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Practical tips for making PhotoShop CS5 photo inkjet

Software used in tutorials: Photoshop CS5 (in fact, using PS6 is fine) This tutorial applies to the readership: understand the PS tool operation on it Disclaimer: The author of this tutorial is Effect Material 1 Material 2 Objective: Today, a customer sent to the short term to do a indoor inkjet, clothing store use, han

Photo-grade leather texture of Photoshop CS5 hundred variable brushes

In this tutorial, you will continue to use the curve-shape brush brushes to draw a messy line effect. Make the leather effect of the real texture by adjusting the layer style and blending mode. Production steps: (1) Run Photoshop CS5, execute "file" → "open" command, open material "line material. PSD" and "bump texture. psd" file. (2) Select the line material document, perform the

PhotoShop CS5 to create an old yellow photo effect tutorial

Tutorial Introduction with Photoshop CS5 to create a realistic yellow old photo effect of the tutorial, the effect is very beautiful, mainly used in texture materials, external watercolor Lucisart filter to make the image texture, With hue/saturation, color balance to pull out the effect of retro yellowing, like the students can learn Oh! Effect Chart:

PhotoShop CS5 to make deformed rope text effects

Production ideas: The main use of Photoshop CS5 new features to manipulate the deformation of a piece of rope to make a line of beautiful words, the tutorial will explain in detail CS5 inside this new feature of the detailed use of the method. Using software: Photoshop CS5 E

Teaches you how to use Photoshop cs5 or CS6 for iPad. You can change the background at will, create GIF files, provide HD tutorials, and create original images.

From scratch to the original iPad, this work also referred to some online tutorials The images required in this tutorial are provided in a package and uploaded to csdn. : Http:// What will happen after this tutorial is completed? By the way, you can use Photoshop to create GIF images and teach you shortcut keys and skills. PS after completi

30 amazing Photoshop text effects tutorials

I believe that anyone interested in design will have a certain understanding of the effect of using Photoshop to make 3D texts. The design based on texts can be as beautiful as it is. Today, this article recommends 30 very good Photoshop text special effects tutorials. Follow these

Photoshop tips for photo-and-backlight effects on trees

The picture does not have the backlight, the processing time needs to add the character's background part to brighten, and renders some light yellow high light. And then render some transmission high light around the characters to make a similar backlight effect. Original Final effect 1, open the material picture, create an optional color adjustment layer, yellow, green, black adjustment, parameter settings such as Figure 1-3, the effect is shown in Figure 4. This st

PS wedding photo processing Photoshop Wedding Film landscaping, effect rendering special tutorials

Triple tutorials for everyone to organize PS wedding photo processing Special Course PS wedding photo processing Photoshop Wedding Film landscaping, effect rendering Special Tutorials: Topic list Photoshop to create

Photoshop Brush making photo effects tutorial

In ancient times there is a way to deal with the ciphertext, the fire can be baked to appear, the effect is very unique. Today, we use Photoshop to do a special effect, so that the photo can not only make the effects, but also to make a brush out of the texture feel. Let's have a look! Before and after processing contrast chart Before processing

Photoshop call up a post-processing tutorial on black/white photo effects with high texture Skin

't understand the eye modifier. I will draw a diagram later, as shown in the figure:Step 6: Fill in the light and shade of the face, as shown in the figure below:Step 7: modify the nose, which is shown in the figure below:Step 8: Press the dark environment to highlight the environment. As shown in the following figure:Step 9: use gradient ING to convert images into black and white:Step 10: add the local definition, as shown in the following figure:Step 2: highlight eye details and subjects:T

Photoshop brings bright and refreshing effects to gloomy landscapes. Photo processing tutorial

Many friends complain that the photo is not good-looking, in fact, you do not take the picture is not good-looking, is that you did not do in place, so the film is not good-looking. The next photo shoot when the sun is falling, the light is very flat, the photo fog is not good-looking. After the treatment can make up to see. How do I deal with this picture? I fee

Photoshop to create panoramic photo tutorials to share

Give your Photoshop software users a detailed explanation to share the tutorials for making panoramic photos. Tutorial Sharing: Need to take a large wide-angle, and deformation of the small panorama, no fish eye lens, only from left to right in order to take a number of photos, and then splicing them together. Photoshop has an automatic mosaic

Photoshop adds twilight to photo effects

Photoshop adds twilight to photo effects Final effect Original 1, open the original material, press CTRL + ALT + 2 to bring up the high light selection, press CTRL + Shift + I to select the dark part of the selection, and then create a curve adjustment layer, RGB, red, blue channel adjustment, parameter settings such as Figure 1, the ef

Photoshop daytime suburban photo turn into Night view effect post-processing tutorials

to the moon Moon Brightening The Moon plus a Blu-ray hybrid mode strong light Battery car, add light. It's easy to deal with this effect. Of course it's a rough basic method. Well, the above information is the details that the users of this software from Photoshop have brought to the detail of the late-night processing tutor

Photoshop produces low saturated, gorgeous photo effects

Designer's words: For digital post-processing, the designer's first impression of the photo is important because it determines the basic idea behind a series of adjustments and designs. The steps of color matching and design techniques are ever-changing, but the ultimate goal is to achieve more aesthetic visual effects, better show more perfect works. Want to make a portrait

Photoshop uses pattern tools to enhance photo effects

Photoshop after the technology in the digital era, has become an indispensable link, small size, large combination of different media, rich image works. The following will be in-depth explanation, how to use Photoshop tools built in the material, to highlight the style of the photo Oh! Photoshop inside the building ma

Photoshop to create vintage retro Polaroid photo effects tutorial

We'll use the tonal and a series of styles in Photoshop to adjust the style of the photo. Subtle use of noise and overlay to create old effects! Effect Chart: Original: Open the image you selected in Photoshop. Slight adjustment of contrast. Add a curve adjustment layer, change the Pull-down me

Use Photoshop to make low-key photo effects

maintain the basic color and not too bright, dark tone at the same time not completely lose the original color. Dark tones of brown and the original color of the blend, not bright and low. Simple steps, and just the operation of the basic tools, but it can make a picture of a completely different feeling, not complicated process needs to be sensitive to color and level of judgment, the specific circumstances of their own careful grasp, the process of regulation can not be excessive, everything

Photoshop uses filters to make strong contrast high-definition photo effects

Photoshop uses filters to make strong contrast high-definition photo effects Original Final effect 1, open the original artwork. 2, we use the same method similar to the first part, but the setting is slightly different, we put the light in different places. Copy the bottom, perform the filter-lucis Art Watercolor filter-lucis

Photoshop makes old photo effects

In this PS tutorial, we will make use of Photoshop filter and layer blending mode, and so on to make a color photo of the old photo effect. Effect chart Original Step 1th-Open material photos Run Photoshop, execute file-> open, find material photos, open. Step 2nd-Add noise Now start adding the noise effect

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