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The difference between PHP extensions pecl, pear, and Perl

This article mainly introduces the PHP expansion module pecl, pear and Perl differences, the need for friends can refer to the A brief summary: Pear: A written comparison specification, a foreign popular Toolbox code set pecl:php expansion pack,

Quick installation of php-memcached extension through pecl-php Tutorial

Quick installation of php-memcached extension via pecl quick installation of php-memcached extension via pecl In the past, php-memcached was always installed through source code compilation. the dependency and compilation speed kept you waiting. We

PECL PEAR PHP Expansion Module Easy installation method

PECL Overview:The full name of the PECL is the PHP Extension Community Library, which is open and packaged through PEAR (PHP Extension and application repository,php extension and application warehouse) packaging format Install the PHP extension

Difference between pear and PECL and between PCRE and POSIX

/************* By garcon1986 *******************/   Pear(PhP extension and applicationRepository) PHP extension and application library.   Pear is a "framework and Release System for reusable PHP components ". Pear can download, install, upgrade,

PHP extension Modules pecl, pear, and Perl differ _php tips

A brief summary:Pear: A written comparison specification, a foreign popular Toolbox code setpecl:php expansion pack, but does not belong to PHP basic extension scopePerl: A script-level language older than PHP that PHP borrowed from his regular

Remember to manually install pecl extension-memcache

Download zlib (because php's memcache extension module uses the function» zlib to support data compression, Zlib must be installed to install this module. ): Http:// Download

Rapid installation of php-memcached extensions via PECL

Rapid installation of php-memcached extensions via PECL Previously installed php-memcached is always through the source code compile way, that dependency, compile speed let you wait ah, not annoying ah. Inadvertently learned from the Internet can

Wampserver 64-bit win7 under PHP 5.5.12 install zip extension via PECL

View by Phpinfo ()php5.5.12 the Zip module is integrated by defaultBut the version is 1.11.0.Http:// through PECL to see the latest version is see here or belong to beta versionClick 1.12.4 DLL to download the

PHP installation extension MCrypt and related dependencies "Methods for installing PECL extensions in PHP" ____php

One: mcrypt introduction MCrypt is an extension of PHP that completes the encapsulation of commonly used cryptographic algorithms. In fact, the extension is for the MCrypt Standard Class library encapsulation, MCrypt completed a considerable number

PECL Install Imagick

[Email protected]:/var/www$ sudo pecl install ImagickDownloading imagick-2.3.0.tgz ...Starting to download imagick-2.3.0.tgz (86,976 bytes)..... done:86,976 bytes---------source files, BuildingRunning:phpizeConfiguring for:PHP Api

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