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MacBook Pro installs Photoshop and supports retina is that hard for you to say!

Tags: Startup method ack style tis picture this is not data-log Look straight! It's super-clear ...before that I was also a snare to various methods, various steps, various dazzling. And it has no effect either to crack success or not to support retina. This is not a blind toss! thinking about my approach on windows, I think it's similar on Mac. just a few steps:1: Off-grid installation of the original (trial). 2: Off-grid start once. 3: Exit. Instal

2015 new Retina MacBook Pro Removal HD image Rewards

Apple released this month's 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro, in addition to upgrading the internal main configuration, but also added a new Force touch trackpad, so there is still a need to disassemble again, let everyone see the new Force touch under the hidden secrets. If you want to learn about the performance of the new 13-inch

2015 new 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro Removal HD image

Apple released this month's 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro, in addition to upgrading the internal main configuration, but also added a new Force touch trackpad, so there is still a need to disassemble again, let everyone see the new Force touch under the hidden secrets. If you want to learn about the performance of the new 13-inch

Retina MacBook Pro shipping time shortened for the first time

Since Apple released the retina MacBook Pro last month, it is estimated that it was the first time Apple had shortened the delivery time of the retina MacBook Pro for new orders received by Apple's online stores. The first improve

How to install Linux on MacBook Pro Retina

How to install Linux on MacBook Pro Retina MacBook Pros has very powerful configuration, but some people want to strengthen, they want to use the Linux system. Whether you want a more open and personalized operating system or you only want to use some software specific to Linux, you will want to install Linux on your

Original Macbook Pro Retina 15-inch installation Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 methods

. The reason is that Windows 8.1 needs to be installed in the NTFS disk format, and OSX does not format this format.5. Restart, press and hold the Option/alt key, select EFI to start the installation of Windows 8.1, select the disk interface, select the newly divided partition, general in the last side, click the New button, and then use the new partition to install.6. After installing Windows 8, remember to install the Boot Camp tool (driver) of the USB flash drive after entering the system. Th

Recommended programming fonts for MacBook Pro Retina

Use vs2010, vs2012, and QT creator compilation tools to first push the same width font, and use the same LAS in the same width font.First of all, we all know that the same width is self-evident for the intuition of encoding. Second, the particularity of the Retina screen makes it hard to encode the eyes with a very small font all day, so I adjusted the MacBook Pro

2015 new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro detailed evaluation

Plus price. You can have a Mac that can run Windows. Is it attractive? Yes, it does. Most of the people who buy the MacBook air are working in writing or on the daily business, and may even be buying a family online. As long as you don't like to run a large 3D game, this integrated graphics card can handle most of the work. But, anyway, if you're a professional designer, or a professional game user. Don't go on reading this article. Because the

What about 15-inch MacBook Pro?

Earlier this week, it was reported that Apple would release the new 15-inch Retina macbook Pro in Wednesday, all too suddenly, on the morning of May 19, when Apple suddenly updated its official website with a 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro

Non-retinal MacBook Pro Upgrade Haswell

Apple's Global Developers Conference (WWDC) will be held on June 10, 2013, and many people are starting to speculate on what new products and technologies Apple will launch at the conference. KGI Securities analyst Ming-chi Kuo, in a new report, predicted the highlights of the Apple Global Developers Conference (WWDC), noting that Apple will launch its new MacBook Pro and

MacBook Pro Install Ubuntu

appropriately: If that's not the big enough, you can also the change those values to "6" instead.Finally, if you experience any washed out colors, you can grab the display color profiles from Mac OS X and use it in Ubunt U. Mount your Mac OS X drive /Library/ColorSync/Profiles/Displays/Color LCD-xxxxxx.icc and navigate to, where xxxxxx are some random string (there should only be one file Anyw Ays, but this string gets randomized). Copy it into your Ubuntu home folder, and then g

National Bank 2015 new MacBook Air/pro officially open for sale

In addition to the launch of Apple Watch and the new MacBook at the spring launch, the company has also made regular updates for the existing MacBook Air and Pro series computers. Apple's China website store has officially sold 2015 MacBook Air and MacBook

2015 MacBook Pro 15 How much less money?

2015 MacBook Pro 15 How much less money? The Apple 2015 MacBook Pro 15 notebook has a low and a high version of two versions, both CPU and graphics card are different, and thus the price is not the same. The 2015 MacBook Pro 15 l

Direct liter Win8 new MacBook Air/pro stop support Win7

Apple recently updated the existing MacBook product line, and Retina MacBook Pro and MacBook Air are all configured to be updated accordingly. In addition to being more robust, an updated MacBook product has a "feature" that seems

Macbook Pro starts with one months of experience

Do not know why Csdn markdown Editor from the file import articles, the article is less part, to my research, read the full text please visit my personal blog: from zero to infinityThis May started with the MacBook Pro and iphone 6, which has now been used for one months, feeling able to write my use feeling. I could not understand the behavior of those fruit powders before using Apple products, but after o

Will the MacBook Pro cancel the 3.5mm headphone connector?

Following the iphone 7, MacBook Pro is likely to become the second of Apple (hereinafter "Apple") to remove the 3.5-mm headphone connector. Apple appears to be preparing for the news, according to Twitter users. A user recently posted a message on Twitter saying that a survey had been received from Apple, one of which was to ask users if they had used the 3.5 mm headphone connector on the

MacBook Pro Replacement HDD and system installation Tutorials

What if your MacBook Pro hard drive is broken? If your device is a non-Retina MacBook Pro, then you can try to replace the hard disk, the following small series to bring you the old MacBook Pr

New MacBook Pro Trial

After we finally got the chance to get started with Apple's newest MacBook Pro with retina screens, we get the same feedback as we expected: the same design, the same excellent screen, faster running speed. The biggest challenge for the 13-inch version is now 1.8 centimeters in thickness and 1.57 kilograms of weight. This reduces the thickness and weight of th

How to book a MacBook Pro 2016 new style purchase

In combination with previous Mac product line updates, Apple's previous updates to Mac products were quietly updated on the official web, even without publicity and special press releases. And the previous update is mainly to configure the main upgrade, in the product appearance, innovation has nothing to change, last year's imac Retina display update should be considered a relatively large change in recent years. And tomorrow Apple will hold a confer

How to change the battery for Macbook Pro 13

Step one: The 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro battery is built in a way that is different from most external Windows operating system computers on the market, but a growing number of PC manufacturers are starting to change the battery's high-end products into a built-in way, which adds a lot of appearance. But the cost of replacing the battery is increasing. The 10 sc

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