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Photoshop to create a true reflection of the water surface scene effect Tutorial

In this photopshop tutorial, you will learn how to make water reflections from scratch, as well as the reflections and ripples of the scene. There's not a lot of complexity in this Photoshop tutorial, but you need to have a good Photoshop base. This is the previous and after Photoshop effect contrast original: Tut

Photoshop gives a picture of a product with a real natural reflection

Reverse. Then, select the Smart object layer in the Reflection Group and click on the Add layer mask at the bottom of the panel. You can now see a layer mask created for just the box selection. Finally, press CTRL +i invert the layer mask, the shape of the box outside the original image will be visible, and any overlapping original boxes will be invisible. Final effect: Note : M

Photoshop to make reflection post-course sharing

the projection look more natural. Add a light effect It's almost done, and now we make the projections, the paper cups and the background look more natural. Create a new layer underneath the projection layer, fill in any color, overlay a gradient color, pay attention to the shadow direction gradually darkened level. Add a "brightness contrast" adjustment layer for the paper cup, create a clipping mask

WPS Demo Create font Reflection effect

Can you make a Photoshop-like font reflection with a WPP document? Ah, easy job! Do you want to know how to edit? Only a simple five-step operation can be achieved OH. The steps are as follows: STEP1: Insert WordArt (any kind of WordArt can be OH), input "WPS font reflection." As shown in the figure STEP2: With the WordArt selected, select

PS for Beauty Sunglasses add specular reflection landscape effect Tutorial

Tutorial Learn how to use Photoshop for beauty sunglasses to add reflection, the method is simple and effective, mainly used in pens, masks and layer mode tools to complete, the following let us learn together. Effect Chart: Original artwork and Effect chart: First open the picture with a beautiful gir

JQuery 3D Canvas Carousel (marquee) Effect plugin-Cloud carousel

Plug-in name-cloud carouselLatest Version -1.0.5Support Ie6-ie9,firefox,chrome,opera,safari, etc.1. Introduction of Jquery1.4.2.js and Cloudcarousel.1.0.5.js2. Add a page to automatically load the plugin JS code, to initialize$ (document). Ready (function () {This initializes the container with the specified element, in this case, the carousel.$ ("#carousel1"). Cloudcarousel ({XPOS:450,YPOS:110,Buttonleft: $ (' #but1 '),Buttonright: $ (' #but2 '),Altb

Taste Photoshop KPT6.0 Filter effect

directory, otherwise it will not be used. When you install it, you will see a KPT6.0 submenu in the Filter menu. This tiny submenu contains a powerful KPT filter. The more representative filters are as follows: KPT Equalizer: Can be used to adjust the image to create a dream effect; KPT LensFlare: Create a true glow effect such as reflection, Halo and lens

WEBJX share a nice jquery picture toggle effect Plugin

Article Introduction: 10 Very stylish jQuery focus advertising plug-ins. This article recommends several very beautiful jquery image switching effect plug-ins. JQuery is the most popular and widely used JavaScript framework, which simplifies HTML document traversal, event handling, animation, and Ajax interaction, and helps WEB developers achieve a variety of fine interface interactions more quickly. One of the most impressive applications

Photoshop to draw real 3D Earth effect

This tutorial uses the 3D function of Photoshop to draw a real earth effect, you can see this example to see the photoshop3d aspect strong. This tutorial comes from abroad, mainly introduces the 3D function of Photoshop to draw a real earth effect, we can see the photoshop3d by this example. Final

New thinking on the effect of drawing line in Photoshop

The blending mode in Photoshop is the difficulty of its understanding, its essence is a special form of choice, is a kind of invisible ant line selection. By blending modes, you can determine which levels of pixels are masked or altered in a determined manner, so understanding the mechanism of the blending mode is important to the user's goal of using PS. The following is an example of how to use the color Dodge mode in PS to extract lines from the im

Red giant plugin red Giant Effect Suite v11 Installation Tutorial

install, the installation of reference to the following diagram prompts, to each option input serial number (serial number in the compression package), and to all tick, because the plug-in more, please be sure to check whether checked. 2, we should check the software version of the installation, the following image is AE cc, if you want to install PR, please select PR CC, or other version. 3, if there are some plug-ins can not be found after installation, then go to C:Program Filesa

Photoshop to add sunset effect to Lake wedding photos post-processing tutorials

For your Photoshop software users to share the details of the lake to add a sunset photo effect of the post-processing tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: Original 1, open the material picture, create the optional color adjustment layer, the yellow, green adjustment, parameters and effect of the following figure. This step adds orange color to the picture.

Photoshop creates a lifelike gold diamond font effect

Lifelike Gold diamond Font effect 1th Step: Open Photoshop,ctrl+n Create a new blank document. The size I choose here is 600x380px, you can define the size according to your own needs. 2nd Step: Let's start by creating a purple background. Alt-click the background layer to convert it to a normal layer. Double-click the background layer, open the Layer Style window, and select a gradient over

Photoshop design Golden Star Wars metal text effect making tutorial

For the users of Photoshop software to share a detailed design of the golden Star Wars metal text effect of the production tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: 1. Design Text background Step 1 Create a 950*550 pixel canvas, place the star footage above the background layer, and then resize it by the canvas size. Figure 01 Step 2 Double-click the

Photoshop Drost effect Picture tutorials for unlimited loops

To the users of Photoshop software for detailed analysis to share the production of infinite loop Drost effect of the picture of the tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: What is the Drost effect? This is the kind of picture that can be infinitely cyclic, it looks very interesting, and the production is very simple, only a few steps can be done.

Photoshop creates a flame-fly font effect

Now there are many textbooks in the market there will be some examples of burning effect, which is the most likely to speak the "burning word." The process is fairly simple and the results are rough. If you are just in touch with Photoshop, you may be surprised, but a long day, you will find that this effect can not afford scrutiny! You can't just convince yourse

Using Photoshop to make diamond-inlaid golden word effect

Final effect 1, open photoshop,ctrl+n Create a new blank document. The size I choose here is 600x380px, you can define the size according to your own needs. 2, we first to create a purple background. Alt-click the background layer to convert it to a normal layer. Double-click the background layer, open the Layer Style win

A tutorial on post-processing of Photoshop liquid portrait effect

Give you users of Photoshop software to share in detail the post-processing tutorials for liquid portrait effects. Tutorial Sharing: Original 1, from the final effect of the picture can be seen, the model body will be turned into raindrops, will only leave clothes, so we first selected the body. Press CTRL + C to copy the material layer, and then set the original layer is not visible, select the Pen to

Post-processing tutorial on the effect of making water skirts by Photoshop

To the users of Photoshop software to explain the detailed analysis of the production of a water skirt effect post-processing tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: Original: One: To find material pictures to pull the map, do background, synthesis. The female model should not be disposed of where the child sees it. Actually it's OK not to dispose of it. I'm afraid of being harmonized. Two: Create new layer (

The effect of making glass ball by Photoshop

one step. (Figure 03) Figure 03    4.Next, we add the bottom reflective effect to the sphere. Create a new layer 2 on the Color burn layer, select a soft brush with a diameter of 65 pixels, set the foreground color to white, and click in the lower part of the sphere, as shown in Figure 04, to reduce the opacity of the layer to 65%. This layer can be seen as the effect of light from the sphere.

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