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[Phonegap+sencha Touch] Mobile development 30, PHONEGAP camera plug-in several issues

PhoneGap Camera plugin, there are several problems on Android system1, do not get the true path of the photos taken , specific view blog "Mobile Development 29 Android get pictures of the true path"2, Targetwidth or targetheight more than 512 pixels , the photo and crop, theapp will crash , or the app does not respond (online Some people say there are 256 pixels, my Meizu MX3 tes

PhoneGap + jQm webapp localization (2)-camera call and local database

Preface In the previous chapter, we discussed the environment configuration. In this chapter, we will write a small module to complete the learning. phonegap calls the camera and processes the photos taken by phonegap, already, use the local database to save our data so that our results can be retained when the program re-runs. first, let me explain that in or

[Phonegap + Sencha Touch] mobile development 29 Android navigator. camera. getPicture gets the true path of the image,

[Phonegap + Sencha Touch] mobile development 29 Android navigator. camera. getPicture gets the true path of the image, The phonegap photo plug-in selects the image in the Image Library. The Code is as follows: Navigator. camera. getPicture (function (uri) {console. log (uri); // uri of the image obtained here}, functi

PhoneGap simple use on iOS: Pop-up dialogs and call camera

Popup dialog boxUse Navigator.notification.confirm () in PhoneGap to eject the native dialog box on iOS and get the click Index of the corresponding button, as follows:navigator.notification.confirm( msg, //要显示的信息 backFn, //警告被忽略的回调函数 title, //标题 btns||‘取消,确定‘ //按钮名称 )The following encapsulation is done in the current project: showConfirm:function(msg,title,backFn,bt

PhoneGap memory problems when using the camera feature _android

When using PhoneGap's camera function, an Android opportunity crashes, perhaps because your phone is out of memory, but it's not really a phonegap problem, it's a common problem with native Android apps. This problem arises because the Android activity (equivalent to the current window) goes backstage (the OnStop state) and waits to be photographed when the camera

Baidu Advertising Cordova/phonegap Plugin use tutorial

Baidu mobile SSP background application to the parameters, which AppID is Baidu Advertising ( inside the application Id,banner The ID is the banner code bit; baiduad.ad_position. Bottom_center is the ad location, which means the bottom center of the app. There are other relative positions, specifically can be seen baiduad.ad_position. Constant inside the bottom. You can also use absolute positioning, examples of plugins are included. For convenience I still use the relative

HTML5 Development Framework PhoneGap actual Combat video tutorial

Mobile:jquery Mobile is a version of jquery on mobile phones and tablet devices. jquery Mobile Not only brings the jquery core library to the mainstream mobile platform, but also publishes a complete unified jquery Mobile UI Framework. Support the global mainstream mobile platform.Sencha Touch:sencha Touch can make your web app look like a native app. Beautiful user interface components and rich data management, all based on the latest HTML5 and CSS3 Web standards, fully compatible with Android

HTML5 Development Framework PhoneGap actual Combat video tutorial

technology. HTML 5 has two main features: first, to enhance the performance of Web pages. Second, the functionality of WEB applications such as local databases is appended.jquery Mobile:jquery Mobile is a version of jquery on mobile phones and tablet devices. jquery Mobile Not only brings the jquery core library to the mainstream mobile platform, but also publishes a complete unified jquery Mobile UI Framework. Support the global mainstream mobile platform.Sencha Touch:sencha Touch can make you

Cross-platform Mobile development Phonegap/cordova 3.3 Full series tutorial-Baidu Cloud push push

phone side.Modify source file Pushnotification.javaModify the Sendpushinfo method,To modify the Pushnotification.js file and to increase the method of receiving channel_id and user_id, please refer to the Official document or Device.js plugin.ResultsService-Side ErectionOpen download Baidu Cloud push service side (the current version of C #, to PHP and JSP, Python friends from here to download SDK/SERVERSDK).C # version Https://gi

Android Beginner tutorial calls phone camera and camera function

, data); if (requestcode==10) {Toast.maketext (this, "photo successful", 0). Show (); }if (requestcode==20) {Toast.maketext (this, "camera success", 0). Show (); }} public void video (View v) {Intent Intent = new Intent (); Intent.setaction (mediastore.action_video_capture); Intent.putextra (Mediastore.extra_output, Uri.fromfile (New File (Environment.getexternalstoragedirectory (), " HAHA.3GP "))); Intent.putextra (mediastore.extra_

Beauty Camera Tears makeup How to get, Beauty camera Tears Makeup Tutorial

Beauty camera Love crying Ghost Tears Makeup Play: Upgrade the latest version of the beauty camera on your phone, and then click the option to paste the sticker after entering: After you find the "Join activity" entry in the click-through interface, click on the "join immediately" effect as shown below: The next is to import the picture, the effect immediately came oh.

Beauty camera picture is not clear how to improve the quality of the beauty camera setting tutorial

Beauty Camera HD Quality setting Tutorial: 1, we open "beauty camera" in the mobile phone and then click the "Settings" icon at the bottom of the page after opening the entry, the effect is shown in the following figure; 2, in the open access to the Settings list page, click "Quality Settings"; 3, choose "HD" quality. The highest is high-definition, but

OpenGL Tutorial Translator 13th lesson camera space

OpenGL Tutorial Translator 13th lesson camera SpaceOriginal Address: code please download from the original page)BackgroundIn the last few sections we see two types of vertex transformations. The first type of transformation is to change the position of the object (pan), rotate, dimension (indent). These transformations allow us to place an object anywhere in the 3D world

Photoshop industrial-grade film color to change camera photos to screen movies in seconds tutorial

I would like to give you a detailed analysis of photoshop software users and share a tutorial on how to adjust the color of industrial films to change the camera photos to a large screen in seconds.Tutorial sharing:Film color and film color have always been the favorite style of many photographers. There are various color schemes, and different photos have their own preferences. Today, we will explore how t

Basic tutorial for Android-9.3 using Camera

Basic tutorial for Android-9.3 using CameraBasic tutorial for Android-9.3 using Camera Tags (separated by spaces): basic Android tutorial This section introduces This section introduces the use of Camera in Android. Simply put, there are only two types of photos,1. Call th

Unity3d Learning Tutorial C # Script control camera

illumination all objects will be illuminated once, and then the illumination of all objects will be rendered together at the end of the render queue。· Target Texture Destination Texture (Unity pro/advanced only) refer to the render Texture, which contains the output of the camera view. This reference property disables the ability of the camera to render to the screen.DetailsThe

The camera tracking feature of Unity 2D game development Tutorial

camera's location in real time. is to make its position consistent with the position of the sprite, but they cannot have the same value in the z direction, as shown in 2-3. Otherwise, the camera and the genie will coincide, so that the game view of the Sprite object disappears, as shown in 2-4. Figure 2-3 the camera and the sprite have different values in the z directionFigure 2-4 the

OpenGL tutorial (14) camera control (1)

Original post address: In the previous tutorial, we placed the camera in a fixed position in the 3D space. In this chapter, we tried to control the camera and move it in any direction in the 3D space. We use a keyboard to control the camera's position and a mouse to change the camera's lookat direction, w

OpenGL tutorial (13) camera coordinate system

Original post address: the previous tutorial, we used the default camera coordinates at the origin of the 3D coordinates. In this tutorial, we will start to discuss how to place the camera at any position in the 3D space, so that we can conveniently observe o

Digital camera card photos mistakenly deleted how to resume the tutorial

once the photos are deleted, there is almost no way for ordinary players to retrieve lost files.To recover the photos on the camera memory card, the detailed steps are as follows:1, download and install the "Le Isia digital Photo Recovery" software.Http:// Connect your camera memory card to your computer using a card reader.3, run the "Le Isia digital Photo Recover

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