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Android Desktop component [App widget] advanced project-Mood Recorder

Http:// In the previous article about Android app widgets, we continued to expand the previous example and completed a small project, which can be used directly. Address of the previous Article: A Preliminary Study of the android Desktop component [widget]. If you have never touched the

Windows Phone 8.1 app integrates Cortana voice commands

Microsoft has been launching Cortana for some time now, just studying its usage, and writing a few notes about it.In the study, I refer to the blog of @ Wang Bo _nick :, thank you first.Gossip doesn't say much, let's get started.To add Voice command functionality to your app, you need three steps:1. Create a Voice c

Google will launch the android voice app

According to foreign media reports, Google will launch the Google Voice app for mobile phones on Wednesday, us time.Program. Google Voice Senior Product Manager and grandcentral co-founder VincentPaquet) indicates that Google Voice is used for AndroidAnd Blackberry users can use this service on their phones from Wedne

How to use the Android voice changer phone software to achieve edge-changer-side calls

There are a lot of people who are asking Android phones how to achieve phone voice changer? A lot of people say no, it is not possible to achieve the phone voice changer through the general method, because Android restricts the

Android Apidemos Sample resolution: App->voice Recognition

This example requires Android to install applications that support Recognizerintent.action_recognize_speech, such as Google's Voice Search app. The default is not installed on the emulator, you can see how to install APK on the Android emulator to install a voice Search o

"Android Translation article" the most convenient way to build voice search and your app

Reprint Please specify source: you want your users to say "Ok,google" and then search for something in your app, how many lines of code do you need? In fact, it doesn't take a few lines of code.From now on, you just need to be in yourAndroidManifest.xml文件里面添加一点点代码,你就可以让你的搜索界面连接到Google上Once you have done this, your application will receive a Search_action request intent that contains the Searchmanager.query para

Android ApiDemos example resolution (46): App-& gt; Voice Recognition

In this example, you need to install an application that supports RecognizerIntent. ACTION_RECOGNIZE_SPEECH In the Android system, such as Google's Voice Search application. The simulator is not installed by default. For details, see how to install APK on Android emulator to install a Voice Search on the simulator.

Android tips: Turn your app into an app that comes with the mobile phone system [/system/APP]

How to put your favorite app into the system app is actually very simple, only two operations are required 1. Root the phone first. This step is a prerequisite. 2. If you use the File Manager, you need to copy your favorite app to the/system/APP directory directly. Remembe

"Android" gets the installed APK file information (PackageInfo, ResolveInfo) (app image, app name, package name, etc.) from your phone

)Application name Get method: Packagemanager.getapplicationlabel (ApplicationInfo)Access method using permissions: Packagemanager.getpackageinfo (packagename,packagemanager.get_permissions). requestedpermissionsGet the specific information method by ResolveInfo:Package name Get method: Resolve.activityInfo.packageNameIcon Get Get Method: Resolve.loadicon (Packagemanager)App Name Get method: Resolve.loadlabel (Packagemanager). ToString ()"

Import the bulk download blog into the mobile phone, through the Bean John Blog Reader app (Android phone) to browse, white text black, protect eyes, illustrated.

Reader]app, the main interface, like the PC version of the first list of all sitesClick a site to list the list of bloggers you backed up under that site, as shown in:Click on a blogger to list all the blogs you have downloaded for that blogger, as shown in:Click on a blog post, as we first saw the text of this blog post.Android mobile app just developed, we have any good suggestions can be submitted to th

"Android" gets the installed APK file information (PackageInfo, ResolveInfo) (app image, app name, package name, etc.) from your phone

Shareitem.setlabel (Resolve.loadlabel (Pmanager). toString ()); Set Package Name Shareitem.setpackagename (Resolve.activityInfo.packageName); } Summarize:Get the specific information method by PackageInfo:Package name Get method: Packageinfo.packagenameIcon Get Get Method: Packagemanager.getapplicationicon (ApplicationInfo)Application name Get method: Packagemanager.getapplicationlabel (ApplicationInfo)Access method using permissions: Packagemanager.getpackageinfo (packagenam

Android app code to make a phone call, turn on the phone sharing function and other implicit intentions

Android App Call:Intent intent=new Intent (Intent.action_dial,uri.parse ("Tel:" +110));StartActivity (Intent);}Android app opens phone book:Intent Intent = new Intent (Intent.action_pick,contactscontract.contacts.content_uri);StartActivity (Intent);

You can test Android, Apple APP, and H5 apps locally without having to change the hosts of the ROOT user on your mobile phone. Android h5

You can test Android, Apple APP, and H5 apps locally without having to change the hosts of the ROOT user on your mobile phone. Android h5 Mobile APP development and H5 apps often need to be tested separately in the local and online environments. Generally, the operation is t

Android phone with WiFi connection to Android Studio, real-computer test app

1, the phone to get root privileges (my is Xiaomi note, directly download MIUI development version installation can be)2, download in App market ( Terminal Simulator ), install. 3, give (terminal emulator) root privileges. Tip: To test whether it has root privileges, open the terminal emulator, enter the command: Su, return is not "permission Deny" the second time the software obtained root permissions.

Android development package the project into an apk, Android to the mobile phone, or submit it to the app Store, androidapk

Android development package the project into an apk, Android to the mobile phone, or submit it to the app Store, androidapk#1. It is easy to export an app using Eclipse. Let's take a look at my steps. Images and truth Select a project Create a new one with a random

Sample code for Android app to get mobile device information and mobile phone number

on the conditions.If the server in the issued text message, does not include the phone number, the phone is unable to obtain the phone number. If the text contains a number, the phone will cache it for his use. In addition, for other operators ' SIM cards or Uim cards, the MDN may be saved in the UIM card. 100% being

Android's second app-Phone Dialer

I. below II, Because the app wants to use the mobile phone service, you need to add the telephone service permission in the androidmanifest. xml file of the list file: Package = "cn. itcast. Action"Android: versioncode = "1"Android: versionname = "1.0" type = "codeph" text = "/codeph">.... 3. layout Interface Interfac

C # 's Android phone app development _android

2015 and Xamarin, organizations can use existing skills and technology investments to accelerate time-to-market and to provide mobile applications for all use cases. Second, content planning This module will be a comprehensive introduction to the various technologies used in C#+xamarin to develop the Android phone app under VS2015. The contents of each chapter

How to Use Android to obtain information such as mobile phone model, system version, and App version

MainActivity is as follows: Copy codeThe Code is as follows: package cn. testgethandsetinfo; Import android. OS. Bundle; Import android. text. TextUtils; Import android. widget. TextView; Import android. app. Activity; Import android

How to make your Android phone instantly become Firefox OS play Firefox OS app

Firefox OS phone delay in the domestic large-scale listing, now can buy the Firefox OS mobile phone domestic on a Firefox OS ZET OPEN C, but this phone configuration is not as good as the price is not affordable, For our Firefox OS enthusiasts is really a torment of waiting and choice, but today I want to tell you that its Firefox OS is not far away from us, toda

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