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Create a wireless point-to-point network to allow Mac and Windows 7 to access the shared folder of the other party.

There are two laptops, One Mac and the other Windows 7 at home. Now we need to allow both computers to access each other's files, so we plan to create a point-to-point Wireless LAN. 1. Create a wireless network in the MAC system. First, enable the airport, that is, enable t

Wireless Access Point

What does Wireless Access Point know about Wireless network AP? Do you want to know what types of wireless network APs are available? What is the difference between it and a wireless router? Read this article to solve these proble

9 items to be checked after the wireless access point is installed, and 9 items to be connected wirelessly

9 items to be checked after the wireless access point is installed, and 9 items to be connected wirelessly Whether you are upgrading the device or creating a brand new Wi-Fi network, you can use the following check methods to ensure that everything is in order before connecting users. After completing all the work of on-site measurement of Wi-Fi, you may be eage

Point of View: enhance the security awareness of Wireless Access Networks

emergence of WPA makes network transmission more secure and reliable. SSID Broadcast In short, the SSID is the name you give your wireless access network. When searching for a wireless network, your network name is displayed in the search results. Once attackers use a common initialization string to connect to the wireless

How to use a WLAN vswitch to control a Wireless Network Access Point

Do you want to achieve a signal without interference and a stable wireless network connection? WLAN wireless LAN switches can be configured to fully control wireless access points. How can this problem be achieved? The following articles will give you a detailed introduction. There is no interference in the signal and

Converts a Linux server to a wireless access point.

Article Title: convert a Linux server to a wireless access point. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source. Creating your own wireless ac

How to extend network coverage using a wireless access point as a repeater

Extending network coverage using wireless access points as repeaters because it has been encountered many times and is very representative (and will save a lot of money), so I decided to release the solution here. The situation is this: if you need to use a wireless network, but the scope is too large, a wireless route

Exploring how a wireless router converts a Wi-Fi Access Point

China's wireless routers have developed rapidly, and technologies are constantly being updated. So I studied how to convert a wireless router into a Wi-Fi access point. Here I will share with you, I hope it will be useful to you. Do not discard the old 802.11g device. Although the latest 802.11n annotation can provide

Analysis of broadband wireless access technology in local multi-point distribution service

network, that is, the so-called "last kilometer." Narrowband access mode has become the main bottleneck of high-speed Internet and broadband service development. At present, it is urgent to provide high-speed broadband access technology for user access section. Compared with other access technologies, broadband

Android G1 Bluetooth and wireless network, and APN Access Point settings

Android G1 Bluetooth and wireless network, and APN Access Point settings The Bluetooth of G1 now only supports Bluetooth headsets (supporting Bluetooth stereo). Like the new iPhone, G1 does not support Bluetooth data transmission and synchronization and can only wait for the system to upgrade. G1 has powerful wireless

There is a problem with the wireless adapter or access point

I am not using the wireless internet, is the network cable Connection router Internet, is the W7 system, My computer is Delling 15. Sometimes start the computer can not be networked, only Netcore1 not connected, the password is still not connected, the reason: there is a problem with the wireless adapter or access point

What if there is a problem with the wireless adapter or access point?

What if there is a problem with the wireless adapter or access point? Method/Step In Device Manager, look at the network adapter, right-click it, look at the properties, if the device status shows that the device is working properly, it proves that the network card is not a problem, but software problems, then proceed to the following steps Go to Control Pan

Laptop wireless Internet access with me laptop wireless Internet access settings

same time. Therefore, it is very convenient to add computers or devices in the future. Notes 1. If your AP does not provide the routing function, you need to use a connection method like PC-AP-router-MODEM, if the desktop does not have a wireless network adapter, the connected network cable is connected to the vro and set to the same working group and IP address segment. 2. You also need to find out the network transmission mode supported by your net

Comparison and analysis of other wireless access technologies for 3.5G wireless access Technology

As one of the most hot access technology, wireless access technology by the operators, especially the new operators generally optimistic, the national radio Regulatory agencies also issued a specific frequency planning, it is evident that everyone to this technology attention and optimistic degree.    According to the frequency planning of the national Radio Regu

Point-to-Point wireless network adapter connection

Wireless Network Card point-to-point connection and proxy Internet access other technologies 11:17:57 read 788 comments 0 font size: large, small 1. Ensure that the two machines are in the same working group The server and client must follow the steps below: Right-click "my computer" and select "properties", select the

Detailed introduction: Broadband Wireless Access Network Based on Wireless Mesh Technology (1)

network is a high-capacity, high-speed, multi-point-to-multi-point network. It is a new type of distributed network that can solve the bottleneck of "last mile. Mesh networks are different from traditional wireless networks because each user node is part of a backbone network and can forward information from other user nodes. As network nodes increase, network c

How to set up wireless router to realize wired and wireless broadband access

Huo eldest brother bought an IBM notebook, home has Lenovo Brand desktop, two PCs, always want to share a line online. Laptop portable Easy to use wireless Internet access, the desktop itself without wireless card, so wired internet access. Because he himself to this way of surfing the internet a bit not very understan

Double-layer wireless access network meets different wireless requirements

this approach is that communications are encrypted to prevent the loss of passwords. At the same time can receive real-time SMS system. The IP Access server uses the IP layer fourth technology to realize the limitation of bandwidth (exactly IP traffic). By dividing the total bandwidth into several bandwidth groups within the access server, and then setting the ratio of each user to each bandwidth group,

Access Network Technology-Wireless Access and large network access

Access Network Technology-Wireless Access Wireless access can be divided into mobile access and fixed access. Mobile access can be divided i

Wireless competition: the development of wireless broadband access technology

corresponding applications. Domestic and Foreign Telecom Development practices show that new technologies cannot reflect value without being applied in the market, and the development of new technologies will inevitably lead to a bubble. Correct handling of the relationship between technology and the market, and establishing a development model to meet market needs should also become the idea of broadband wireless communication technology. Communicat

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