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JS for simple and traditional conversion

/** the following JS can be placed with a. js file **/This conversion code is posted from the network, after I modified hereby explainvar default_isft = 0; Default whether traditional, 0-simplified, 1-Traditionalvar stranit_delay = 50; Translation

03. Simple and complex conversion exercises

Instance code: namespace _13.简繁之间的转换 { class Program { Private Const stringJIAN= "Ah Ae, alas, Ai cancer, AI, Ai-ai, I press the dark bank amine case, the Alang ao ao regretful o ba,

SQL simple and complex conversion function

declare @jall nvarchar (4000), @fall nvarchar (4000)select  @jall =n ' Ah Ae, alas, Ai cancer ai ai-ai, I press the Dark bank amine, the Alang ao ao regretful Australian ba grilled ba-ba scar ba-ba-da-pai-pa-i-bai-Bai-the-beat-PA class moved to the

Chinese name Stroke calculation (VBS script version) _vbs

Copy Code code as follows: ' Chinese name Stroke calculation (VBS script version) Dim Word,key Word=inputbox ("Please enter the text you want to calculate") If word= "" Then MsgBox "The demo is not to say you don't enter text?"

Key Manufacturing Technology of casting parts-Shanxi Ductile Iron Cast Pipe

I. definition and classification of Casting Definition of Casting:It is a method for casting liquid metal into a casting cavity suitable for the shape of the parts. After cooling and solidification, the forming method of the blank metal parts with a

Ancient and Modern name Association

Ancient and Modern name Association Author: Wang yilaiGujin minglianWord splittingFreezing rain sprinkling window, East 2 (frozen) West 3 (sprinkling)Split cut melon, eight knives (points) X seven knives (CUT) Wang, the eight kings of

[Data] first letter-Simplified table

Script, according to own production completedA AH pickled acridine and alas ah Alas einsteinium AI cancer disinfectants ah short ai Margaret Oh Aisi warm ai mitsu obstruction ai ann, the Sian of 玵 Zengcuoan familiar with the ammonia, OM, 揞 shore

The Dark Age (group poetry)

The Dark Age Contents 01. view your beloved ones02. Rumors03. yuemanghu04. Fallen flowers05. Night Rain in jianghu District06. Two pieces of Jade07. blind swordsman: the guest lives in the Tianshan Mountains, stroking a secret of martial arts08.

Js Chinese Character sorting supports Chinese and English hybrid sorting, compatible with various browsers, including CHROME_javascript skills

This sorting mechanism is compatible with IE and ff to achieve unified sorting in all browsers. Specific Technology 1. Use GB encoding and UNICODE conversion. 2. array Association sorting Note: GB encoding library address

Use Flash to develop LAN P2P projects between computers and Android

Requirements You must first install the following products:Flash Professional CS5 Trial Purchase AIR for Android development plug-in on Flash Professional CS5 Download Example file: (ZIP, 311 K) Prerequisites Uses Flash

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