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How to Use the [cracked version] irremote infrared remote control Pentax K-r/Pentax Kr for Nokia e71

1) Find the following two files and install them in the order from top to bottom (I can install them on drive C, but I have not tested the drive E)Psiloc. irremote. v1.03.s60v3. symbianos9.1.unsigned. Cracked-BiNPDA.sisDRM. Common. Solutions. v3.11.crack. SisIf an error occurs during installation, check whether similar programs have been installed, uninstall them, and reinstall them. 2) use X-plore to create the following codes directory in the data directory of the mobile phone memory disk (dri

Performance Comparison between canon megad camera and Pentax K-30 camera

For photography fans to share a detailed analysis of Canon mongod camera performance and Pentax K-30 camera performance comparison.Analysis and sharing:Pentax K-30 is the most powerful player to kill canon idea D. Mongod in the face of K-30, and grasp to win only with touch function rotating screen left, on this point, mongod is really fight all over the arms, but I believe that more and more people will be equipped with such touch screens in the futu

Partial Evaluation of Hassu lab-MTF test results

4.2 0.83 Nikon AF-S 80 ~ 200/2. 8D IF-ED 4.1 0.82 Canon EF 70 ~ 200/2. 8 L 4.1 0.82 Sigma AF 70 ~ 200/2. 8 Apo EX 3.9 0.81 Minolta AF 80 ~ 200/2. 8 Apo 3.9 0.81 Nikon AF 80 ~ 200/2. 8 D ED 3.9 0.80 Contax 80 ~ 200/4 3.8 0.79 Tokina AF 80 ~ 200/2. 8 3.4 0.76 Leica 70 ~ 210/4 3.3 0.75 Pentax FA 80 ~ 200/2. 8 3.2 0

Auto Focus Introduction

the test water, and the 2015 LEICAQ, but this is something.It's nothing to do with graphics, I just put a Leica town building (Leica I)Blossoming, the Japanese camera industry in the 70-80 's generation has a trend behind the momentum. In other words, the people want to be the ultimate picture quality and balance of the function, the former Japanese chase, it seems to be almost the meaning, the latter is in the auto-focus on the field of Fame. The C35 af of the 77 Konica (Konica) is an autofocu

Legend of SLR cameras-A 50-year brilliant way to a canon SLR (15-year-old)

in the industry. The Asahi Pentax, which was launched in 1957, is a real hit among other Japanese counterparts. Don't worry about it. It's worth talking about the origins of this bind. As mentioned above, Zeiss Yikang was split because of the end of World War II. dongcai later lost the right to use trademarks including Zeiss Ikon and contax, so in 1952, we registered Pentax and pentacon (which were combin

Basic knowledge of photography (II.)

direction of the re-composition, the focus does not change any changes in the ear close to the camera can not hear the focus sound, exactly the same as the AF.S mode.2. Move or shoot the object before and after the shooting position. The camera will start to automatically focus continuously, and the focus will be heard, but the focus is not shining. This is equivalent to AF.C mode.3. Change the distance before changing the lens direction or the original focus target to leave the original focus

Imaging Resource Awards 2015 Annual Camera Award

II package into the bag at a cost of $299 a year. This clearly makes it a very value-for-money camera. Price/Performance Camera Excellence Award: Pentax K-S2 The first with WiFi and NFC camera products, the flip screen is very convenient to use, because the camera is currently able to buy within 500 dollars, so it has become another cost-effective products. Best Amateur Long pusher: Sony RX10 II Sony RX10 II is equipped with a 24-200mm super zoom

How to buy a digital camera that suits you

(The Nikon lens with a AF-S and the HSM snap can focus automatically on the d40) With the price reduction of digital SLR, many friends want to buy digital SLR, but many people do not know how to choose a camera, in addition, many merchants and professional media intentionally say some words as "professional" to raise the threshold for SLR ", many "heroes and birds" also love to move out some of Nikon's ox heads and Canon's magic mirrors to "educate" newcomers who seem to know a lot and are v

Research on full-text retrieval of Oracle (full 1)

-column hybrid Query Ctxcat can use index set to create an index set and add some query columns frequently used in combination with ctxcat queries to the index set. For example, when you query a product name, you also need to query the production date, price, description, and so on. You can add these columns to the index set. Oracle encapsulates these queries into the catsearch operation to improve the efficiency of full-text indexing. In some transactions with high real-time requirements, conte

Pay-as-you-go, micro-camera

are a little bit better than most low-end slrs. In general, they are still of a grade. Panasonic/Olympus is the second, while Nikon's micro-picture quality is worse (the worst picture quality micro-picture is Pentax Q ). 3. the operation of microservices is generally relatively simple, and more digital filters are available in general, and video shooting is powerful. 4. pay for the goods,: A big-name camera will be a little more expensive. If Nikon i

Oracle Fuzzy Query (5.3 Understanding the principle of Full-text indexing) Oracle Full-text Search Research (all) [main text]__oracle

,title varchar2 (MB), category_id number,price number,bid_close date); Insert into auction values (1, ' Nikon Camera ', 1, ' 24-oct-2002 '); Insert into auction values (2, ' Olympus Camera ', 1, $, ' 25-oct-2002 '); Insert into auction values (3, ' Pentax Camera ', 1, ' 26-oct-2002 '); Insert into auction values (4, ' Canon Camera ', 1, ' 27-oct-2002 '); Commit; / --Determine your query criteria (very important) --determine that all queries search t

Digital Camera terminology

colors are absorbed at different depths of a silicon wafer.  Ii. Lens parameters  Any camera lens is crucial, and digital cameras are no exception. Speaking of the camera, we should first talk about the background of the current digital camera manufacturers. One is the manufacturers that originally produced cameras, such as Nikon, Canon, Minolta, Pentax, and Olympus, another type is consumer electronics manufacturers, such as Sony, Panasonic, Casio,

Camera Raw plug-in download and installation tips

a benefit, such as Canon DPP software can modify the lens loss of light, deformation and so on. Different camera manufacturers will use different coding methods to write raw data, so different manufacturers to their raw files with different file extensions, such as canon called CRW, Nikon called NEF, Pentax called PNF, Sony called ARW. Second, Camera Raw plug-in upgrade Adobe often upgrades camera raw plug-ins, we just understand the principle, no

PS Tutorial Haze Day Scrap Rescue plan

The film was taken at the Guiyang Olympic Center on September 26, 2015. Weather showers, equipment: Pentax K5,18-55. As a contract photographer for a commercial gallery, there may not be much time left for me to wait for the perfect light, even with such harsh light and weather, that I have to rush out and shoot. The air in a lot of water vapor, the visibility of low, light is more serious light pollution, the surrounding environment is very dark, the

Initial knowledge of C # program structure

variable in the public class Datebase _connectionstring public class datebase//Create a public class { nbsp private string _connectonstring;Declare a private member variable } 4, prefix the name of the interface with "I" Create a public interface Iconnectionstringpunlic interface iconvertible// Create a common interface iconvertible{ byte tobyte ();//Declares a byte-type method} 5, the name of the method, which is generally named as a dynamic-Pentax

Replaced the split image on focusing, revived the old K7, relive the bingo color

My K7 color is very good, unfortunately run Coke serious, shoot 10 Zhang not to a pair of, fine-tuning also useless, use very wohuo, since into k01 after K7 on the shelf. In charge of the K7 and the memory of the K7 (after the machine color is completely different, no Pentax features), Amoy a split like to focusing, today busy a morning surgery is complete, replacement is very simple, but manual focus or run Coke, through constant adjustment to focusi

Jquery: Powerful selector < two >

Today I followed the data to make an example, why do I feel that I do not look good in books? Well, I admit that I only know a little bit about CSS style, and I'm not going to learn it in depth, because ... The company has art!This small example simply implements the hiding and displaying of elements, the addition and removal of the element class attribute, and the following HTML code:class="Subcategorybox"> "#"> Canon 30440) "#"> Sony 30440) "#"> Samsung 30440) "#"> Nikon 30440) "#"> Panasonic

To teach you to use PS to adjust the scenery photos of the master class

In order to get a clear picture, the photographer used the depth of the technology, which is currently one of the most common North American photographers. That is, the fixed camera, by changing the Giolai on the same screen at different distance of the object focus shooting, and later synthesis of the same picture, so as to ensure that the picture of the object's clarity. The related processing software used by photographer Palacios is Helicon focus. Related data: Palacios 6 exposure, each tim

JavaScript Coding Specification (1)

expression of the verb-Pentax phrase.var loadingData = ajax.get(‘url‘);loadingData.then(callback);Comment Line comment [mandatory] must have a single line. followed by a space, and the indentation is consistent with the code that is annotated by the next line. Multiline comments [recommended] Avoid using/.../Such a multiline comment. When there are multiple lines of comment content, multiple single-line comments are used. Document comments [mandatory

Tubes & Small White

three nights, the word speculation, all do not know tired. Huan Yue, is a fast 3rd, the Imperial Ancestral temple, to worship the Guan Yi for the phase. I do not suffer from the words. Huan Gong yue: "Guona son of the strategy, want to become my ambition, so Baizi for phase, what is not affected?" "To Yue:" Chen smell the building, not a wood material also, the sea of the run, non-first-class return also. The king will become his ambition, then use five Jay. "Huan Gong Yue:" Five Jay for whom?

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