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70 tutorials for designing websites with Photoshop

be sure to ask in the comments. also, remember with all the tutorials, the psd is available for download. 12) Creating A Professional Magazine Web LayoutIn this tutorial you will learn how to create a portfolio styled layout for your design studio gallery. if you have any questions about this tutorial be sure to ask in the comments. also, remember with all the tutorials, the psd is available for download.

42 excellent Photoshop button creation tutorials

Document directory 1. How to Create a Slick and Clean Button in Photoshop 2. Photoshop tutorial website pill button icon design in photoshop 3. Vista Styled Button 4. Creating buttons in Photoshop 5. Clean and Shining Button for Your Website in Photoshop 6. Designing

40 excellent Photoshop tutorials

Photoshop is one of the most famous image processing software owned by Adobe. It integrates image scanning, editing and modification, image production, advertising creativity, image input and output. Today, I will share with you 40 useful Photoshop tutorials. I believe you can design beautiful images after reading these tutor

Learning Web Design: WEBJX Collection of 15 foreign web development Tutorials Website

subscribers exceeding 100,000, and sharing a variety of excellent tutorials for developers reading at different stages. CSS Tricks CSS Tricks is the best place to learn CSS, publish a tutorial on various aspects of CSS, want to strengthen the CSS technology friends must collect. Smashing Magazine Smashing Magazine is one of the best front-end technology sites and has a variety of excellent front-end design and development technical articles.

15 Quick Start learning Apple Swift programming language tutorials

Supported methods for extending the protocol structure. Functional programming patterns, such as maps and filters Today brings you 15 English-language tutorials for fast learning apple Swift. Simple and practical. Interested can go and see.1. Swift Tutorial for BeginnersIn this tutorial, you can learn some new ways to write iOS code.2. The Swift programming LanguageEnglish ChineseThis is the official

Top 60 excellent Photoshop webpage creation tutorials [Part 1]

I have shared several excellent Photoshop webpage creation tutorials with many people. This article will continue to share with you more excellent Photoshop webpage creation tutorials. In fact, web design is not as difficult as you think. I believe that after reading these tutorial

Photoshop Elements 12 new features

around to create a visual effect of an unfinished jigsaw puzzle. Photo Puzzle effects Third, the professional editing mode 1, Automatic intelligent adjustment (Auto Smart Tone) Automatic intelligent adjustment will record the user's editing preferences, and allow users to set according to preferences, a key to the image editing. Automatic Intelligent tuning 2. Pet Eye correction Pet Eye correction function, can eliminate the pet eye of the macular, green spot and

Sharing top 25 excellent Photoshop tutorials

, editing and modification, image production, advertising creativity, image input and output. Today, I will share 25 useful Photoshop tutorials with you. I believe you can design beautiful images after reading these tutorials.1. The Making of the Nutty Boat Trip 2. Create a Dark and Mysterious Fantasy Portrait 3. Create Creepy, Branch Based Typography

Making greeting cards with Photoshop elements

Spring Festival has passed, the first day of the New Year again, we teach you to use Photoshop elements to produce a Chinese traditional characteristics of the spring greeting card. The effect of the works is shown in Figure 1. Friends receive this beaming greeting card in this cold winter will certainly feel "hot" warmth. The end of the article provides a. psd file for everyone to download for reference.

Post-processing tutorials for wedding photography outside Photoshop share

For the users of Photoshop software, share some of the late-stage processing tutorials in suburban wedding photography. Tutorial Sharing: Analysis of photos, many people know that the first time to get photos is to analyze the photos, then we have to from what aspects, how to analyze the photos, think about, combined with their usual accumulated knowledge. The first thing to do is

Photoshop design Sci-Fi full of metal word production tutorials

To the users of Photoshop software for detailed analysis to share the design of the sci-fi sense of the full metal word production tutorials. Tutorial Sharing: Final effect: 1-1, first we create a new canvas: 780*312, background color filled with black, font color set to #d4aa3f, size 120 points, placed in the middle of the canvas (here the font name is: Spy Agency Regula

Tutorials on how to create a portrait in Photoshop

the screen is too high, you can apply a normal white brush to the mask to remove unwanted effects.20. In the next step, repeat the above steps on the deformation layer in the middle, but do not apply Black. Here we use white to show the layer.Select the intermediate layer and mask layer. Change the color of the paint brush to white and scatter the paint in the previous area. Smear the deformed area. In this way, the entire image is displayed with a cool dispersion effect.Final effect:All right,

Photoshop quick removal of extra chair tutorials in photos

stones to deepen the process, as shown below. This tutorial is basically over, and if you have any questions you can go to to view the video tutorials. Finally fine-tune the details and so on, complete the final effect. Okay, the above information is small to give you photoshop this software users brought to the detailed quick removal of the extra chair

Photoshop uses brushes to make cloud element effect post-production tutorials

selection, fill (R149, G75, B137), and finally set the layer blending mode to "multiply", into the skin Continue to add more graphic elements in the same way to enhance the makeup of the eye part. Then use the Ellipse tool to draw some different sizes of ellipse points around the eyes to enhance the eye effect! Step four: Create a new layer group, and then create a new layer inside it, load the cloud. ABR brush, select

Photoshop to add sunset effect to Lake wedding photos post-processing tutorials

darkens the color of the lawn a little bit. 22, create curve adjustment layer, the RGB channel adjustment, parameter settings such as Figure 36, to determine after the mask filled with black, with a white brush to wipe out the corners, the effect is shown in Figure 37. This step adds a dark angle to the picture. 23, the background layer to copy a layer, press CTRL + Shift +] Top, the character part of the pull out, copied to the new layer, the effect of the following fig

Photoshop Imitation of Sin City black and white style production tutorials

To the users of Photoshop software for detailed analysis to share the imitation of Sin City Black-and-white style of production tutorials. Tutorial Sharing: Effect Chart: Here our model is a very cool gun girl ~ Because to create a feeling of darkness and evil ~ 1. New gradient map, choose Fade to black and white, if your gradient image is from white to bl

Photoshop uses PS and AI to make cool neon dynamic picture-making tutorials

, click Set up a reference line. Make sure the guides are visible (cmd+;) and lock the Guides (cmd+alt+;). 14. Use the scissors tool to cut the intersection of the planetary path and the two outer rings. Using smart Guides (CMD + U) can be easily seen. 15. Because the letter p exceeds the contour of the planet, we want to ungroup the text or enter isolation mode, select the "P" letter, and then add the 3 mm offset path

Photoshop uses filters to create beautiful fireworks tutorials

We will give you a detailed analysis of photoshop software and share with you the tutorials on creating beautiful fireworks with filters.Tutorial sharing:1. Open the pssoftware, press Ctrl + N to create a document, set the width and height to 1000 pixels, and set the resolution to 72. You can also create a document of the desired size.2. Select the gradient tool and select a "chromatographic" grad

Photoshop Adjust color three elements

command that you just introduced, which allows you to select a color and then change the hue, saturation, and brightness values of the selected area. Opens an image, performs the image adjustment replace Color command, and pops up the Replace Color dialog box. Select color: The color you want to change appears, you can double-click the color block to open the Select Target Color dialog box to select a color. Color tolerance: Drag the Color Tolerance slider or enter a value to adj

Photoshop detailed interpretation of the most realistic seal Chapter printing Tutorials _ Other

is also an official seal of the tutorial, the other online production of the official seal of the tutorials are very simple and not detailed, so this tutorial is very good, not only the effect of the tutorial written also very detailed, like friends can come to study under it. Author: Lihefei Type: Basic utility software: Photoshop CS5 Difficulty: ★★★☆☆ Seal effect: Tutorial Start: 1, the new 3

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