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The Perl DBI module connects to the PostgreSQL database

Recently, I was working on a website. Because I took over the website last week, and the boss requested that the website be completed by next Monday. I am not familiar with PHP templates and PostgreSQL databases. I used to use MySQL more often.

Use Perl DBI to connect to the MySQL database

    One of the coolest modules in Perl is the Perl database interface (DBI ). By providing a series of internal functions

Install perl DBI and DBD in Linux

On the Linux Virtual Machine Installed Oracle client, you need to use perl to capture the data in the database, so you need to install perl DBI and DBD package, respectively, DBI-1.616 and DBD-Oracle-1.28. You must use root to install DBI and DBD.

Perl DBI Summary

Source Text Address: relational models of DBI and DBD:##########################################################################The portable DBI Method:Connect establishes a connection

CentOS 7 MARIADB Installation

1, installation mariadbInstallation commandsYum-y Install mariadb Mariadb-serverInstallation Complete mariadb, first start mariadbSystemctl Start mariadbSet boot upSystemctl Enable MARIADBThe following is a simple configuration of

Centos 6.9 detailed tutorial on installing mysql, centosmysql

Centos 6.9 detailed tutorial on installing mysql, centosmysql 1. Check whether mysql is installed. See the following code. [root@cdh1 zjl]# yum list installed mysql*Loaded plugins: fastestmirror, refresh-packagekit, securityLoading mirror speeds

How to configure MySQL database server on CentOS

How to configure MySQL database server on CentOS This environment: CentOS system, Mysql-server (version forgot, because it was installed using yum) The process is as follows (reprinted, according to detailed installation requirements, slightly add

CentOS Linux release 7.5.1804 install MySQL

[Email protected] ~]# Rpm-qa | grep YumYum-plugin-fastestmirror-1.1.31-45.el7.noarchYum-metadata-parser-1.1.4-10.el7.x86_64Yum-langpacks-0.4.2-7.el7.noarchYum-utils-1.1.31-45.el7.noarchYum-3.4.3-158.el7.centos.noarch[Email protected] ~]#

How to install MySQL database in CentOS

When talking about the website architecture, we often see the saying "LAMP", which is "Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP ". There have been many successful cases of MySQL + PHP collaboration. For example, PHPBB, VBB, domestic Discuz! Forums and other

MySQL test SQL-connector error _ MySQL

MySQL test SQL-audit error /Run-all-tests -- user = root -- password = 123456 Can't locate DBI. pm in @ INC (@ INC contains:

Linux uses RPM to install and build a LAMP Environment

LAMP is a dynamic website environment built on Linux + Apache + MySql + PHP. It is a popular combination of web services on the Internet. There are many tutorials on the Internet to build the LAMP environment, which are basically compiled and

MySQL database server configuration method on CentOS _ MySQL

How to configure MySQL database server on CentOS accidentally found CentOS Professional Forum, remember: As a result, the initial learning configuration This environment: CentOS system, Mysql-server (version

Uninstall and install MySql in Linux

In Linux, how does one install JDK and tomcat in the previous sections of MySQL uninstall and install, and how does one install a database for web development? Now let's introduce how to install mysq, I. preparations: 1. Because RedHat Enterprise

This step-by-step tutorial teaches you how to install MySQL in Linux

Finally, mysql is successfully installed on linux. I am excited to write this article to commemorate it. By the way, I will take a note so that I can refer to it in the future when I encounter problems. First, let's take a look at all the packages

How to use and install mysqlhotcopy _ MySQL

Mysqlhotcopy usage and installation method How to use and install mysqlhotcopy Before using mysqlhotcopy, install perl-DBI and DBD-mysql: 1: install perl-DBI Yum-y install perl-DBI # (If not, run yum-y install perl-DBI) 2:

Linux Learning Notes Summary

Linux file system is a hierarchical tree-like directory structure, using the "/" root directory of the wayDirectory structure:/root directory|---Root: Store files related to the root user|---Home: documents related to ordinary users|---Bin: Store

Some suggestions for using Perl dbi to manipulate Mysql _mysql

Using Perl to connect to MySQL, there are many cases on the Internet, and generally we are dbi under the Dbd::mysql this module. Here make a mask get a tips:Perl DBI MySQL's character set is UTF8Perl DBI special characters write times wrongPerl DBI

Running Perl DBI

Here, we've seen many concepts involved in DBI programming, so let's continue to do some sample databases to handle things. At first, the 1th chapter outlines our goals. This chapter lists the issues that we will deal with by writing DBI

Perl dbi data access odbc reading SQL server data is truncated

Select returns the error DBD: ODBC: stfetchrow_arrayreffailed: st_fetchSQLFetch (SQL-HY000) with $ dbh_mssql-{LongTruncOk} 1; which can be addressed. However, this method truncates characters. Select returns the error DBD: ODBC: st fetchrow_arrayref

Detailed installation and configuration of apatche + mysql + php in linux (available for download)

Tip: If some graphics libraries, such as the gd Library, fail when you configure, you can add "-dir" after -- with-gd. RedHatLinux Build LAMP (Linux + Apache + Mysql + PHP) on the platform)I. installation environment: System platform: Red Hat Linux9

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