

Photoshop makes digital dot matrix world map effects

The use of Photoshop to make digital bitmap is actually relatively simple, the following is the world map of the digital dot matrix。 Let's look at the specific method together. is the world map made up of digital dots cool? If you are interested in this effect, then follow me step-by-step to create a digital lattice effect using

Using Photoshop to synthesize the dream Blue Fairy World

Photoshop--------A very famous flat image processing tool. The best image-making software adobe®photoshop®7.0 software, as a professional image editing standard, can help you improve your productivity, try new authoring methods, and make images that are best for print, Web, and any other purpose. With more convenient file data access, streamlined WEB design, faster professional quality photo retouching and

Photoshop makes fantasy world of beauty

In this Photoshop tutorial, I will introduce the use of Photoshop to create a beautiful woman's fantasy world, I hope you like! If you pay careful attention to the tutorial, you can find that the black and white style produced by the effect, in color mode is not. Before the beginning of the Photoshop tutorial, first p

Recreate FIFA2002 World Cup logo with Photoshop

We are going to practice the tracing and combination of paths in Photoshop 6 or 7 by using the logo of the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup. First go to the Internet to find a World Cup logo (see figure 1), although the size is a bit small, but as a path to describe the reference is enough. (Figure 1) Open the monogram image in Pho

Photoshop Mouse Painting Tutorial: A little girl immersed in a dream flower world

The effect of the picture depicts the Spring festival is coming, the little girl immersed in the dream of the flower world. So when the mouse is painted, the characters will be intoxicated with the expression depicted. Of course, the background and prospects of the fantasy flowers.Final effect 1, first in Photoshop to create a new file, select a more natural stroke draw

Photoshop makes World War II naval sand sandbox scene

Photoshop Synthesis of World War II naval sand table scene Final effect Related material Start making Create a new background layer and fill the #1a1c28. In the Material 1 placement screen, set the layer mode to overlay, opacity 24%, and then set the material 2 to layer style-pattern stacks Plus in the pattern, blending mode for color dodge.

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