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Build a personal website on GitHub

previewItmyline: User name, blog: project nameTip: 404 error. Wait 10 minutes.PS: Wait a long 10 minutes, refresh the page the main page of our blob is displayed.( If you always show 404, check if you have verified the mailbox, if not, go to your account to verify )But the content and style of this homepage are not what we want, how to break. We can upload our own projects.The following is an example of a simple bootstrap site template ...Iii. Clone (clone) code, modifyClone the code under any

Build a personal website with GitHub

1. Register a GitHub Create a new warehouseThe warehouse name is in format, then click Create3. Upload Source to GitHubDownload Git the GitHub DesktopSelect CloneFind the corresponding itemSubmitPush to serverFinished uploading GitHub files4. Bind Domain NameGo back to the GitHub

Use GitHub to build a personal blog and github to build a blog

Use GitHub to build a personal blog and github to build a blog 1. Establish the environment First, you need to download two things. 1. node. js 2. git You don't need to talk about the specific download. Basically, you can download the default installation. Remember the installation path first. The following window is displayed during Git installation. Select the

The latest website creation (fiction site) Sharing (1)-background templates and website configurations, website creation templates

talk about the first step of my website writing. First, find a beautiful background template. This background template is very beautiful. It took me a long time to find it. Let's take a look. As shown in: This template can also be used as another website, and I have changed a lot of content in it. After completing the template, I put it in the configured development environment. I used phpstudy and p

Create a personal site with GitHub

This article completely refer to this blog, should be written very clearly, so I want to back up a bit. Thank the Great God.Many open source project hosting platforms support the creation of a home page for managed projects, but the home page is not maintained in any way that GitHub is so cool. Most hosting platforms are nothing more than opening up an FTP or similar service that users upload to create a good web page or script, while a

[Original] use GitHub Pages to create a personal site (detailed steps)

parsing of Markdown, Textile, and other Markup languages, and provides functions such as templates, variables, and plug-ins, finally, a complete static Web site is generated. To put it bluntly, you only need to install the Jekyll specifications and structure and generate a website without writing html. [Jekyll Introduction] [jekyll on github] [jekyllbootstrap].

GitHub pages + Hexo + domain binding build personal Blog

EnvironmentWindows 10 (64-bit) git-2.7.4-64-bit Node-v4.4.7-x64 If the above software has been installed, skip and install without installing the download. 1,git Download installation ( 2,node Download installation ( 3. Install NPM tool (you can not install it first, I do RN before, so it has been installed) 4, verify that the installation is successful. To verify that the installation was successful, we entered the following command on

Github website introduction, and use git commands to manage github (detailed description), githubgit

Github website introduction, and use git commands to manage github (detailed description), githubgit Learn this chapter: 1)Familiar with github website 2)Remotely manage github using git commands, 3)You do not need to enter th

Use GitHub to build a personal blog

list.Therefore, GitHub pages can be considered a static webpage written by users and hosted on GitHub. GitHub provides templates that allow users to generate webpages on the site, but also allow users to write webpages themselves and then upload them. Interestingly, this type of upload is not a simple upload, but

7 ultra-practical website templates and 7 ultra-practical templates are recommended.

anywhere.Free html5 template-vCard Local download Tags: free website template, template HTML5, CSS template, mobile friendly, e-card, personal webpage. Related reading: Six Bootstrap-based practical development tutorials and template demos are shared. 8 super-cool effects and applications implemented by HTML5 We recommend 9 super-cool animations using CSS3. 10 new special effects for heavyweight CSS3

Build on Mac based on Hexo + GitHub personal Blog

replaced by your username) to see the same page as the previous time when you opened http://localhost:4000 locally.To avoid the hassle of entering GitHub usernames and passwords every time, refer to the following 4 methodsAdd SSH keys to GitHub to check if SSH keys are present on GitHubExecute the following command to check if SSH keys -al ~/.sshIf there is a file or id_rsa , go direct

How to create a personal home page and Project demo page in GitHub

Results Demo: → Personal homepage: → Project Demo page: To do the project presentation page, first you have to set up your personal homepage, so we start with "How to create a personal homepage." First, personal homepage 1th Step: Build a library (create a repository)

How to set up a personal page on GitHub

My github:, first you must register a GitHub account, website:, after the completion of the interface, the right side of your warehouse, that is, you save your code in the future location.3. Web site on GitHub to set up a personal homepage: https://pages.github.

Build a personal blog and deploy Github and gitcafe tutorials by Hugo

again:Your identification has been saved in ~/.ssh/id_rsa.Your public key has been saved in ~/.ssh/ key fingerprint is:15:81:d2:7a:c6:6c:0f:ec:b0:b6:d4:18:b8:d1:41:48 YOUR_EMAIL@YOUREMAIL.COM$ cat Then, click account settings in Gitcafe to create an ssh key and paste the printed key. Test whether the connection is successful $ ssh -T Enter yes as prompted. Finally, if this prompt appears Hi USERNAME! You've successfully authenticated, but GitCafe does no

Build a website using github your site with GitHub GitHub has designed the pages feature to allow users to customize the project home page to replace the default source list. So, github pages can be thought of as user-authored static Web pages hosted on GitHub.

Set up a personal homepage on GitHub

GitHub pages is a free static space hosting service provided by GitHub. It uses Git technology to conveniently and quickly deploy webpage files and supports binding personal domain names. GitHub pages is intended to provide developers with a place to publicize and demonstrate works, but as long as you use git, you can

Use GitHub, Hexo, multi-talk, Baidu statistics to build a personal blog guide under Mac

1. Pre-Preparation:(1) Register your GitHub account(2) Installing Xcode(3) Installing node. js2. Create repository:(1) Open a GitHub profile and click the Create Warehouse button New repository(2) For example, my account is cynthiawupore, then I create a warehouse name must be cynthiawupore. Then click on the Create repository button below(3) Click Create Reposotory, go to the following page, cli

How to build a personal blog using github

1, go to the GitHub website to register a personal account: No: Poke here to register, such as my account name: wjf444128852, my already Chinese (can be in GitHub search GitHub how to Chinese have plug-in)2, click the Warehouse-new, the warehouse name must be: your

Post a personal site/blog based on GitHub

We can use GitHub to publish our website (static website), just a few simple steps. This allows small partners to show their personal items to a friend or interviewer.First step: Create a new warehouseStep Two: Select the "Settings" page in the warehouse and find the following "Git

GitHub affiliate domain, create personal site tutorial End

1. BackgroundThe recent whim, bought a domain name, originally wanted to buy FUCKGFW, did not expect to be squatting. Took his English name to buy a, called Because know that there will be a lot of friends do not know the whole site building process, so here to post some of the previous column tutorial. Some two years ago written, relatively immature ha! Teach you to create and publish a personal

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