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What is Perl? Programming language Perl detailed introduction to _perl

Perl's original designer was Larry Wall (Larry Wall), which was published on December 18, 1987. Perl borrows the features of C, sed, awk, shell scripting, and many other programming languages. Larry Wall Published version 1.0 of the Perl scripting

Perl Split string Split function usage Guide _perl

This article focuses on the use of the Perl split function, and a very useful function in Perl is the Perl split function-dividing the string and putting the segmented result into the array. This Perl split function uses a regular expression (RE)

Perl split string splitting function Usage Guide

This article will focus on the usage of the Perl split function. A very useful function in Perl is the Perl split function, which separates strings and puts the split results into arrays. This Perl split function uses a rule expression (RE), which

Perl Command Line remarks

Reference Common Perl Command Line options Common unix Commands: perl implements sed awk tr nl   Perl, sed, awk, tr, grep, nl, and other common commandsSed Task Sed Perl Replace12WithTwelve sed 's/12/twelve/g' perl -pe '

Perl a sentence summary of common parameters in command line programming _perl

The online environment at work has a lot of Perl command-line commands like a sentence, and today concludes some of the things that Perl command line programming. - e The string followed by the quotation marks is the command to execute: Copy

Perl variables: Array variables

Perl Arraysa Perl array is a list variable that stores scalar values, and variables can be of different types. array variables begin with @. Access array elements are read using the $ + variable name + [index value] format. 1. Creating an array1.

Lists and arrays in Perl learning notes _perl

One, List A list is a sequence of values enclosed in parentheses that can be any value or NULL, such as: (1, 5.3, "Hello", 2), empty list: ().Note: A list containing only one numeric value (for example: (43.2)) is different from the value itself

Mutual call collection between VC and Perl

Call the Perl subroutine in VCAuthor: Source: ZZ published on: Views: 2691 font size: large medium small As needed, you need to call the Perl subroutine in VC to process the file. You can run it after reading the Perl instruction document for a long

Perl string processing

As we all know, Perl is very powerful in processing strings, and Perl (Practical Extraction and Reporting Language) is also very powerful in processing formats. Here we start to learn some Perl formats and string processing. Familiar with the three

Perl Built-in Special Variables Summary _ Basic Tutorial

[File handle] $| If Non-zero, force clear buffer after write or print operation on the currently selected file$% the current page number of the currently selected file handle$= the current page length of the currently selected file handle$-the

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