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Foreign high quality Photoshop CS5 tutorial

As we all know, Photoshop is one of the most famous image processing software software of adobe Company. The Photoshop CS5 Standard Edition is suitable for photographers as well as for print designers, and the Photoshop CS5 extension adds a breakthrough tool for creating and

PhotoShop CS5 using 3D function to render a three-dimensional blue and white porcelain vase tutorial

This article teaches us to use the Photoshop CS5 3D function to render a three-dimensional blue and white porcelain vase effect, at ordinary times we saw some stereoscopic sense, the texture ultra strong 3D image, can also realize easily in the Photoshop CS5. Photoshop

Photoshop CS5 draw Jungle flower Demon oil painting style illustration tutorial

This PS tutorial for you to bring is Jinmingming written "Flowers and Leaves" Photoshop tutorial. According to the author's introduction, "Flowers and leaves" to take is the author often displayed the theme of the flower demon, the style of expression is biased Oil painting texture, non-commercial category of an illustration, hope interested friends can get some

PhotoShop CS5 post-production Film Effect tutorial

A lot of people recently asked me how those "movie sense" photos were built, and I'd rather write a tutorial than answer the same questions every time. Triple recommended: photoshop7.0 Mini version free download | Photoshop CS5 Chinese free Download | Photoshop free Download In fact, the idea is from the Wang Yiheng

PhotoShop CS5 using ready-made dynamic diagram to make blood dragon sign gif animation effect tutorial

Because recently many people want to learn blood dragon sign, previously remember that there is a tutorial is not turned out, so today to do a tutorial, novice tutorials do not tread, afraid of some new people can not understand, so each step is cut the map, This is the use of ready-made dynamic diagram, since the addition of text on the line, only the Photoshop

PhotoShop CS5 easy to make 3D stereo WordArt tutorial

When we see some of the three-dimensional, strong texture of the 3D image, in Photoshop CS5 can also be easily realized. Photoshop CS5 adds the "3D" menu to the menu bar. At the same time also equipped with "3D" palette, so that users can use material to map, make a realistic 3D image texture, and further promote the

PhotoShop CS5 Enhanced 3D features detailed tutorial

A lot of beginners are interested in Photoshop CS5 3D effect features, letter asked me the use of this feature, here specifically for you to develop this tutorial for you to discuss learning. At ordinary times we see some three-dimensional, texture super 3D image, in Photoshop CS5

PhotoShop CS5 make staggered line flashing GIF animation effect tutorial

Sneak in, teach everyone to do a simple effect of the staggered line animation effect, the content is not complex, the key is that everyone should be familiar with the use of shortcut keys, how to quickly remember the shortcut keys? Of course, it's a repetitive operation, Triple recommended: photoshop7.0 Mini version free download | Photoshop CS5 Chinese free Download |

PhotoShop CS5 Synthetic "Transformers" poster tutorial

Transformers is the United States Hasbro Company and Japan Takara Company developed a series of toys and launched a series of animated films/film collectively, from 1984 onwards has been popular in the world so far, this tutorial we will make movie posters in the Bo sent the heavy metal logo effect, in the production of the main use of "add Noise", " Relief effects, such as filters to perform. Tutorial Mat

PhotoShop CS5 making Hellboy movie poster tutorial

According to the comic film "Hellboy" set adventure, action, detectives, monsters in one, even if you are not a fan of the original comic book, you will be "Hellboy" the atmosphere of the film infected. In this tutorial we will make the logo for the Mystery Institute in the movie poster. The production of the main use of "relief effect", "enhanced edge" and other filters to make. (1) Run Photoshop

PhotoShop CS5 to make the earth rotation shrink Amplification gif animation tutorial

Do this effect simply by frame-by-step animation is more tired, whether you use PS, or FL, or AE are using key frame animation to do. I'm just using your question here for example, three-dimensional and video processing of PS Triple recommended: photoshop7.0 Mini version free download | Photoshop CS5 Chinese free Download | Photoshop free Download It's a lot mo

PhotoShop CS5 to make a rotating 3D Earth animation tutorial

The tutorial mainly uses Photoshop to make the rotating 3D Earth Animation tutorial, the production method is not difficult, but the 3D function in the Photoshop CS5 it to the video card's request is relatively high, We can also try to make a bit of their own dongdong. Fin

PhotoShop CS5 to create an old yellow photo effect tutorial

Tutorial Introduction with Photoshop CS5 to create a realistic yellow old photo effect of the tutorial, the effect is very beautiful, mainly used in texture materials, external watercolor Lucisart filter to make the image texture, With hue/saturation, color balance to pull out the effect of retro yellowing, like the s

PhotoShop CS5 the beauty into a sci-fi robot. Post-Revision tutorial

How to turn the skin white and bright, as well as create sci-fi lighting effect, how to make a woman full of mechanical sense, to do in my future robot. Inspired by a robot movie, I'm sure you've seen something like this, and we've come to uncover her. Production software: PS CS5 English version * Tutorial Effect Chart: * Original Artwork * Production steps: Remove Eyebrows 1,

tutorial on the use of Photoshop CS5 liquefaction filters

. First open the "liquefaction filter", select the "Forward deformation tool", adjust the brush than the small lamb's mouth slightly larger when pulling up gently, the middle part of the pull down a little, the other corner of the mouth also pick up, how? Smile. In the same way, when we shoot a lot of portrait work, we find that the model can be easily solved because it doesn't have a laugh. The function of each key To familiarize yourself with each key First let's tak

PhotoShop CS5 Quick Hair Cutout Tutorial

Share my latest Dig tutorial After I watched the video, how long did it take to study out this drawing tutorial. God horse Channel, pull out, plug the map is outdated. Prepare the Photoshop CS5 version beforehand. From then on, you only need less than a minute to pull the map. Take a look at the original artwork:

PhotoShop CS5 to create a forest scene effect tutorial

In this tutorial, the process of creating a fantasy forest scene is created by combining several lighting effects with the HDR-tonal features of Photoshop CS5. Triple recommended: photoshop7.0 Mini version free download | Photoshop CS5 Chinese free Download |

PhotoShop CS5 making text gif animation effect tutorial

This tutorial uses PS CS5 to make several text GIF animated tutorials, including flash text effect, dynamic text effect, raindrop animation effect and scrolling text effect. Like the classmate can study. Triple recommended: photoshop7.0 Mini version free download | Photoshop CS5 Chinese free Download |

PhotoShop CS5 uses 3D features to create a realistic frozen cherry effect tutorial

Introduction: This tutorial for translation tutorials, mainly teach us to use Photoshop to synthesize 3D effect of chilled cherry effect, using the PS 3D function to make, 3D features need Photoshop CS5 above version. The tutorial is divided into two parts first the cube of

The fantasy color ring background of Photoshop CS5 hundred-Variable Brush tutorial

The brush shape in this tutorial changes to the middle transparent circular shape, and the brush settings are similar to the previous tutorials, but the only difference is that the brush is set in a blending mode, which produces a layered, brightly colored effect. (1) Open the Photoshop CS5, click the "file" → "new" command, and create a new blank tr

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