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Learning Perl 4ed Reading Notes-Chapter3 lists and Arrays

1. List and array. The list mentioned in this book is a data structure. array is the data type used to store the list in Perl. In most cases, these two words can be exchanged, meaning the same. Unlike C, the Perl array does not need to define the

Perl matches Chinese Characters

Reprinted:   The regular expression character set is often used to extract or exclude Chinese characters from a string. However, this is very troublesome and the effect is not very

Perl variables: Array variables

Perl Arraysa Perl array is a list variable that stores scalar values, and variables can be of different types. array variables begin with @. Access array elements are read using the $ + variable name + [index value] format. 1. Creating an array1.

Perl Chinese Processing tips-Application Tips

Perl has begun to use UTF8 coding internally to represent characters from 5.6, meaning that the processing of Chinese and other language characters should be completely free of problems. We just need to take advantage of the Encode module to give

Php numeric string type

A string in PHP can be defined in the following four methods:Single quotesDouble quotation marksHeredoc syntax structureNowdoc syntax structure (since PHP 5.3.0 and later)Single quotesThe simplest way to define a string is to enclose it with single

Php numeric string type

One character string can be used in php. We often use the syntax structure heredoc and nowdoc definitions after single quotation marks and double quotation marks. These two must be in php5.3.0 or later versions. A string in PHP can be defined in the

Linux, Mac under shell array of the repairman

My test is basically in the Mac, and the UNIX environment test, if no special note, the default is MacWhether you see this essay as an odd trick by the shell array, or find that the shell array can do so much work in a pair of {}, it is not clear

Php/javascript/css/jquery Common Knowledge Daquan detailed finishing 1th/2 page _php tips

1. What is the definition of a variable? How do I check that a variable is defined? How do I delete a variable? How do I detect if a variable is set? $ defines whether the isset ()//check variable is setDefined ()//Detect constants are setUnset

Use Ruby to process text tutorials, and use ruby to process text tutorials

Use Ruby to process text tutorials, and use ruby to process text tutorials Similar to Perl and Python, Ruby has excellent functions and is a powerful text processing language. This article briefly introduces Ruby's text data processing function and

Linux Basic Management-Text processing (small command combination to solve big problems)

Objective:The processing of logs in the server is a very common work, so operation and maintenance for a variety of text tools to view, analyze, statistics, is a necessary basic work. It is necessary to learn common file handling commands such as

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