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70 tutorials for designing websites with Photoshop

all the tutorials, the psd is available for download. 6) How to create a worn paper layoutIn this tutorial, you'll learn how to create a textured "worn paper" web design theme using some basic Photoshop techniques. the design incorporates some free stock images to let you create a beautiful layout in a jiffy. 7) Arhitecture layoutThis tutorial can teach you to

42 excellent Photoshop button creation tutorials

% Satisfaction Guaranteed Seal/Badge Photoshop Tutorial 28. Web2.0 Badges 29. Making A Modern Looking Navigation Button 30. Glossy web 2.0 badge with rounded corners 31. Web 2.0 style buttons 32. Industrial-Style Navigation Buttons 33. Trendy Sticker Tutorial 34. Create Web 2.0 Button 35. RSS button 36. Micro Bevel Button 37. Simple Button 38. Glowing Button 39. Create a Call To Action Button 40. Creating animated "click here" web button

Top 60 excellent Photoshop webpage creation tutorials [Part 1]

I have shared several excellent Photoshop webpage creation tutorials with many people. This article will continue to share with you more excellent Photoshop webpage creation tutorials. In fact, web design is not as difficult as you think. I believe that after reading these tutorial

Sharing top 25 excellent Photoshop tutorials

, editing and modification, image production, advertising creativity, image input and output. Today, I will share 25 useful Photoshop tutorials with you. I believe you can design beautiful images after reading these tutorials.1. The Making of the Nutty Boat Trip 2. Create a Dark and Mysterious Fantasy Portrait 3. Create Creepy, Branch Based Typography

0 basic Hands-on Swift QuickStart Tutorials Overview _swift

version.Playgrounds Introductionstart Xcode 6 and go to File\new\file. Select Ios\source\playground and click Next. Name the file as Swifttutorial.playground and click Create and save it in a convenient place. Delete other unused files to keep a clean file directory.Playground is a file type and allows you to test the Swift code to see the results of each row in the sidebar. For example: Add the following line to playground: Copy Code code a

0 Basic Swift Combat Development video Tutorials-from getting started to mastering

0 Basic Swift Combat development from beginner to proficient (4 major project combat, cool run panda, Baidu Music, football games, etc.)Suitable for people: BeginnerNumber of lessons: 50 hoursUpdate degree: 86%Using the technology: SwiftProjects involved: Cool run panda, Baidu music, football gamesConsulting qq:18402155920 Basic Swift Combat Development video tutorial using the basic + project way to explain, through the basic learning, can fully gras

Photoshop design Sci-Fi full of metal word production tutorials

To the users of Photoshop software for detailed analysis to share the design of the sci-fi sense of the full metal word production tutorials. Tutorial Sharing: Final effect: 1-1, first we create a new canvas: 780*312, background color filled with black, font color set to #d4aa3f, size 120 points, placed in the middle of the canvas (here the font name is: Spy Agency Regula

Photoshop Drost effect Picture tutorials for unlimited loops

effect. Where the R1,R2 control is filled with the blank space of the picture size, by fine-tuning do not let the screen beyond the picture frame or leakage of black edge. P1,P2 control the number of edges, zoom control the distance between a screen and the next screen, like the depth of the bar. Ratate controls the rotation of the entire screen. The Xshift,yshift controls the horizontal and vertical displacements, and the following values are unknown. Parameter requirements are:

Photoshop for novice 0 base color scheme sharing

To give you Photoshop software users to detailed analysis to share the new 0 basic color scheme for beginners. Analytical sharing: Today, some color techniques and methods to do a share and summary, whether you have an art foundation/color base or 0 basis, you can use this method to create a secure color scheme. The so-called security

Photoshop Tutorials-Top Ten most popular PS plug filters

in Photoshop 7.01 or Photoshop CS, can also stand alone, 6:5 more powerful. Filter Description: AUTOFX Photographic Edges 6.0 has 14 art module kits for use, each module has a number of different art groups that can be used without the use of the filter software, and if you can think of your work in a different style, You can visit the official website to introd

WEBJX collection and sharing 45 wonderful Photoshop Web page production Tutorials

It is undeniable that Photoshop is the best design software, web Designers in the limited canvas to play their creativity, whether it is a simple or complex page layout, through Photoshop can be handy to create. This article today to share 45 excellent Photoshop Web tutorials, I believe that after reading these

IOS 6 by Tutorials---chapter II-"Second play"-"translation"

can now be compiled successfully. Although you have not declared this instance variable anywhere, it still exists because of the auto-synthesize. (Although you might be able to change it back to using attributes)Build and run, and everything should work as usual!Compile and run, all of them are normal.Tip:your apps don ' t need to being IOS 6-only to take advantage of auto-synthesize. Apps compiled with this feature would still work all the the-the-s

Photoshop design to make home style food blog Web Tutorials

Tutorials teach us to use Photoshop to create a gourmet blog page effect. The main feature of this page is that the bottom of the table with the pattern of tablecloths, feel a little home atmosphere. Then with the simple layout, like a home feeling. First look at the effect of the picture: 1. Create a new document with a size of: 1200*1400px, and fill the background color: #fbe0b1. Then perf

Photoshop Tutorials 07:photoshop6 Color World

available colors will be about 1.67 million (256x256x256). It looks like it's already a lot of colors, but don't forget, these are just a few of the colors that are visible in nature. However, tens of 1.67 of thousands of colors are sufficient to replicate crystal-clear digital images on a display that is connected to a computer that is equipped with 32-bit colors. For example, the R value of a pure green is a 0,g value of 255,b is zero. Pure white t

Network Technology Tutorials Notes (6)

-Trip time 0 utilization 4. Network protocolsThe data and control information must be exchanged between each node in the computer network, and the rules of the data can be accurately defined in terms of format and timing.Rules, conventions, and standards for network data exchange are called network protocols.For example, two people talk, you speak Chinese, he speaks Arabic, that will create an understanding problem.

Photoshop software app Chettu and tagging tutorials sharing

group. Load and Play actions Photoshop combines multiple commands into a single action, which automates the task by loading and playing the action. Callout Markman Tool The tool can mark the length, coordinates, colors, text, and rectangles in the effect chart. It is easy for client developers to accurately control the position of each control applied in the page to ensure a high degree of fit between the

Photoshop quick removal of extra chair tutorials in photos

thumbnail, back to the layer state. 6, select the Clone Stamp tool, in the property bar to set the mode to "normal", opacity and flow are set to 100%, the sample Select "Current Layer", the following figure. 7, hold down the ALT key in the following figure red area sampling (sampling as far as possible near the chair relatively intact flowers), graphics and text tut

Basic Tutorials of Redis (6)-List

(varIteminchDb. ListRange ("list-1")) to { +Console.Write (item +" "); - } theConsole.WriteLine (""); * //Llen $Console.WriteLine (string. Format ("The length of list-1 is {0}"Db. Listlength ("list-1")));Panax Notoginseng //lindex -Console.WriteLine (string. Format ("The element in the second index is {0}"Db. Listgetbyindex ("list-1",2))); the //LS

Photoshop adds beautiful makeup tutorials to portrait photos later

I will give you a detailed analysis of the photoshop software and share with you the tutorials on adding beautiful makeup to portrait photos later.Tutorial sharing:1. Open the source image2. This step is a critical step. If you are a student, you should know my requirements for liquefaction! When I saw the source film, I found my face was big, my eyes were serious, and my lips were thick. So I made some adj

Tutorials on how to create a portrait in Photoshop

I will give you a detailed analysis of the effect of creating portraits for the photoshop software users.Tutorial sharing:1. Open the clip image in PhotoshopCS6/CC.2. Double-click a layer on the layer panel to bring up the "New Layer" dialog box. This will be used later when we hide the background layer.3. After setting the "New Layer" dialog, click "OK" to convert the background to a layer.4. Use the polygon plug-in tool

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