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Zabbix 3.2.6-Mysql multi-instance Monitoring-Percona Monitoring Plugins automatically found that zabbix-percona

Zabbix 3.2.6-Mysql multi-instance Monitoring-Percona Monitoring Plugins automatically found that zabbix-perconaMysql multi-instance monitoring system environment: cat/etc/redhat-releaseCentOS Linux release 7.3.1611 (Core) kernel version: uname-r3.10.0-514. el7.x86 _ 64docker version: docker-vDocker version 1.12.6, build 3a094bd/1.12.6docker image version: docker. io/zabbix-web-nginx-

MySQL upgrade detailed steps (including Percona)

production library, you can use the Percona company's online backup tool for backup.Replicate a copy of the MY1.CNF to another location for backup, preventing the upgrade from failing to recover ins1 quickly.3. Close Ins1Mysqladmin-uroot-p-S $sockdir 4. Ins1 the original data directory via MySQL 5.5.36 boot instance, named Ins21) Modify the my1.cnf to change some parameters that are incompatible with the

[MySQL tool] percona-toolkit (1) source code installation _ MySQL

[MySQL tool] use percona-toolkit (1) source code to install [MySQL tool] percona-toolkit (1) source code installation 1. percona-toolkit introduction Percona-toolkit is a set of advanced command line tools used to exe

Zabbix monitoring MySQL database using Percona Zabbix mysql-plugin

Since the Zabbix comes with a MySQL monitoring template that monitors things less, you should use Percona Zabbix mysql-plugin to monitor MySQL as required by your company's DBA.Percona Zabbix Mysql-plugin is a tool released by Percona

MySQL monitor templates description-percona MySQL monitoring template for Cacti 1.1/zabbix/index.html InnoDB Adaptive Hash Index InnoDB Buffer Pool Activity InnoDB Buffer Pool InnoDB Checkpoint Age InnoDB Current Lock Waits InnoDB I/O InnoDB I/O Pending InnoDB Insert Buffer InnoDB Insert Buffer Usage InnoDB Internal Hash Memory Usage InnoDB Lock Structures InnoDB Log InnoDB Memory Allocation

Distributed monitoring System Zabbix using Percona to monitor MySQL

System Maintenance engineer Li ChaoWe have introduced the Distributed Monitoring System zabbix-automatic discovery-add MySQL multi-instance monitoring, but did not provide the key that can be used directly, too shabby, the monitoring effect is poor. To monitor MySQL more carefully, the industry will choose to use Percona monitoring plugins to monitor

MySQL backup and recovery-incremental backup and recovery through percona-xtrabackup _ MySQL

MySQL backup and recovery-percona-xtrabackup incremental backup and recovery article review In the previous article, we talked about the use of percona-xtrabackup software. This article describes how percona-xtrabackup achieves incremental backup and recovery. 2. incremental backup How to implement incre

MySQL backup and recovery-Use of percona-xtrabackup Software

Why percona-xtrabackup We have discussed MySQL Cold Standby, Hot Standby, mysqldump, and hot copy to ensure data consistency. Because mysql cold backup, mysqldump, and mysql hot copy cannot achieve Incremental backup, Incremental backup is used in a large number of actual environments, and

Install a tutorial using Percona xtrabackup to back up Mysql _mysql

-server-shared-51.x86_64 5.1.47-rel11.1.51.rhel5 percona percona-server-test-51.x86_64 5.1.47-rel11.1.51.rhel5 percona ... xtrabackup.x86_64 1.2-22.rhel5 Percona 2. Make a full backupbackup must be connected to MySQL, the relevant op

MySQL High-availability PXC (Percona XtraDB Cluster)

MySQL High-availability PXC (Percona XtraDB Cluster)ReferenceHttp:// server environment information is as follows:Node1 Install the Software dependency package (add Repl source, install dependencies, and 3 server operations. )[Email protected] ~]# RPM-IVH

Using Percona-xtrabackup to quickly build MySQL database master-slave replication

you need to pay attention to configuring libmysqlclient18, otherwise it will cause the manual installation of the Percona-xtrabackup run times error, saying that some running files could not be found.Refer to:# Set MySQL library ln-s/usr/local/mysql/lib/ ln-s/usr/local/

Monitor MySQL with Percona monitoring for Zabbix

Tags: Moni suitable for%s local client interval logon 2.0 causesSystem RequirementsMonitored host and MySQL monitoring account, Zabbix Agent 2.0 or more (preferably the same as the Zabbix-server version), PHP, Php-mysql (PHP version is not limited, tested 5.3 is possible. The best version is not too low), Percona monitoring Plugins for ZabbixInstalling the Zabbix

MySQL branch Percona

Reprinted from: Http:// Percona has improved the MySQL database server and significantly improved its functions and performance compared with MySQL. This version improves the performance of InnoDB under high loads and provides DBA with some useful performance diagnostic tools. In additi

(ext.) zabbix3.4 monitor MySQL with Percona-monitoring-plugins

Original: 79656771Brief introductionBefore primarily using Nagios to monitor MySQL, this article mainly introduces the use of percona-monitoring-plugins monitoring Mysql,percona monitoring plug-in is PHP development, so to install PHP environment in the agent.Configure the installationI. zabbix-agent-side operation1. I

Zabbix with plugin Percona monitor MySQL data

Tags: water client awk 40 cal success Title init milZabbix with plugin Percona monitor MySQL dataIn the sense of Zabbix the MySQL plugin to monitor the MySQL database, but you will find that the MySQL monitoring items are very few, can not meet the needs of the company.Becau

MySQL percona-xtrabackup 2.4.7 installation (hot spare tool)

, Socket:/var/lib/mysql/ Mysql.sockUsing Server version 5.6.25Innobackupex version 2.4.7 based on MySQL server 5.7.13 Linux (x86_64) (revision id:6f7a799)Xtrabackup:uses posix_fadvise ().XTRABACKUP:CD to/var/lib/mysql/Xtrabackup:open files limit requested 0, set to 1024Xtrabackup:using the following InnoDB configuration:Xtrabackup:innodb_data_home_dir =.Xtrabacku

Zabbix using the Percona plugin to monitor MySQL

Tags: res ges share plugin mys Percona Stat official website pre1, add Percona warehouse.# yum install -y, install the plug-in.# yum -y install percona-zabbix-templates# rpm -ql

Monitor MySQL in Zabbix using the Percona monitor plugin

Download and install Percona source, use Percona Toolkit or Innobackup later Wget-n--no-check-certificate RPM-IVH percona-release-0.1-4.noarch.rpm2. Installing the Percona Monitor plugin with YumYum-y Install Percona-zabbix-templatesAfter the installation, most of the f

"MySQL case" mysql-libs-5.1.73-3.el6_5.x86_64 conflicts with file from the package Percona-server-server

If you encounter mysql-libs-5.1.73-3.el6_5.x86_64 conflicts with file from the package Percona-server-server error, there are two situations that cause this problem:1) Uninstall the Mysql-libs package preinstalled by the operating systemRpm-qa | Grep-i Libs | Grep-i MySQLRpm-e Mysql-libs2) Install

Performance comparison between Percona Server and MySQL 5.5

Percona has improved the MySQL database server and has a significant improvement in functionality and performance over MySQL. This release improves the performance of InnoDB in high load situations, provides some very useful performance diagnostic tools for DBAs, and additional parameters and commands to control server behavior. The

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