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Install Percona Server using the source code package

Install Percona Server using the source code package Install Percona Server using the source code package 1. Download the source code tar package. Https://

Distributed monitoring System Zabbix using Percona to monitor MySQL

System Maintenance engineer Li ChaoWe have introduced the Distributed Monitoring System zabbix-automatic discovery-add MySQL multi-instance monitoring, but did not provide the key that can be used directly, too shabby, the monitoring effect is poor.

Monitor MySQL with Percona monitoring for Zabbix

System RequirementsMonitored host and MySQL monitoring account, Zabbix Agent 2.0 or more (preferably the same as the Zabbix-server version), PHP, Php-mysql (PHP version is not limited, tested 5.3 is possible. The best version is not too low),

Use the Percona MySQL plugin to monitor mysql5.7

1. Install PHPyum install -y php php-mysql2, Installation Percona-zabbixyum install -y,

RedHat6.9 installation zabbix-3.4.7,db with Percona MySQL 5.7.20

Software version:Redhat6.9zabbix-3.4.7Percona mysql-5.7.20Preparatory work:Shut down the firewall, or add the appropriate port.Turn off SELinux———— (Install the following Zabbix dependency package) ————# # # #这里的包是我网上找的, please reply if necessary. ##

Percona XTRADB Cluster 5.6 in Ubuntu installation

INSTALLING-PERCONAXTRADB Cluster 5.6In-ubuntu-13-10-wheezyFirst of all, I would recommend login as root so this you don ' t has tosudo every time you hit the command and give the RO OT password.1. $ SU-$ Su-Now you should is logged in as root. Mine

Percona 5.7 Installation

First, download Percona5.7 from the official websiteAddress: aware that the server is the version. My choice here is Percona-server-5.7.16-10-ra0c7d0d-el6-x86_64-bundle.tar.Second,

Percona-toolkit Kill Slow SQL statements

1. Download percona-toolkit-2.2.16.tar.gz# wgetHttps:// Installation# LL-rw-r--r--1 root root 1408239 November 9 percona-toolkit-2.2.16.tar.gz# Tar XF

Linux under Compilation install MySQL (Percona Server) 5.6

System environment: CentOS 6.5/7.0 x86_64 Fedora x86_64 Brief introductionPercona server is a derived version of MySQL, focusing on improvements to MySQL database server under Linux/bsd, with a significant improvement in

Percona Monitoring and Management (PMMM) deployment

First, the environment: CentOS7.2 (PMM Server) CentOS7.2 MySQL 5.7.16-master (PMM Client) CentOS7.2 MySQL 5.7.16-slave (PMM Client) Ii. preparatory work Check the iptables of the three servers to see if SELinux is

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