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20-year-old PHP technical director growth path

This buddy told me again that programming can change a cock silk life state! Speaking of this buddy's experience, in the first person, this buddy learning path or PHP tutorialI was just transferred to our place. A key High School, the first

My personal Resume

After several days, I finally wrote my resume in English. It's so hard. MUa ~~~ Personal DataName: Wanlong GaoGender: maleHeight: 178Weight: 60 kgHealth: ExcellentBirthdate: June 20,198 8Birthplace: Wuwei GansuMarital status: singleAddress: 166 #,

How to recruit more than 3 years of working experience in a steady and stable undergraduate PHP development engineer?

Recently in Shenzhen, the recruitment of PHP development engineers, search all the major recruitment site, through the thousands of PHP developers resume, most of the job-hopping very frequent practitioners. has not found a very suitable candidate,

How can I recruit a stable undergraduate PHP development engineer with more than three years of working experience?

Recently, I have recruited PHP development engineers in Shenzhen, searched various major recruitment websites, and read thousands of PHP developer resumes. Most of them are practitioners who frequently change jobs. I have never found a very suitable

PHP programmer, one weeks to Beijing has not found a job, how to do?

Male, 94, college degree, June 15 graduation, January 15 to January 16 in a third-tier City outsourcing company Internship plus positive, one year of work experience. The company is mainly to do Enterprise station outsourcing, I am mainly

From programmers to Technical Directors, sharing 10 years of development experience

In China, many people think that it behavior is for youth. If you are 30 years old, it will be difficult to develop again! In fact, this is not the case. net and Java development has been around for 10 years. Here, I would like to discuss with you

Do you require a degree in PHP application?

PHP Entrepreneurship Education Candidates I am a junior student, deeply experience the failure of Jiaoyu. The teacher is basically read ppt, some teachers do not have to teach in the industry, and even a graduate to teach, and not to teach her

PHP Intermediate Interview Experience

It is near the end of the year, in November to change jobs naked, in fact, is not very mainstream choice, but for small companies in fact, I do not have much impact. Just the biggest problem is whether their psychological adjustments are fully

A rookie program. The ape's job-hopping experience talk (with C + + written interview summary)

background: I am a novice C + + rookie, less than two years, before doing industrial automation business background of the C + + front and rear development work. Think of their classmate friends, there is a car, there are hukou account, there are

The Android Development training organization just graduated from 12k,19k?

Yesterday received a high school classmate telephone, this high school classmate did not contact the programming aspect, the university also did not read, in high School is a study slag, high school did not read the kind, the previous months from

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