php 5 4 rpm

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Linux under RPM installation PHP GD library Support (detailed steps)

[Root@jbxue ~]# rpm-qa|grep PHP Php-pear-1.4.6-2 Php-5.1.2-5 Php-gd-5.1.2-5 Php-ldap-5.1.2-5 Copy Code2. Uninstall the RPM packages listed above: [Root@jbxue ~]# rpm-e php-pear-1.4.6-2

The difference between Apt-get and Yum (RPM)

Generally famous Linux systems are basically divided into two main categories: 1. Redhat series: Redhat, Centos, Fedora and other 2.Debian series: Debian, Ubuntu, etc.RedHat Series1 common installation package format RPM package, the command to

Rpm Software Package Manager and usage

I. Introduction and composition of RPM: 1) RPM package introduction: Rpm is divided into three types: source code package, Binary Package, and delta package. The source code package will be automatically compiled and installed by rpm. 2.) Package

"My Linux, I am the boss!" "RPM Package Manager/yum Front end Tools/compilation installation from Getting started to mastering

the--rpm of Linux package managementNetwork operating system is the architecture on the underlying hardware, the current kernel has a Linux series, UNIX class, Windows series, and so on, and then up to the library call, the implementation of the

PHP MySQL on Centos 5.x

In this tutorial I'll show you the install MySQL support in PHP application. PHP MySQL on Centos 5.x This Tutorial show what to install MySQL support into PHP. If you had downloaded and installed Centos 5.x then you won ' t get MySQL support into

Rpm for Linux program package management

Rpm for Linux program package managementRpm Introduction Rpm (Red Hat Package Manager) is an open software Package management system. It works in Red Hat Linux and other Linux systems and has become a widely recognized software package management

Linux RPM installation Package information query

Source: has been integrated with the installation of Apache, MySQL, PHP as a sample, we have to explore the installation path and other information to facilitate our management and use.

Nginx php-fpm Installation Configuration (RPM)

Nginx itself cannot handle PHP, it is just a Web server, when the request is received, if it is a PHP request, then sent to the PHP interpreter processing, and return the results to the client.Nginx is generally the request to send fastcgi

10-bit top PHP Master Development Principles (RPM)

10-bit top PHP Master Development Principles (RPM) In the Web development World, PHP is one of the most popular languages, from PHP, you can easily find the script you need, unfortunately, few people will use "best practices" to write a PHP program.

Introduction to RPM package management and Yum commands

What we bring to you today is the management of RPM packages and the application of Yum. (Introduction of relatively simple, master do not spray) Managing packages with the RPM commandThe RPM command is a management tool for RPM packages.

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