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Photoshop Basics Tutorial: Clipping mask Use to create flowing ant lines

This example is the Photoshop Beginner's series tutorial, in the tutorial we will learn to use the PS Clipboard to make the flowing ant line animation effect, mainly learns the custom pattern, the selection, the stroke, the clipping mask as well as the animation production, hoped can bring the help to the friend ~ ~    Effect:    The production step is

Photoshop uses clipping masks to make gradient text tutorials

To the users of Photoshop software to explain the detailed interpretation of the use of the clipping mask to make the gradient word tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: Fonts, Frames Make a linear gradient fill a layer The font frame merges the grid, using the cut layer for the filled gradient layer to complete Well, the above information

How to create a dynamic mask using text in Photoshop-PS tutorial

This tutorial describes how to use Photoshop to create a dynamic mask. The final result of the tutorial is really good, and the method is not very difficult. we recommend that you use it, let's take a look at it. this tutorial is intended to introduce a friend of PHP chinnet to how to use Photoshop to create a dynamic mask

Photoshop Deep Resolution Mask Tutorial

For the users of Photoshop software, please share the in-depth parsing mask tutorial in detail. Tutorial Sharing: PS Four core technology is what? channels, masks, paths, selections But many people's understanding of them is still in the initial stage, and do not have a thorough understanding of their specific role, Before the tutorial, I went through a lot of

Mask interesting effects and usage tips in Photoshop

1. Clip Masks Create text effects A clipping mask enables you to use the contents of one layer as a mask for another layer. This approach is especially important when you need to display pictures in text. Just create a text layer

Photoshop uses clipping masks to make gradient-word tutorials

To the users of Photoshop software to explain the detailed interpretation of the use of the clipping mask to make the gradient word tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: A very simple word effect, for the super Novice to see, learn some examples of clipping masks. Fonts, Frames Make a linear gradient fill a

tutorial on the principle and use of the mask in Photoshop

What is a mask? What's the use of masks? I've been asked a lot of these similar questions. I think, probably all Photoshop beginners to "mask" the word is very puzzled! They all think that the use of the mask is a very advanced learning =.=!? Perhaps if only to tell you that a large pile of

Illustrator combined with Photoshop to create a stereoscopic steel mask tutorial sharing

To the users of the illustrator software to share the detailed interpretation of the combination of Photoshop to create a solid steel mask tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: 1, open illustrator create a new document, first we should have a good reference, in the middle of the creation of circles and lines. We can now only create half of it, using the pen tool to outline the approximate outline.

iOS development--ui & text Gradient Effect: Mask property in a layer

=[[Yzlabel alloc] init];3 4Label.text =@"Small size brother, focus on advanced iOS development engineer's training";5 6 [Label SizeToFit];7 = Cgpointmake ( $, -);9 Ten //question: Label is only used for text clipping, can not be added to the view. One //You must add the label to the view, and if you do not add it to the view, the label's layer does not call the DrawRect method to draw the

Photoshop Profiling Mask

The first time I learned Photoshop, the part of the mask did not understand, then always feel that the concept of the mask is very abstract, although following the book did a lot of practice, but in their own application process, but do not know how to take advantage of this function in Photoshop. Looking at the names

Photoshop Mask Pro Filter Cutout method

Mask Pro is another cutout tool, produced by Ononesoftware, a company based in Portland, USA Oregon State. The latest official releases are 3.0.1 (Windows operating system) and 3.0.2 (MAC OS X operating system), and if mask Pro is installed under Windows operating systems, it requires a system version of Windows 2000 or Windows XP SP2. If you are installing under the Mac operating system and you need a vers

Photoshop Mask Cosmetics Business Repair map Tour Share

base map special One such gradient, the purpose is to have stereo light sense. Fourth step: Draw the inside frame, pay attention to the ground layer, why go to color? Personal habits, don't bother. Fifth step: Through the channel to take out the original figure, the text logo part of the temporary disregard, the channel of the number of the mother has many tutorials, here do not repeat, the basic is to choose the close

Using PS mask to create creative text images

The effect of the tutorial is similar to that of the text portrait effect. The difference is the selection, the text portrait is the text of the selection to copy portrait. Instead, the tutorial uses a portrait selection to copy text. As long as you know the method, you can quickly make the desired effect. Triple reco

Photoshop Design Aesthetic Lace Text tutorial

. Now, select all of the texture layers and merge them. Rename Group to textures. Step 10Select "Logo" layer group, go to layer > Merge group. This translates the layers and all the things in the group into a single layer group. Then go to layer > Layer style > projection. Use color dodge blending mode, opacity 100%, Angle-60, distance and size 5px. Step 11Copy the "Texture" layer group and change the blending mode of the "paper" Layer to overlay. Merge groups to create a single layer. Cha

Photoshop makes a beautiful neon art text tutorial

, into a thin line, and then right click on the choice of free transformation, adjust the curve effect, copy adjust the smoke layer, ctrl+t right click to select Vertical Flip, to the right to move. New clipping mask layer above, flexible brush color, pattern filter. The ECG layer is imported, the pattern filter color, the color level is selected, and the value is adjusted to see the

Photoshop Diamond Women's Day theme text design tutorial

: #9f5204, other settings are shown below. 12, after the determination of the fill to: 0%, the effect of the following figure. 13, the overall effect came out, the following we again to sharpen. Create a new layer, press CTRL + ALT + Shift + E-stamped layer. Then select the menu: Filter > Sharpen > USM Sharpen, the parameters are set as shown below. 14, hold down CTRL + the left mouse button click on the original

Photoshop text-create a paper-torn text Effect

Source: Silicon Valley power First look at the effect: Production tool: Photoshop CS Production process: 1. Create a new file, set the width to 10 cm, the height to 5 cm, the resolution to 300 pixels, and the mode to RGB white files. 2. Open the channel panel, click the "Create new channel" button under the Control Panel to generate a new channel Alpha 1, and execute the "filter", "rendering", and "Cloud" command in the menu bar, effect 01 is sho

Photoshop makes stunning text effects

In the Photoshop tutorial, you'll learn to use a clipping mask, a variety of layer patterns and blending techniques, plus a variety of other effects to create amazing text effects. If you have any idea please leave a message, hope everybody likes this PS tutorial! Triple recommended: photoshop7.0 Mini version free dow

Photoshop text Effects tutorial: Beautiful simple Light silk text

This tutorial introduces a simpler way to make a light silk text. The entire text is composed of the same text path combination. First need to stroke the path, and then use different color blocks overlay color, and then copy and control layer opacity to make the text of the approximate effect, later rendering high ligh

Photoshop Novice Stereo Text tutorial sharing

color. 8. Use gradients on the front letter layer. The rear perspective layer is copied and the same gradient is used on the copy layer. 9, change the perspective of the layer properties to overlay. Look a bit dark, you can press the layer by row brightness and contrast adjustment, until satisfied. 10, the front letter layer using embossed effect, set as shown: 11, the overall color is done. 12, the use of transpare

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