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PHP7 development environment based on Docker deployment

Why use Docker One place to compile, to use everywhere Easy migration, regardless of hosting environment Environment and host isolation Rapid deployment of the development environment A very common scenario: after changing

web-phalconphp anyone use it?

Phalconphp is a PHP WEB framework developed using the C extension to provide high performance and low resource usage ... Why is such a PHP framework so little about the resources of the Celestial kingdom? Do you have the aunt to do the project with

Participate in open source-update

A while ago, I wrote a tutorial about installing logon WindowsAzure. However, the home page of still does not mention Tianqing as a supported environment section "fercon can be installed ": A while ago, I wrote a installation tutorial

25 PHP Frameworks-Csdn Blog

This article to share the content is 25 kinds of PHP framework-CSDN Blog, has a certain reference value, the need for friends can refer to World Pop Framework Summary In the project development, some architecture and code are duplicated, in order

is PHP's framework typically used for small projects? Segmentfault

What about big projects like that? Without frames. All their own handwritten films? Or not PHP. Do it in other languages? Reply content: What about big projects like that? Without frames. All their own handwritten films?Or not PHP. Do it in

Some interesting open-source PHP projects on GitHub

GitHub is a hosting platform for open-source and private software projects. It is named GitHub because it only supports Git as the only version library format, there are open-source projects for excellent developers all over the world. next we will

Web Development resource tools for a big roundup

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Web Development resource tools for a big roundup

original link: 100+ Awesome Web development Tools and ResourcesThe rapid development of the web is both a good thing and a bad thing for developers. Learning new technologies, programming languages and adapting to changes in the current fashion

One of the best php,html5 and CSS frameworks for PHP framework

The development framework is the foundation for developers to quickly design and develop a * * station, with a large number of frameworks being released by developers almost every month to help Web developers develop Web applications more easily and

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