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Go to Photoshop on YouTube

For those who are learning Photoshop, using websites such as Youtube as a free video teaching hall is a good choice. This article collects some videos for you to get started quickly: Image Effects# The correct way to convert an image into a grayscale image# Yellow correction# Image Modification# Resize Images# Black/white images with high contrast# Remove unnecessary e

40 excellent Photoshop tutorials

Photoshop is one of the most famous image processing software owned by Adobe. It integrates image scanning, editing and modification, image production, advertising creativity, image input and output. Today, I will share with you 40 useful Photoshop tutorials. I believe you can design beautiful images after reading these tutor

Photoshop Elements 12 new features

around to create a visual effect of an unfinished jigsaw puzzle. Photo Puzzle effects Third, the professional editing mode 1, Automatic intelligent adjustment (Auto Smart Tone) Automatic intelligent adjustment will record the user's editing preferences, and allow users to set according to preferences, a key to the image editing. Automatic Intelligent tuning 2. Pet Eye correction Pet Eye correction function, can eliminate the pet eye of the macular, green spot and

Photoshop uses brushes to make cloud element effect post-production tutorials

selection, fill (R149, G75, B137), and finally set the layer blending mode to "multiply", into the skin Continue to add more graphic elements in the same way to enhance the makeup of the eye part. Then use the Ellipse tool to draw some different sizes of ellipse points around the eyes to enhance the eye effect! Step four: Create a new layer group, and then create a new layer inside it, load the cloud. ABR brush, select

Post-processing tutorials for wedding photography outside Photoshop share

For the users of Photoshop software, share some of the late-stage processing tutorials in suburban wedding photography. Tutorial Sharing: Analysis of photos, many people know that the first time to get photos is to analyze the photos, then we have to from what aspects, how to analyze the photos, think about, combined with their usual accumulated knowledge. The first thing to do is

Photoshop Adjust color three elements

command that you just introduced, which allows you to select a color and then change the hue, saturation, and brightness values of the selected area. Opens an image, performs the image adjustment replace Color command, and pops up the Replace Color dialog box. Select color: The color you want to change appears, you can double-click the color block to open the Select Target Color dialog box to select a color. Color tolerance: Drag the Color Tolerance slider or enter a value to adj

Photoshop uses PS and AI to make cool neon dynamic picture-making tutorials

yo ~ different time set out the effect of different oh ~ 43. Then in 7, 6 frames, open a second rocket, close the first rocket ~ 44. Open the last rocket in the 7th frame and close the previous rocket 45. Then the part of the rocket, repeat 5~6 time or so we are done ~ finally exported-stored in the Web format-gif format. Completed! Well, the above information is small compiled for you

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