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How to install Perl and Perl modules in Linux

Both Linux and perl are free software. it is amazing to combine them. you can install perl by following these steps, and perl will be able to sing in linux. 1. get the latest version Both Linux and perl are free software. it is amazing to combine

How to install Perl and Its modules in Linux

Article Title: how to install Perl and Its modules in Linux. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open

Install perl in linux

Install perl in linux-general Linux technology-Linux programming and kernel information. For details, refer to the following section. Both linux and perl are free software. It is amazing to combine them. Follow these steps to install perl in linux.

Perl Learning notes-target operations

1. Move through the directory tree.When the program runs with the current working directory as the starting point of the relative path, you can use the chdir operator to change the current directory:chdir " / etc " die " Can ' t chdir to/etc:$! "; #

Final version of-perl Tool parsing database report file 0120

Need to modify according to your actual environment Oh ************************************************1. Collect the AWR report sample Awrreport.sql--the script is executed with a user with DBA authority, and the normal user does not have access to

Perl implementation deletes a picture cache thumbnail under Windows Thumbs.db_perl

Take over the project that others did before, found SVN in the ignore did not deal with the *.db, resulting in the image cached thumbnail files are submitted, and I just open the picture folder, it means that thumbs.db has changed. There are two

Perl file Traversal

This post compares the three methods of folder traversal. 1. Use File: Find; 2. Recursive traversal. (The traversal function is LSR) 3. Use Queue or stack traversal. (The traversal function is lsr_s) 1. Use File: Find[Copy to clipboard] [-] Code:#!

Perl file system

I. file input/output functions 1. Basic I/O functions Open: Allow programs to access files Close: Terminate File Access Print: file write string Write: Write the formatting information to the file. Printf: format the string and output it to the

Two examples of Perl recursion

Perl as a text processing language, will naturally have his recursive writing, the younger brother here to share two examples, I hope to be useful to everyone!Factorial (most classic recursion)#!/usr/bin/perl-s my $Result = 1;sub getresult{my $num =

Python and Perl implement batch code sharing for _python of E-book files in a directory

Often encounter downloaded files or e-books, the name contains a number of web site information, the actual use because the name is too long inconvenient, the following script uses regular expressions to rename all the files under the directory:For

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