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Install pear in PHP in Windows, and pear tutorial _ PHP Tutorial

Install pear in PHP in Windows and pear. Under the Windows PHP install pear tutorial, pear tutorial because of the need to install PHPUnit, to install pear, most of the online tutorial is to double-click the go-pear.bat, however, the php

Pear. bat is off at one point. how can this problem be solved?

Pear. at bat, I just installed the pear environment. wampserver installed pear to install the DB class now pear. bat is off, so depressing. if you don't know why, you don't have to change it. bat online search there,

PEAR is installed on Windows, and PHPUnit is successfully installed.

If PEAR is installed in Windows and PHPUnit is successful, the following installation steps are required: Windows + APMServ5.2.6PHP5 and above: 1. start Windows-& gt; run-& gt; cmd2 and install command d: cdD: APMServ5.2.6PHPD: APMServ5.2.6PHP & gt;

PHP uses pear to implement mail sending. in windows, configure pear and pearmail_PHP. tutorial

PHP uses pear to implement the mail sending function. in windows, configure pear and pearmail. PHP uses pear to implement the mail sending function. in windows, pear can be configured. pearmailPHP can use its built-in mail () function to send mails.

Install pear under Wamp (Wamp go-pear.bat error solution)

Quote:Phar "C:/wamp/bin/php/php5.3.0/PEAR/go-pear.phar" does not have a signaturePHP WArning: require_once (phar: // go-pear.phar/index. php): failed to open stream: phaR error: invalid url or non-existent phar "phar: // go-pear.phar/index. php" in

Install, manage and use Pear

Pear Installation In Linux, as long as you install PHP 4.3.0 or later, the default installation supports pear, unless you use the "-- without-Pear" option to modify PHP. INI file, add the pear package directory in the include_path Section to ensure

Use pear in PHP to implement mail sending. configure pear in windows

This article mainly introduces how to configure pear in windows. PHP uses pear to enable mail sending. if you are interested, you can refer to the mail function provided by PHP, however, this function does not work properly. you need to configure

Install and use PHP PEAR

Install Pear -------------- Pear is an extension and application of PHP. Program Library, including many useful classes. After php5.0 is installed, pear is not actually installed. The installation method is as follows: 1. Double-click the go-pear.

Detailed steps for installing xdebug/php in php to install pear/phpunit (figure)

Install pear, phpunit, and xdebug in the PHP environment. Install pear, phpunit, and xdebug in the PHP environment. First of all, this article is based on the wamp environment, so if you see that the wamp environment has not been set up here,

Install pear and use of some libraries

When you use PHP to develop a website, when you have many forms to process, when you need to use standard SQL statements, and when you need to automatically generate documents. In short, when you want to develop PHP-based websites and applications

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