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"Turn" Pro Android Learning Note (80): Service (5): Access remote Service

the remote service in DDMS, we can see that onservicedisconnected () is triggered, the remote service is restarted, and then the connected onserviceconnected ( ) will be triggered.Request ServiceDirect operation of the interface proxy instance, the operation of remote services is as convenient as local operations.Disconnect ConnectionDisconnect the remote service

"Turn" Pro Android Learning note (seven or eight): Service (3): Remote service: Aidl file

();Android.os.Parcel _reply = Android.os.Parcel.obtain ();Double _result;try {_data.writeinterfacetoken (descriptor);_data.writestring (ticker);Mremote.Transact(Stub.transaction_getquote, _data, _reply, 0);_reply.readexception ();_result = _reply.readdouble ();}finally {_reply.recycle ();_data.recycle ();}return _result;}}static final int transaction_getquote = (Android.os.IBinder.FIRST_CALL_TRANSACTION + 0);}Public Double GetQuote (java.lang.String ticker) throws android.os.RemoteException;}Th

cap-design principle and strategy summary for mass service [turn]_ frame

in the stealing dishes.Depending on the business requirements we apply, choose the appropriate level of consistency to better ensure the partitioning tolerance and availability of the system.2. Flexible availableFor the mass-level distributed service design, we must realize that everything is unreliable, in the environment of unreliable environment to build a reliable application, one of the most important thing is to maintain the flexibility of the

Turn: WF Workflow Technology Insider-invoke workflow workflow via Web service (develop persisted workflow)

service.Finally, you can call the end method to end the operation, and when the operation is finished, then call AddOrder, and the system will display an error:System.InvalidOperationException: The workflow with ID "3a8b9688-fb3f-4a10-bb84-6bf99c30119a" is not found in the state persistence store.To summarize, by persisting the development of a service flow, you can maintain the active state of the workflow instance, so that you can call each other t

How to turn on FTP service under Linux

First the server will install the FTP software to see if the FTP software has been installed:#which vsftpdIf you see a vsftpd directory stating that the server has FTP software installed View FTP Server Status#service vsftpd Status If it is not installed, check if there is an available RPM installation package[email protected] ~]# Yum list |grep vsftpdvsftpd.i686 2.2.2-21.EL6 Base Installing the VSFTPD Servi

How do I turn off the smart card service in the Win7 flagship computer?

We must all know that the service function of our Windows system is very powerful, in addition to some of the services we usually use, there are some services may be we do not know, not commonly used, but these services are in our Windows system. In many Windows system services, there is a smart card service, so what is a smart card service? In fact, the smart ca

MongoDB (4): A variety of ways to turn off service commands

]$ kill 18288 [[emailprotected] data]$ ps-ef | grep pmon mongo 18304 17574 0 06:13 pts/1 00:00:00 grep pmon Note: You can use the KILL command of the operating system to send a SIGINT or SIGTERM signal to the mongod process.That is, "Kill-2 pid," or "kill-15 pid".It is not recommended to use "kill-9 pid" because if MongoDB is running without logging on (--journal),may result in data loss. Five referencesHttp://

To turn on the Telnet service in Windows 7

Win7 The telnet command is not installed by default, Microsoft should do so for security reasons. So how do you use Telnet service in Windows 7 systems? 1, Installation: Click "Start" → "Control Panel" → "Program", "in the program and function" to find and click "Turn on or off Windows features" into the Windows Feature Settings dialog box. Locate and tick the Telnet client and Telnet server, and finally "

MongoDB installed and set as Windows service to turn it on

Label:Official download of the compressed ZIP file for Windows platform in MongoDB, address: 1, unzip the zip file, my path is: F:\StudyTools\MongoDB 2. Set the data file path: Create a new log and Data folder inside F:\StudyTools\MongoDB Create a new Mongodb.log file inside F:\StudyTools\MongoDB\log 3. Open MongoDB Service Open cmd, enter the F:\StudyTools\Mo

Linux sets the service to turn on self-booting

Like what:1, each boot need to automatically shut down the firewall/etc/ini.d/iptables stop2. Start MySQL service on each boot/etc/init.d/mysqld restart3. Start Tomcat service on each boot/app/wodsy/tomcat_node1/bin/startup.sh4, each boot to start the Nginx service/app/wodsy/nginx_node1/sbin/nginxThe shutdown Firewall command is written to/etc/rc.local# vi/etc/rc

How does the WIN7 system turn off the smart card service?

WIN7 will automatically provide the smart card Plug and Play service, so after inserting an IC smart card, WIN7 automatically sends APDU to obtain certificates, such as smart card information. and automatically install the driver. So in order to turn off these unused features. Please follow the following methods 1, first in the run bar to start gpedit.msc. 2. In the local Group Policy compiler, sel

PHP Turn on Curl and restart the PHP-FPM service

1. Locate the php.ini configurationFind/-name ' php.ini '/usr/local/php/etc/php.iniFind the Extension=php_curl.dll and remove the semicolon from the front.2, restart PHPPHP-FPM in PHP 5.3.3 no longer supports commands such as/USR/LOCAL/PHP/SBIN/PHP-FPM (Start|stop|reload) that php-fpm previously had, and signal control is required:The master process can understand the following signals:INT, term: Immediate TerminationQUIT: Smooth TerminationUSR1: Reopen log fileUSR2: Smooth reload of all worker

Play Turn Springcloud (f version) two. Service consumer (1) ribbon+resttemplate

on a blog Someone asked me, Springcloud series will not be serialized, you can see my label classification has opened the Springcloud topic, so of course will be serialized, I recently also bought a book in learning Springcloud Micro-service Framework, Knowledge will be shared at any time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Two Service Consumers in a microservices architecture, the business is split into a separate

WEBRTC (2): CENTOS6 installation Stun/turn Service

SchemaDescription. CAddWhatever isNecessary toEnableStart-up Daemon forthe/usr/Local/bin/turnserver.2)IfYou Do notWant the Turnserver toBe a system service, ThenYou canStart/stop it"Manually",usingThe"Turnserver"Executable withAppropriate options (see the documentation).3) to Create Database Schema, useSchema inchfile/usr/Local/share/turnserver/Schema.SQL.4) forAdditional information, run: $ Man Turnserver $ mans turnadmin $ man turnutilsCreate a us

[Turn]what ' s The difference between @Component, @Repository & @Service annotations in Spring

thinking (AOP), When our controller takes on the task of distributing the request, it also processes the business logic and interacts with the database persistence layer, so the code is bad, so the document argues for using these annotation classes to better differentiate the respective functions @Component: The component will be automatically scanned @Repository: Indicates the component of the DAO layer in the persistence layer (its benefit is catching the exception that occurs in

How to turn on FTP service under Linux

How to turn on FTP service under Linux1. First the server to install the FTP software to see if the FTP software has been installed:#which vsftpdIf you see a vsftpd directory stating that the server has FTP software installed2. View FTP Server Status#service vsftpd Status3. Start the FTP server#service vsftpd Start4. R

Windows7 How to turn on the Telnet service

Telnet is a common remote login and administration tool used by system administrators and is integrated into the system as a standard system component for users in Windows 2000/xp/2003/vista systems. However, by default, the Telnet service is prohibited, and typically we simply run services.msc to open service management, find the Telnet service item to set its s

Android-Service turn-off and lifecycle

be called multiple times) --OnDestroyContext.bindservice () Start process:Context.bindservice (), OnCreate (), Onbind (), Service running, Onunbind (), OnDestroy () Service stopOnbind () returns a Ibind interface instance to the client, Ibind a method that allows the client to callback the service, such as getting an instance of the services, running state, or o

How to turn on FTP service under Linux

How to turn on FTP service under Linux1. First the server to install the FTP software to see if the FTP software has been installed:#which vsftpdIf you see a vsftpd directory stating that the server has FTP software installed2. View FTP Server Status#service vsftpd Status3. Start the FTP server#service vsftpd Start4. R

NO19 Optimizing Linux System--important boot-up service--turn off self-starter

* * How to optimize Linux systems:1 without root, add a normal user, with sudo authorization management.2 Change the default remote connection SSH service port and prevent the root user from connecting remotely.3 Timing automatically updates server time.4 Configure the Yum update source to download the RPM package from the domestic update source.5 Turn off SELinux and iptables (iptables work scenario if a W

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