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Design legend PS 0 Basics Master Photoshop CC 2015 video tutorial

Filter Gallery effects and diagram stacking heap 11:56Lessons 40 6.2 Blur Gallery-bokeh Blur tips 07:44Lessons 41 6.3 Perspective match-Vanishing point filter 08:52Lesson 42 6.4 liquefaction-character slimming/skinny face 06:03Lesson 43 6.5 Adaptive wide angle/lens correction 09:13Lesson 44 6.6 Layered clouds-simple lightning effect 05:21Class 6.7 Puppet Warp-manipulation variants 03:37Hours 6.8 Unsharp Mask/s sharpening/anti-shake 11:10Lessons 47 7.1 Basic Text modification/character style 16:

node. js 0 Basic Detailed tutorial (7): node. js operation MongoDB, and how to package

, Top:find, Adddirectory:find, Updatedirectory:updates, Deletedirectory:deletes, Showlist:find, showdir:find};//Master LogicModule.exports =function(REQ,RES,COLLECTIONS,SELECTOR,FN) {mongoclient.connect (Urls,function(err, db) {assert.equal (NULL, err); Console.log ("Connected correctly to server"); Methodtype[req.query.action] (DB,COLLECTIONS,SELECTOR,FN); Db.close (); });};Use this packageSpecific package usage, we will introduce in the next lesson projectLet's talk about it today, tomorro

node. js 0 Basic Detailed tutorial (7): node. js operation MongoDB, and how to package

, find:find, state:find, top:find, Adddirectory:find, updatedirectory:updates, deletedirectory:deletes, showlist:find, showdir:find};//main Logic module.exports = function (REQ,RES,COLLECTIONS,SELECTOR,FN) {mongoclient.connect (Urls, function (err, db) { assert.equal (null, err); console.log ("Connected correctly to Server"); nbs P methodtype[req.query.action] (DB,COLLECTIONS,SELECTOR,FN); db.close (); });};Use this packageSpecific package usage, we will introduce in the next lesson projectL

10 courses for beginners in Photoshop (1)-PS tutorial

course, you still cannot make high-quality and creative works to see other people's good works. The reason is that there is no focus. deep understanding of the essence of photoshop3. it is best for beginners to combine theory with real-time operations. do not read too many theories, but do not practice them. Instead, try to understand photoshop functions in examples.4. what kind of photoshop books can begi

Photoshop for novice 0 base color scheme sharing

To give you Photoshop software users to detailed analysis to share the new 0 basic color scheme for beginners. Analytical sharing: Today, some color techniques and methods to do a share and summary, whether you have an art foundation/color base or 0 basis, you can use this method to create a secure color scheme. The so-called security

How to Make linen in Photoshop? Ps linen texture production tutorial !, Photoshop linen

1 and fill the white background: 4. Select Layer 1, and choose filter> miscellaneous> Add to the menu bar. Set the parameters to 90%, average distribution, and monochrome: 5. Switch to the background layer, and choose filter> blur> dynamic Blur from the menu bar. Set the dynamic blur parameter to angle 0 and distance to 25 pixels: 6. After the dynamic blur effect is added, create a blank Layer 2 and fill it with white. Then, click filter> color>

Photoshop getting started tutorial (3): layers and photoshop getting started tutorial

multiple layers into one layer 5. Layer groups Grouping is the most basic thing you need to know when using PS layering. Grouping does not make a great contribution to the design, but its importance is very obvious. Grouping helps to organize layers. In addition to naming layers correctly, grouping can also classify layers well to improve workflow. Because you no longer need to search all layers for a pixel, you just need to start from the group and quickly find it! 6. Color Identification Like

Excellent Photoshop Webpage Design Layout tutorial

Webpage layout is the key to webpage design. whether simple or complex, you can easily use Photoshop. This article will share with you the excellent 45Photoshop Webpage Design Layout tutorial. I believe that after reading these tutorials, you can also design beautiful web pages. 1. How to Make a Vibrant Portfolio Web Design in Photoshop 2. How to Create a Trend

Swift getting started tutorial Series 7-control flow, swift getting started tutorial Series 7-

Swift getting started tutorial Series 7-control flow, swift getting started tutorial Series 7-Control FlowIn general, the usage is similar to that of C, C ++, and Objective C.The description here may be a little less, and you will use it when writing code. It is very simple. You can focus on switch. swift has more swif

Photoshop CS5 official Chinese hack version 10 tips for downloading PHP scripts 7

a new Java object. The script will then get some Java properties and print them out. This is also a good example of COM. $system = new Java ("Java.lang.System"); echo " Java Version = ". $system->getproperty ("Java.version"). "";echo "Java vendor =". $system->getproperty ("Java.vendor"). ""; ?> If you have mastered Java knowledge, you must help developers to do this project. These types of integrations are bound to be the key to future PHP development and acceptance, so the future of PHP will

Introduction to the Pager Tutorial: 10 pager 0 Basic Getting Started tutorial recommended

wrote a, can be self- 7. PHP Using template Paging program (with demo), (1/3) _php Tutorial Introduction: PHP Using template Paging program (with demo); (1/3). PHP Using template Paging program (with demo), this is a more classic PHP page code Oh, the use of the program template, page separation method to do this file paging function, it is 8. An Oracle Paging program _php

Draw a summary of the basic Getting Started tutorial 0

the quality of the work and the sense of truth. With sufficient preparation, the later characterization will be much easier. 6. Photoshop Mouse Draws a realistic-style eye tutorial Introduction: As the saying goes, the eye is a window of the human mind, the structure of the eye is beautiful, the eyes can convey a wealth of emotion, is the most important part of the performance of Figure painting. If you w

Photoshop draws realistic blue-style game controllers-PS tutorial

mask is used, the edge can be smoothed. Of course, you can also choose high-quality rendering, but that will be slow.7. material colorBefore changing the shape, the expansion material (under the 3D material) is:Diffuse: blue/black (the color used here is # 21242b)Glossy: 100%Shining: 65%Environment color: blue (the translator uses # 3fd4ff here)Of course, you can also find the color I used in the attachment PSD, but at this moment you should not be i

Photoshop design nostalgia, lonely style movie website homepage Template Tutorial-PS tutorial

This tutorial describes how to use Photoshop to design a template for the homepage of a nostalgic and lonely style movie website. The results of this tutorial are very good, and the tutorial is not very difficult, the author also gave a detailed introduction to the production process. we recommend you go to the home of

How to use Photoshop to pull out the rosy complexion of a character photo (1/7)

How to use Photoshop tutorial to bring up a person's picture rosy complexion Final effect 1, open the original material, create a color balance adjustment layer, the middle and high light adjustment, parameter settings such as Figure 1, 2, the effect is as Figure 3.

How to use Photoshop to create blue-pink honey-colored Non-mainstream effects (1/7)

How to use Photoshop Tutorial to create blue-pink honey color Non-mainstream effect Final effect 1, to open the original image with PS, first images into automatic levels, and then copy a layer of layer 1, into the portraiture filter for grinding skin (parameters such as figure), after processing and then use the Noi

UI Designer 0 Basic primer to master Boutique Video tutorial "155 Lessons HD full Version"

"Fortune Bar Resource Network Sharing" course is very complete, is also very 0 basis, suitable for any student, there is a need to download to see!Course Catalogue:1th Chapter Adobe Photoshop CS6Lesson 1 Adobe Photoshop CS6 Basics 52:24Lesson 2 Creating and editing a selection (top) 46:57Lesson 3 Creating and editing a selection (bottom) 48:59Lesson 4 mastering L

Photoshop example Tutorial: Image Synthesis poster-PS tutorial

This tutorial is about making special effect posters in photoshop. it mainly introduces some special effect processing techniques, such as merging and processing some details. The overall effect is still great, I hope you can learn from the examples. this tutorial is about how photoshop makes special effect posters. it

Photoshop post-image repair tutorial for reducing facial wrinkles

To the users of Photoshop software for detailed analysis to share a reduction in the portrait of the face wrinkles of the post-revision tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: Practice Material: Step 1: Add a new, blank layer When you open a new image in Photoshop, if you look at the la

How Illustrator works with photoshop to create an ultra-beautiful guitar string and letter effect tutorial

Give your illustrator software users a detailed explanation of the tutorials that combine Photoshop to create the effect of the super beautiful guitar strings. Tutorial Sharing: Let's take a look at the final effect chart: The final finished figure Photoshop and illustrator illustrator are two very good tools. They can h

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