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XP cool theme Tools and modifications complete Raiders

Strategy Windows XP employs a completely new theme management kernel, its function is very powerful, can achieve the effect is very dazzling, but actually does not support unofficial desktop theme, Plus! Few simple topics in a few days to look bored,

Exquisite & Creative WordPress new theme set

Today, I have organized some exquisite and creative new WordPress Themes, which are basically integrated with the latest design concepts, from simplicity to responsiveness.Engo-Smart & Minimal WordPress Theme-MORE INFO Engo is a smart,Clean &

Several excellent domestic WordPress theme and its author website recommended

This article shares several very good, value-for-money purchases of WordPress Chinese themes. The theme author's website uses the WordPress theme of their own development.These themes are designed to be concise, beautiful, functional, compatible,

Perfect solution to the Chinese display problem of Metroon (Win7) theme under Dreamboard

I installed a metroon (Win7) theme, found that Chinese is a mouth, I also put a font to spare, and finally use the following method, Win8 theme also apply. The perfect solution Dreamboard under the Metroon (Win7) topic's Chinese display question,

WordPress Install Theme Pack hint missing style.css cannot install workaround

In the installation of WordPress theme, and sometimes encounter the hint "topic missing STYLE.CSS style sheet", I have encountered such problems, the Internet to find a lot of methods to view, finally finally the perfect solution. Do not know your

Zblog Theme Template Adaptive phone responsive zblogphp Simple Blog theme

Z-blog PHP Version Concise theme template Features Simple and comfortable Mobile Mobile-adaptive, perfect for optimization Code structure facilitates editing For those who do not understand the code, it is also very suitable for

PHP script to implement WordPress theme Sidebar Switch function _php instance

As the creator of the theme, in addition to the implementation of functions, display interface, but also the responsibility to make the theme flexible, to meet the needs of more people different. Maybe some friends have bothered to choose a

Web Design Skills Analysis: Theme page Design Express

Article Description: Recommendation: How to design a "teaser" of the thematic head map. Xiaoning: I believe everyone in peacetime work, often encounter the design of the topic! And most of it is time tight task heavy.The topic is

The implementation of WordPress theme sidebar switch function of PHP script detailed _php example

As the creator of the theme, in addition to the implementation of features, display interface, but also the responsibility to make the theme flexible to meet more people different needs.Maybe some friends have bothered to choose a two-column theme

Zukimac: Perfect Ubuntu user Apple MacOS theme update

If you like the Apple MacOS theme and are looking for a MacOS theme that supports Ubuntu Desktop, it will fulfill your wish: Zukimac, A MACOSx-inspiredgtk3 theme, this is an incredible topic. Zukimac is a GNOME exterior available for free download.

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