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PS make mirror photo symmetry map Tutorial

Original: Effect Chart: To make a mirrored photo step: One, copy photos 1, click to select-All 2, click Edit--Copy 3, ctrl+d eliminate Ant line Second, the expansion of the canvas 1, click the image--Canvas size 2,

PS Plug Filter Photo Graphics

Filters friends often use Photoshop to figure out some geometry, word by curve, and so on. But this often puzzles the people, because in Photoshop does not have this function at all. Ask the prawn on the Internet, often tell you to use CorelDRAW or

Ps simple production of beautiful photo dotted border-ps tutorial

This tutorial is to share the ps simple method of creating beautiful photo dotted borders with friends from the footman's house. The tutorial is really good and the method is very simple. it is worth learning and recommended to the footman's house,

Photoshop uses floral material to synthesize a fashion portrait photo effect tutorial

To give you Photoshop software users to detailed analysis to share the use of flower material to synthesize a fashion portrait photo effect of the tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: 1. Add background Step 1 Create a new 1500 * 1

Problems with device and photo orientation when customizing uiimagepickcontroller

Background: The uiimagepickcontroller view is customized. The UI of the horizontal version is used to guide the user to take a horizontal screen shot, Requirement: Make sure that the photo is always horizontal to the right when you confirm the

After taking a photo and uploading it to iOS, the web Client displays the rotating Swift + OC solution, iosswift + oc

After taking a photo and uploading it to iOS, the web Client displays the rotating Swift + OC solution, iosswift + oc Problem description: A strange phenomenon occurs when you upload a mobile phone portrait, that is, when you upload a photo, the

Photoshop Senior Assistant--extensis Photo Graphics (iii)

Advanced now let's look at the commands in the menu bar. The menu bar of this filter contains--file, Edit, Graphic, Text, View, Windows, help seven menus. In the File menu we can see the operation that contains most of the files here. The new

How android judges horizontal and vertical screens

Android horizontal and vertical screens should solve two problems: one. Layout problem; 2. Reload.1. layout problems:If you do not want the software to switch between the horizontal and vertical screens, the easiest way is to do so in the

Fireworks Photo Montage effect (1)

Original: Material file: Http:// In translating this tutorial, I omitted some irrelevant words from the preface and PostScript.

How to solve the camera flip problem in Windows phone 8.1 development (Runtimeapp article)

Yesterday, I gave you a very sloppy talk about dealing with the flip of a physical camera, today, still this topic, and the content is not bad, just for completeness, incidentally also provides the runtime API version, in fact, the implementation of

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