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Photoshop shortcut highlights (including CS4 shortcut PDF Document Download)

shortcut keys, 7 Color Correction shortcuts, 8 image editing shortcuts, and 3 interface shortcuts, I hope you can gradually remember them in use. Shortcuts in Photoshop Although the shortcut key skills in Photoshop have been quite common, they are usually briefly described on the Internet. This article will explain in detail the use of these common shortcut keys from the perspective of application function

Use Photoshop to convert multiple pictures to PDF files

1. Support Version First of all, you have to install Photoshop CS3 and above, the version of the older students please update your Photoshop  2. PDF presentation Open Photoshop, click on the File menu > automatic >pdf batch processing.   3. Click the "Browse"

70 tutorials for designing websites with Photoshop

all the tutorials, the psd is available for download. 6) How to create a worn paper layoutIn this tutorial, you'll learn how to create a textured "worn paper" web design theme using some basic Photoshop techniques. the design incorporates some free stock images to let you create a beautiful layout in a jiffy. 7) Arhitecture layoutThis tutorial can teach you to

42 excellent Photoshop button creation tutorials

% Satisfaction Guaranteed Seal/Badge Photoshop Tutorial 28. Web2.0 Badges 29. Making A Modern Looking Navigation Button 30. Glossy web 2.0 badge with rounded corners 31. Web 2.0 style buttons 32. Industrial-Style Navigation Buttons 33. Trendy Sticker Tutorial 34. Create Web 2.0 Button 35. RSS button 36. Micro Bevel Button 37. Simple Button 38. Glowing Button 39. Create a Call To Action Button 40. Creating animated "click here" web button

Top 60 excellent Photoshop webpage creation tutorials [Part 1]

I have shared several excellent Photoshop webpage creation tutorials with many people. This article will continue to share with you more excellent Photoshop webpage creation tutorials. In fact, web design is not as difficult as you think. I believe that after reading these tutorial

Sharing top 25 excellent Photoshop tutorials

, editing and modification, image production, advertising creativity, image input and output. Today, I will share 25 useful Photoshop tutorials with you. I believe you can design beautiful images after reading these tutorials.1. The Making of the Nutty Boat Trip 2. Create a Dark and Mysterious Fantasy Portrait 3. Create Creepy, Branch Based Typography

Photoshop Tutorials-Top Ten most popular PS plug filters

in Photoshop 7.01 or Photoshop CS, can also stand alone, 6:5 more powerful. Filter Description: AUTOFX Photographic Edges 6.0 has 14 art module kits for use, each module has a number of different art groups that can be used without the use of the filter software, and if you can think of your work in a different style, You can visit the official website to introd

IOS 6 By Tutorials, iosbytutorials

IOS 6 By Tutorials, iosbytutorials Content 1. Chapter 1: Introduction2. Chapter 2: Programming in Modern Objective-C 3. Chapter 3: Beginning Auto Layout4. Chapter 4: Intermediate Auto Layout5. Chapter 5: Beginning UICollectionView 6. Chapter 6: Intermediate UICollectionView7. Chapter 7: Beginning Passbook8. Chapter 8

WEBJX collection and sharing 45 wonderful Photoshop Web page production Tutorials

It is undeniable that Photoshop is the best design software, web Designers in the limited canvas to play their creativity, whether it is a simple or complex page layout, through Photoshop can be handy to create. This article today to share 45 excellent Photoshop Web tutorials, I believe that after reading these

Photoshop design Sci-Fi full of metal word production tutorials

To the users of Photoshop software for detailed analysis to share the design of the sci-fi sense of the full metal word production tutorials. Tutorial Sharing: Final effect: 1-1, first we create a new canvas: 780*312, background color filled with black, font color set to #d4aa3f, size 120 points, placed in the middle of the canvas (here the font name is: Spy Agency Regula

Photoshop Drost effect Picture tutorials for unlimited loops

effect. Where the R1,R2 control is filled with the blank space of the picture size, by fine-tuning do not let the screen beyond the picture frame or leakage of black edge. P1,P2 control the number of edges, zoom control the distance between a screen and the next screen, like the depth of the bar. Ratate controls the rotation of the entire screen. The Xshift,yshift controls the horizontal and vertical displacements, and the following values are unknown. Parameter requirements are: 0

Photoshop quick removal of extra chair tutorials in photos

thumbnail, back to the layer state. 6, select the Clone Stamp tool, in the property bar to set the mode to "normal", opacity and flow are set to 100%, the sample Select "Current Layer", the following figure. 7, hold down the ALT key in the following figure red area sampling (sampling as far as possible near the chair relatively intact flowers), graphics and text tut

Photoshop adds beautiful makeup tutorials to portrait photos later

I will give you a detailed analysis of the photoshop software and share with you the tutorials on adding beautiful makeup to portrait photos later.Tutorial sharing:1. Open the source image2. This step is a critical step. If you are a student, you should know my requirements for liquefaction! When I saw the source film, I found my face was big, my eyes were serious, and my lips were thick. So I made some adj

Tutorials on how to create a portrait in Photoshop

I will give you a detailed analysis of the effect of creating portraits for the photoshop software users.Tutorial sharing:1. Open the clip image in PhotoshopCS6/CC.2. Double-click a layer on the layer panel to bring up the "New Layer" dialog box. This will be used later when we hide the background layer.3. After setting the "New Layer" dialog, click "OK" to convert the background to a layer.4. Use the polygon plug-in tool

Teaches you how to use Photoshop cs5 or CS6 for iPad. You can change the background at will, create GIF files, provide HD tutorials, and create original images.

From scratch to the original iPad, this work also referred to some online tutorials The images required in this tutorial are provided in a package and uploaded to csdn. : Http:// What will happen after this tutorial is completed? By the way, you can use Photoshop to create GIF images and teach you shortcut keys and skills. PS after completi

Photoshop turns summer location photos into autumn warm tutorials

The picture is mainly green, turn to fall color only need to convert green part to orange yellow, at the same time need to add some dark blue or dark purple as complementary colour in picture's dark part. Later fine-tuning the color of the high light and dark. Original Final effect 1, open the material picture, create an optional color adjustment layer, red, yellow, green, neutral, black adjustment, parameter settings such as Figure 1-5, the effect is shown in Figure

Photoshop to add sunset effect to Lake wedding photos post-processing tutorials

darkens the color of the lawn a little bit. 22, create curve adjustment layer, the RGB channel adjustment, parameter settings such as Figure 36, to determine after the mask filled with black, with a white brush to wipe out the corners, the effect is shown in Figure 37. This step adds a dark angle to the picture. 23, the background layer to copy a layer, press CTRL + Shift +] Top, the character part of the pull out, copied to the new layer, the effect of the following fig

Post-processing tutorials for wedding photography outside Photoshop share

For the users of Photoshop software, share some of the late-stage processing tutorials in suburban wedding photography. Tutorial Sharing: Analysis of photos, many people know that the first time to get photos is to analyze the photos, then we have to from what aspects, how to analyze the photos, think about, combined with their usual accumulated knowledge. The first thing to do is

Photoshop uses filters to create beautiful fireworks tutorials

We will give you a detailed analysis of photoshop software and share with you the tutorials on creating beautiful fireworks with filters.Tutorial sharing:1. Open the pssoftware, press Ctrl + N to create a document, set the width and height to 1000 pixels, and set the resolution to 72. You can also create a document of the desired size.2. Select the gradient tool and select a "chromatographic" grad

A list of Photoshop pencil-painting effect tutorials

Give the users of Photoshop software a detailed tutorial on how to make pencil-painting effects. Tutorial Sharing: 1: Open the material 2:ctrl+shift+u to Color 3: Filters-Other-high contrast retention 4:ctrl+m Adjustment curve 5:ctrl+l anti-election 6: New Layer-fill white-add a mask to the original image and use the Brush tool to sketch the outer contour of

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