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Pen and brush

The requirement for writing a pen or pencil is that the center should not only run the pen in the middle of the painting, but also be flexible. When guiding students to deliver a pen, you must give a demonstration and pay attention to the following

In Flash, the effect of thickness change stroke

This paper mainly introduces the method of using mouse to simulate the stroke effect of the pressure pen with the thickness change in flash.We know that the pressure-sense pen is a professional graphic designer commonly used as an auxiliary design

Pen is a pen writer who uses metal as his pen.

Pen is a pen writing tool that uses metal as the pen body. It uses hollow pen tubes to hold ink (mostly black or blue), and uses gravity and capillary tubes to write the pen in a duck's mouth, it is a tool for writing Western calligraphy. The ink of

Comic Studio 4 ex pen tool and the use of homemade outlets

Comicstudio Pen tool is very powerful, before only talked about the specific hook process, this issue we want to fully understand the pen tool. Previously talked about homemade outlets, this time we have to make a slightly more complex point of the

Google pen question sorting (1), Google pen question sorting

Google pen question sorting (1), Google pen question sortingIT famous enterprise interview: Google pen questions.Google is a company that many IT people want to go to. The written examination and interview are the only way to go. Now, during the

Photoshop Pen Tool character Cutout tutorial

In our impression of the pen tool is more difficult to use the PS software, pen tool used most is used to pull the map, the use of clever or very simple, then we will learn the pen tool figure-digging tutorial, this method is commonly used in the

A complete mobile phone Structure Design Process

    1. Determine the motherboard Solution Mobile phone design companies are generally divided into the marketing department (MKT), The Shape Design Department (ID), and the Structure Design Department (MD ). A mobile phone project starts with a

"Turn" ballpoint pen test

Ballpoint Pen TestDirectory1. Functional Test 12. Performance Test 13. Security Test 24. Pressure Test 25. Installation Test 26. Portability Test 27. Interface Test 38. Document Testing 39. Stability Test 310. Robustness Test 311. Regression Test 31.

PS Pen Tool Hair Pull diagram Example Analysis tutorial

Photoshop has a number of ways to pull out, you can use the Conso tool to pick up the map, extract the filter cutout, more common there are pen tool pull. Although the pen tool in the drawing aspect is more difficult, but the use of clever or very

Decryption of mobile phone production process

Mobile phone production Process Brief introduction: When everyone sees a novel and has a high performance, bright design of mobile phones appear, do you have such curiosity, such a phone how to make it? Today we try to use a technical objective

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