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Photoshop to create a true reflection of the water surface scene effect Tutorial

In this photopshop tutorial, you will learn how to make water reflections from scratch, as well as the reflections and ripples of the scene. There's not a lot of complexity in this Photoshop tutorial, but you need to have a good Photoshop base. This is the previous and after Photoshop effect contrast original: Tut

Photoshop gives a picture of a product with a real natural reflection

Reverse. Then, select the Smart object layer in the Reflection Group and click on the Add layer mask at the bottom of the panel. You can now see a layer mask created for just the box selection. Finally, press CTRL +i invert the layer mask, the shape of the box outside the original image will be visible, and any overlapping original boxes will be invisible. Final effect: Note : M

Photoshop to make reflection post-course sharing

the projection look more natural. Add a light effect It's almost done, and now we make the projections, the paper cups and the background look more natural. Create a new layer underneath the projection layer, fill in any color, overlay a gradient color, pay attention to the shadow direction gradually darkened level. Add a "brightness contrast" adjustment layer for the paper cup, create a clipping mask

WPS Demo Create font Reflection effect

Can you make a Photoshop-like font reflection with a WPP document? Ah, easy job! Do you want to know how to edit? Only a simple five-step operation can be achieved OH. The steps are as follows: STEP1: Insert WordArt (any kind of WordArt can be OH), input "WPS font reflection." As shown in the figure STEP2: With the WordArt selected, select

PS for Beauty Sunglasses add specular reflection landscape effect Tutorial

Tutorial Learn how to use Photoshop for beauty sunglasses to add reflection, the method is simple and effective, mainly used in pens, masks and layer mode tools to complete, the following let us learn together. Effect Chart: Original artwork and Effect chart: First open the picture with a beautiful gir

Photoshop creates a magic book with a cool blue flame effect-PS tutorial

This tutorial describes how to use Photoshop to create a magic book with a cool blue flame effect. the magic book created in this tutorial is really beautiful and the method is not very difficult. we recommend that you use a big one, if you like it, you can follow the tutorial to learn about this tutorial. this tutorial is intended to introduce you to a friend at the foot home to use

WEBJX share a nice jquery picture toggle effect Plugin

Article Introduction: 10 Very stylish jQuery focus advertising plug-ins. This article recommends several very beautiful jquery image switching effect plug-ins. JQuery is the most popular and widely used JavaScript framework, which simplifies HTML document traversal, event handling, animation, and Ajax interaction, and helps WEB developers achieve a variety of fine interface interactions more quickly. One of the most impressive applications

Taste Photoshop KPT6.0 Filter effect

directory, otherwise it will not be used. When you install it, you will see a KPT6.0 submenu in the Filter menu. This tiny submenu contains a powerful KPT filter. The more representative filters are as follows: KPT Equalizer: Can be used to adjust the image to create a dream effect; KPT LensFlare: Create a true glow effect such as reflection, Halo and lens

Photoshop animation hand-painted wind photo effect tutorial

adjustment. Show detail adjustment, first as a building, he has high reflective glass, but, glass now reflects not our sky reflects the clouds, but the original with some scenes, now, we are man-made glass reflection 1. The same W-magic wand, we now need to select all the glass constituencies 2. Select the background layer of the sky, Crlt+j copy a layer, put on the top, and then find the right selection location

Red giant plugin red Giant Effect Suite v11 Installation Tutorial

install, the installation of reference to the following diagram prompts, to each option input serial number (serial number in the compression package), and to all tick, because the plug-in more, please be sure to check whether checked. 2, we should check the software version of the installation, the following image is AE cc, if you want to install PR, please select PR CC, or other version. 3, if there are some plug-ins can not be found after installation, then go to C:Program Filesa

JQuery 3D Canvas Carousel (marquee) Effect plugin-Cloud carousel

Plug-in name-cloud carouselLatest Version -1.0.5Support Ie6-ie9,firefox,chrome,opera,safari, etc.1. Introduction of Jquery1.4.2.js and Cloudcarousel.1.0.5.js2. Add a page to automatically load the plugin JS code, to initialize$ (document). Ready (function () {This initializes the container with the specified element, in this case, the carousel.$ ("#carousel1"). Cloudcarousel ({XPOS:450,YPOS:110,Buttonleft: $ (' #but1 '),Buttonright: $ (' #but2 '),Altb

Photoshop Mountain Snow Effect production tutorial

: Brush painting can not be too much, otherwise the outline of the mountain is covered, the lack of three-dimensional level. Then the snow-capped mountains layer reduces the opacity 95%, a little reflection of the original peak contour shadow. Later add a row of high-speed train picture, the whole picture became the Snow mountain high-speed rail scene, has the commercial element atmosphere. Well, the above information is small compiled

Photoshop retro style poster effect making tutorial

black text layer and press DELETE, and so does the red shape layer. 20th Step Select "Red shape" and add a 4 pixel Gaussian blur effect to make it fluffy. Then invoke an intelligent sharpening filter as shown below. Call the second smart Sharpen filter and use a much larger radius, which gives the impression that the ink is condensed on the edge of the pattern. 21st Step Select all lay

Photoshop to make ink style picture effect of Jiangnan river water Course

To you photoshop software users to detailed analysis to share the production of water and ink style Jiangnan water picture effect of the tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: The ink-wash painting has the characteristic of the scenery and reality, and the subtle nature of color. Ink phase adjustment, the level of wet and dry shading, paper ink melts, produce? 奘? Fu milk Jue wu ч?? The wine 谖 The e

Photoshop to create a simple glare of the broken text effect tutorial

Today to teach you to make a simple word effect, quite simple, mainly the use of materials, like the students can follow do! Tutorial Effect Chart One: Effect Figure II: One, the required material is as follows. Second, the production of fonts. Splash the liquid position, how to look good how to put, and then merge two laye

Photoshop costume beautiful pictures into fine brushwork effect production tutorial

To you photoshop software users to say that the ancient costume beautiful pictures into exquisite brushwork effect of the production of the tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: One, to the line draft: It's very easy for us to turn a picture into a line. We copy the original image, use Ctrl+alt+shift+b to change the screen to black and white, and then copy the black and white layer copy one layer, blending mode t

Photoshop to draw real 3D Earth effect

This tutorial uses the 3D function of Photoshop to draw a real earth effect, you can see this example to see the photoshop3d aspect strong. This tutorial comes from abroad, mainly introduces the 3D function of Photoshop to draw a real earth effect, we can see the photoshop3d by this example. Final

Photoshop makes a great visual impact Photo effect tutorial

To give you Photoshop software users to detailed analysis to share the production of a very visual impact of the photo effect of the tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: The so-called Bougainvillea days special effects, refers to have a strong sense of level and space, the overall effect of exaggerated and shocking picture

Post-tutorial on the effect of Photoshop on liquid water skirts

To give you Photoshop software users to detailed analysis to share the production of liquid water skirt effect of the later tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: Original: One: To find material pictures to pull the map, do background, synthesis. The female model should not be disposed of where the child sees it. Actually it's OK not to dispose of it. I'm afraid of being harmonized.

Photoshop precision Full size car effect chart

. Now you are ready to refine your design. Take a look at the car photos or pictures to see how to show the metallic reflection in a certain environment, Photoshop is a perfect tool that allows you to add shadows and highlights to your work. Use the Dodge tool to highlight, and using the burn tool is dimmed. You can see I'm brightening the flank of the car, darkest in the middle and adding a little grou

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