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Photoshop puts blurry pictures in a clear tone

When we use a digital camera to take photos, sometimes because the focus is not allowed, resulting in some of the location of the picture is blurred, then, there is no way to make blurred images of the image become clear? Today, I'm going to teach you how to use Photoshop to make blurry photos clearer, Interested netizens just take a look at today's Photoshop Tut

Photoshop Campus Photo Palette making Tutorial

model back a bit collapsed, need liquefaction, pull s open curve to strengthen the contrast of the picture, plus brightness. The next step is to fine-tune the tint of the screen with an optional color and color balance. The final step in the alien skin plug-in to sharpen the screen to add particles, now look at the original film and the final slice contrast. Summarize: Shooting in RAW format, can retain more details at the s

How does Photoshop fix old, faded black-and-white photos?

Now many families will have black-and-white photos, but these photos can not withstand years of erosion, gradually fade the color, like old memories gradually blurred. Many of the photos bear our memories, and even carry the lofty years of our ancestors. How do you fix these pictures and let them continue to carry those memories? Photoshop can! Here's a faded black-and-white

Photoshop Photo Coloring course in late autumn

and decrease the saturation of the treatment of contrast. Let the screen fade away, so that the near part of the screen jumped out to leaps. This is the eye of observation that we need to develop to fix the picture. The eye of observation and your aesthetic, surrounding environment, talent is closely related, so photography or later, learned that later is the internal force, is the connotation, is the aesthetic.

Photoshop Dark Tone Purple portrait photo instance processing tutorial

To give you Photoshop software users to detailed analysis to share the dark tone of the purple portrait photo example of the processing tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: Final effect Original 1, open the material picture, create an optional color adjustment layer, yellow, green, neutral color adjustment, parameter settings such as Figure 1-3, the effect is shown

Photoshop to make a clear picture of the city nightscape photo production tutorial

To the users of Photoshop software to detailed analysis to share a clear picture of the bright city scene photo of the production of a tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: Before you fix the picture, you need to have a clear idea, and it's important to have four points to make the photo transparent:

Photoshop repair old photo processing tutorial

Give your Photoshop software users a detailed explanation to share the process of repairing old photos. Tutorial Sharing: In this tutorial we will learn how to use Photoshop's stamp tool to remove scratches, ink, spots, or unwanted parts from older photos. First, open the photo in Photoshop. 1. Select the Stamp tool an

Photoshop Photos of couples photo super textured metal complexion

the girl's face out of another picture and change it. "Ask for nature to be true." Small share: Pay attention to the role of the shape and size of the red leaves of the convergence of the place to coincide, the proportion of all aspects, and sometimes used to liquefaction. 3: Black background monotonous, I found a piece of coarse particles very heavy material, and then adjusted the color, tuned a tone. Note: Clothing also uses the color to Halo dye, the effect will be better, mor

Photoshop Photo correction color tutorial for yellow characters

The main reason why the whole picture is yellow is the damage of blue channel. The blue channel looks All black. But be aware of it. It is not without information, but too dark to see it. The usual way to fix this is to cover the green channel on the Blue channel. That can also be repaired. But the original information of the blue channel will be covered. Effect is not ideal. Today learn to use optional color to adjust the color

Photoshop uses excellent photo parameters to adjust photos

When you see a beautiful color picture, whether you regret the photo shoot why do not have this excellent effect. The match Color command in Potoshop provides a quick fix for this regret. It can make the color of your photos as beautiful as the image tones you see. This section describes in detail how to match the color of one photo with the color of another. As

Photoshop call up a post-processing tutorial on black/white photo effects with high texture Skin

't understand the eye modifier. I will draw a diagram later, as shown in the figure:Step 6: Fill in the light and shade of the face, as shown in the figure below:Step 7: modify the nose, which is shown in the figure below:Step 8: Press the dark environment to highlight the environment. As shown in the following figure:Step 9: use gradient ING to convert images into black and white:Step 10: add the local definition, as shown in the following figure:Step 2: highlight eye details and subjects:T

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